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Sometimes, therea€™s nothing more exciting than seeing a live musical staged at one of the great Broadway theaters. Below are four books all musical theater lovers must read, and three autobiographies you ought to check out, too. When Jack Viertel set out to write a book about musicals, he implemented certain perimeters that ensured no one would be running at him with pitchforks if he dare omit their favorite show. It’s written like a musical, with the first chapter acting as an overture, introducing the themes and motifs to be revisited throughout the book, and moving deep into the history of a€?I Wanta€? songs, the evolution of the Act One finale, Intermission and its affect on a show, the a€?fun-if-you-happen-to-catch-ita€? Act Two opener, the a€?11 oa€™clocka€? number all the way through the finale. One of the biggest joys in reading this book was picking out mentions of shows that I have memorized. The chapters alternate between essays written by Jeremy McCarter, a former New York magazine writer turned employee of the Public Theater, and the songs from the show printed across pages of photography from the show with numerous footnotes written by Lin-Manuel Miranda.
With the creation of this book, Hamilton has cemented its history not just in music, but in print.
If the #Hamiltome is a close-up look at making a modern day hip-hop musical, Everything Was Possible is its antithesis. The time period the musical was created in is a painful reminder of the pre-computers era for Millennials. Even if you know nothing about Follies prior to cracking the spine on this book, youa€™re eased into the characters a€” like co-directors Hal Prince and Michael Bennett and Steven Sondheim a€” and their quirks. Lest you think this is just a book of straight lyrics, keep in mind that it is also part informative narrative, part autobiography.
The Scottish performer penned Not My Fathera€™s Son in late 2014 which details his tumultuous childhood, rise to fame, and life on the stage and on set of numerous musicals and television shows.
This article is a part of Hypablea€™s inaugural Broadway Week in celebration of the 2016 Tony nominations. It looks like Ben Affleck will now be an important part of Justice League, both on screen and off! According to a report by Deadline, Ben Affleck has signed on as the executive producer for Justice League in addition to starring in the film. The news probably comes as a relief to many fans who were disappointed by Batman v Superman.
What do you think about the addition of Affleck as executive producer on ‘Justice League’?
Have you ever stopped to consider who in the Muggle world could actually play Quidditch in the air? Quidditch has actually been played for years in the Muggle world, thanks in large part to the International Quidditch Assocation. Captain America was not a property that I, a little Danish girl whose closest thing to fandom growing up was Duck Tales, was ever exposed to.
After Age of Ultron, there was a lot of talk about Chris Evans’ Steve being too clean, too nice, too noble.
And, for all his buffoonery, Salinger’s Captain America actually, albeit possibly by accident, embodies a lot of the traits we look for in a flawed Steve. But, intentionally or not, this actually leaves us with genuine Sympathy for the Devil, a depth which The First Avenger arguably didn’t allow for (Red Skull was pure, sadistic evil in that version).
I mean look, it’s the 90s and lead girl Sharon not-Carter totally gets locked in a cell, Ultron-style.
The Erskine character played in the Marvel movies by Stanley Tucci is actually a woman in the movie, named Doctor Maria Vaselli.

