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El miercoles por la noche New York se encendio con una nueva edicion del Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.
Este ano, la encargada de llevar el Floral Fantasy Bra valuado en mas de 2 millones de dolares fue Alessandra Ambrosio, con un cuerpo para el infarto a solo meses de haber tenido a su segundo hijo (el ano pasado camino en la pasarela embarazada, sin decirle a nadie!).
Y mientras que el video no estara disponible hasta el 4 de Diciembre cuando el desfile se emita por CBS, les dejamos la galeria de fotos para que vayan palpitando los looks.
Victoria's Secret is without any doubt one of the most influential brands in the beauty industry.
June 6, 2011 by Chris Richardson 8 Comments Like I mentioned in 48 hours in Oslo, Norway conjures up thoughts of fjords and amazingA mountainousA landscapes.
The city has a real feel like there’s a lot going on here, even though it can come across as very laid back with a small town vibe.
Food wise, you can’t walk anywhere in Bergen without coming across the staple Norwegian convenience store of Narvesen. Norway should be on everyone’s list, with Bergen being right up there if you want to see the truly amazing parts of this naturally stunning country. About Chris RichardsonChris began cutting a path across Europe and the rest of the world in 2010 and he's never looked back. A veteranas de la pasarela de glitter como Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroes, Alessandra Ambrosio y Miranda Kerr se le sumaron las nuevitas Karlie Kloss, Barbara Palvin, Cara Delevigne y Hilary Rhoda, entre tantas otras, para prender fuego la noche. With an impressive collection of perfumes that have enjoyed a tremendous success for all age groups, Victoria's Secret has proven time and time again that representing femininity and sophistication is a challenge they always manage to tackle with flying colors.

Oslo is a great starting point, but there’s another place in Norway you should visit that opens up the amazing features everyone thinks about. From here you can book half day, full day or multiple day journeys by sea that wind their way in and out of the fjords between Bergen and Stavanger. I was sent by bmi to write a feature about it for their website as part of a spotlight on UNESCO World Heritage Sites they were doing, and thus engrossed myself in this charming part of the city where time seems to stands still. They used this port to prepare fish caught in the Northern parts of Norway for shipping to the rest of Europe. The entire trip was provided by them, but the inspiration for this post was entirely my own and I have not been compensated for this content. All with a strong focus on getting the most out of a destination no matter the budget, time frame or style of travel.
The main harbour in Bergen, undoubtedly the throbbing heart of the city is awash with vessels that can take you through some of the jaw-dropping parts of Norway you usually find on postcards.
When you walk down Torgallmenningen (the main drag of Bergen), you see families out shopping, kids hanging around skateboarding and people my age in their 20s meeting up to go out.
They were super good at what they did, and monopolised the trading racket in the North and Baltic seas for a long period of history. They carry everything quick like slices of pizza, soft serve ice cream, ciabattas and sandwiches and of course my Norge favourite, the Bacon PA?lse (hot dog wrapped in bacon). The lady behind the counter replies “Yes, but the chef has gone home for the evening.

Things that if you just skirt into Oslo, ferret about a bit and then take off, you would miss completely.
He runs 48 Hour Adventure, a blog dedicated to short term travel for time strapped city-dwellers that want to see more of the world on their doorstep.
In addition to tourist boats, there are public ferrys that ply up and down the coast, hopping between cities and delivering kids to see their grandparents or friends for a beer or two.
You feel like you’ve just rolled into a place no one has ever heard of outside of this part of Norway. Bryggen is important because it’s the last remaining Hanseatic post and a fantastic example of all-wooden architecture you find in this part of Europe.
Interestingly also, Norway, Denmark and Sweden appear to be the only European countries where you’ll find 7-Elevens. We do have a snacks menu though” and she points to another blackboard, this time at far end of the bar, all in Norwegian (sigh). And because this place is UNESCO listed, everything must be kept exactly as is and repaired or rebuilt using original methods.

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