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The Palace Guard were first seen during Operation: Hollow Storm, when Delta-One were able to breach the defenses of Nexus. After the flooding of the Hollow, the surviving Palace Guards became the bulk of the Queen's Guard, a loyalist army under the direct command of Queen Myrrah, while many of their Theron brothers became part of the Savage Locust.
After Queen Myrrah attacked Griffin Tower with her Tempest, she left the Palace Guards to finish off the remaining humans, they killed everyone inside the building except for Dizzy and Aaron Griffin, until Delta fend off Gas Barges attacking the tower by killing all of the crew and arrived to finish the remaining enemies.
At Azura they guarded the paths to the Maelstrom device but failed to stop the gears from shuting it down. They also appear throughout the Gears of War 3 campaign guarding the Queen and are the main enemies in the game replacing the Drones from previous games.
There is an occasional glitch that happens when a Palace Guard kills the player with the Chainsaw Bayonet in the game; on some occasions when a Palace Guard kills the player with the Chainsaw Bayonet, the camera will briefly switch to the Guard's point of view before the game over screen appears.

Setting up an ambush in front of the palaces gate, the Palace Guards were able to pin down the Gears before being defeated by Marcus Fenix and the gears under his command.
Delta's first re-encounter with the guards was at the Seran Deadlands were they used Gas Barges to attack the gears and attempted to stop them from reaching the main tower but failed. At Endeavour Naval Shipyard the guards attempted to stop Delta from reaching the CNV Adamant, they used Serapedes, Shriekers and Armored Kantus to try to take them out but failed and the Humans managed to escape. They later protected the island from COG and Gorasni reinforcements but failed to prevent Delta from freeing Adam Fenix and leading him to the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon. Delta then was able to breach the inner sections of the palace and killed every single Palace Guard they encountered, who all gave their lives in the name of their queen. A last group of Palace Guards tried to aid Queen Myrrah against Delta Squad on top Pinnacle Tower but again failed.

They later heard a transmission from Dizzy Wallin being overrun by Locust and went to assist him, they took down the barges around him and killed the guards attacking him.
They presumably died out along with all other Drone variants when the Countermeasure Weapon was activated.

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