She begins working with the American government to improve the serum, and by the time Steve is all ready for his dose, she’s still around. But Sharon, for all that she’s not the awesome, badass Agent 13-version of Sharon we meet in the MCU, is actually a pretty refreshing lead female character.
For one, the movie does absolutely nothing to explain what the serum actually did to Steve, other than cure his limp.
Also, Cap freezes in the ice within the first 30 minutes, and beyond being mildly wary of tape recorders seems completely unperturbed by the world of 1993.
A creepy classic of modern literature, this is set in a small upmarket university in Vermont, and it’s about a group of classmates who commit a murder.
A little girl is evacuated to the US during WWII and has a jolly old time, but then, boom, the war is over, and she’s shipped back to boarding school in England, where everything’s rotten, the other girls are awful and there isn’t anything to eat (damn those rations). It’s Agatha Christie so it’s got to be mystery, and this is an article about school stories, so… yes! A campus novel set in an agricultural college in the American Midwest, Moo features a memorably cast of academic freaks and misfits – one is conducting experiments on an unfortunate boar called Earl – and pokes fun at the genre as a whole, with one chapter labeled ‘Who’s in Bed with Whom?’ There’s certainly a lot of bed-hopping, as well as back-stabbing and conniving, and we thought that Dr. Bringing it back home with one for the kids, this beautiful picture book and its series of successors features a little girl – Madeline!
We could go on: there’s Tom Brown’s School Days, for a start, and the opening sections of Jane Eyre and Angela’s Brazil’s brilliantly anarchic stories – but which are your favourites?
Enter your email to get the very best of Ink Tank's stories delivered to your inbox once a week. Seeing a Broadway musical and reading books about the show’s stars, its inception, or even crafting a musical itself. Whether ita€™s a live-action version of The Lion King or any note heard from Hamilton, the connection between performer and audience member is unlike any other medium. That being said, there are four Viertel focuses in on, Gypsy and Oklahoma largely carrying the narrative, and probably close to two dozen musicals mentioned at some point in the book. Hamilton is referenced more than a few times, and shows that despite all its groundbreaking, Broadway-stereotype shattering hype, Lin-Manuel Miranda did write a traditional musical.
But, beyond being a detailed, everything-you-could-want-to-know breakdown about the show, it is also a phenomenal look at all the different elements it takes to pull a show together. Decades from now, when film is surely outdated and music is accessible via chip implant, we will still be reading like our cavemen ancestors centuries before us, like Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, Aaron Burr, Eliza Hamilton and Americaa€™s founders 200 years ago.
Xerox had just debuted a new, largely untrusted, machine and every revision, and every copy of that revision, had to be manually typed if Chapin wanted a project done correctly.
The chaos depicted during rehearsals, the rush to block, compose, write, and choreograph are all relatable feelings for anyone whoa€™s been privy to the behind-the-scenes of a musical theater production. Sondheim annotates throughout the book with stories about the inception of his lyrics, his personal connections to the words, and what hea€™s learned over decades of working in the business.
Patti started performing as a child with her brother, before graduating into one of the first musical theater classes at Julliard, then going on tour for years with the same rag-tag group of 20-somethings, and then finally making it big. This means that Affleck will be working alongside director Zack Snyder and screenwriter Chris Terrio.
I certainly don’t remember seeing this American-Yugoslavian straight-to-VHS production at my local Blockbusters, if it even came out in Europe at all.
I sat down to watch this movie in an effort to educate myself on Captain America’s history (and to gain new appreciation for the MCU), and, maybe because I was expecting everything about it to be awful, I was honestly surprised by how much this movie got right. In the movie’s first 20 minutes, he heads straight into battle with Red Skull and falls into a pile of snow before anyone even realizes he exists, then wakes up 50 years later and heads straight back into the same battle.

During WW2, Red Skull was working with the Nazis to bomb the White House (don’t worry, Steve rode that rocket all the way from Italy to Washington, and onward to Alaska!), but when that failed, he apparently decided to settle down in Rome and become a low-key Mafioso. She starts out as a Nazi scientist working on the Red Skull serum, but when she sees what they do to the kid she rebels and, when they try to shoot her, escapes.
She follows Steve to Rome in order to confront Red Skull, and learns that Valentina is the one who killed her mother.
There’s no Black Widow, or Bucky, or Howard Stark, or any of the other people the MCU have taught me to assume would of course be present in a Captain America movie. The characters are oddballs, in that they’re peculiarly snooty classics students, and the narrator, Richard, is so determined to impress them that he gets in way over his head… It’s melodramatic and completely mad but very, very captivating. Gift, a professor who refers to the students as ‘customers’, is right on the money for today’s educational zeitgeist, though the book itself came out in 1995. Based in Helsinki, its award-winning writers, filmmakers, illustrators and artists have years of experience creating amazing digital stories for audiences across the globe. Join the ConversationTo find out more about Facebook commenting please read the Conversation Guidelines and FAQsCould THIS be the secret to happiness? EDT April 23, 2016Buy PhotoJosh Linkner, columnist for the Detroit Free Press and entrepreneur.
But like theater, books can transport its readers to another time, and when the two mediums converge, entertainment is to be had for days. This book will allow the legacy to carry on and capture the insanity that this broadway show has sparked in millions of people. As a production assistant (gofer) he was tasked with running around the city dropping off and pick up bars of music, actors, producers, costumes, and of course, coffee.
The first book, Finishing the Hat spans from 1954 to 1981, republishing the lyrics to all of the musicals during that time. Of course, it’s not that simple: this is a really bleak look at alienation and bullying and loss, but even if it might put you off boarding school, you’ve still got to read it!
If ever there were two genres that cried out to be combined… It’s got jewel thievery and spies and kidnappings and Middle Easter revolutionaries and it’s even got Poirot (albeit only briefly)!
A dry satire with a complex weave of plots, this will appeal to pretty much anyone who’s worked anywhere near the university sector. The near-monochromatic illustrations (black, white and yellow, mostly) are gorgeous and even the slight awkwardness of the English translations of the original French rhymes don’t make this anything less than enchanting. Communication was a task unto itself, without the almighty cell phone in everyonea€™s pockets. The sequel, Look I Made a Hat, continues the journey, from 1981 to as recent as 2011 (when the book was published). With high drama and a lot of humour, like anything by Christie, you’re going to enjoy it, even if your own school days are going to seem pretty lame in comparison.
This first book came out in 1939, and while it spawned a still-expanding franchise of spin-off and sequels, we still love the original the most: after all, a book that makes even appendicitis seem fun has got to have something going for it. Here are five examples of educational romps for all ages that kept us up all night with our torches under the bedclothes.

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