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In response to a post I published back in February 2010 I have received the following story, the writer wishes to remain anonymous. In my post Houses Have Feelings Too I wrote about how "Houses and buildings somehow absorb attitudes and perhaps temperaments of the people who have lived there previously. That last night we were there, I, two of my brothers and my mom were sitting in the living room.
We all got up and ran upstairs to where my brother and his wife were staying for the night. Shelly said, "One wandering thought pollutes the day." As well as polluting our minds perhaps these thoughts also pollute our living areas.
I have mentioned previously that when my best friend Colin died his wife gave me some of his books and papers on various spiritual subjects. We draw from our atmosphere just as we breathe air and drink water, so right living and right thinking is important for it feeds back. In the human aura this shows as personality; in world or planet aura it indicates man's state of affairs. As the Kingdoms grow other worlds are still in the making, so these are the souls and spirits to help fashion and to dwell in these future realms - brave new worlds invested in the consciousness of God. So, with all that is going on in the world today, I wonder what the state of the Earth's 'atmosphere' is at the present time?
A bizarre coincidence story today from Australia about a cat who disappeared for five years.
Sylvie Jonckeau and Patrick Renard, who lived In Melbourne, were off on holiday so their cat was sent on 'holiday' as well - to a friend's house.
The friend, for some strange reason, took Winnie - that's the cat - to a local park and from here he wandered off and was lost. Sylvie and Patrick thought he would soon be found as Winnie had been mirco-chipped and also wore a collar with their name and phone number. The cat had turned up at a veterinary hospital and, after scanning the microchip, they were able to contact Sylvie. Sylvie explains, "It was really weird because Patrick was actually in Melbourne when I received the phone call, and he hasn’t gone back to Melbourne since we left five years ago.
Sylvie and Patrick had to introduce Winnie to their new family members, their sons Nao, 4, and Eliot, 14 months. After doing something or other I was sitting in the living room reading the newspaper while Karin was making a strawberry cream cake in the kitchen. We have a spare bedroom that rarely gets used and, after we had taken down the Christmas decorations, I placed them in a box and put the box in the spare room.
Anyway, I got up from my chair, left the newspaper, went upstairs, got the decorations and put them in the loft where they normally live while not in use. So downstairs I trot, in full DIY mode, and into the garage to get the No More Nails, but it wasn't in the cupboard where it should have been. I went into the dining room and there was Karin with the No More Nails having fixed the curtain rail.
I know we've been together a long time but I don't really want Karin to know all my thoughts. Today was a photo of the actor James Dean who was killed back in 1955 following a car accident. For some reason the Quakers have always appealed to me, though I don't necessarily go along with their beliefs. It was then that I remembered there were several coincidences from when James Dean was killed while driving his Silver Spyder Porsche sports car. After purchasing the car Dean was introduced to the British actor Alec Guinness and he took him to see his new Porsche Spyder.

George Barris sold two of the tyres from the Spyder, both are said to have blown simultaneously and nearly killed the driver. The car was displayed in Sacramento, but it fell off it's mount and broke a teenager's hip. In Oregon, the trailer on which the car was mounted slipped from it's towbar and smashed through the front of a shop.
Finally, in 1959, the car mysteriously broke into eleven pieces while it was sitting on steel supports. A young nurse called Jean Vianney was helping him and his wife Yolanda during the recent 56th graduation ceremonies in Marinduque State College. Yes, mathematicians will tell us that they are bound to happen somewhere but I, and many others, like to think there is a lot more to coincidences and synchronicity than that. It's strange but after reading about Jaime and his story of the ring being found in a potato I came across a story of how a gold wedding ring, lost in a potato field in Holmavik, Iceland 30 years ago, was found last week, completely intact.
And then I saw a copy of the Telegraph from 1969 which told of a Mrs Coulter who lost her wedding ring the previous Spring. After looking everywhere, and even pulling up floorboards in the search, Paahlsson and her family, who live on a farm in northern Sweden, had given up on seeing the ring again, she told the Dagens Nyheter daily. But if we are on the subject of rings this takes some beating: Man who dropped ring down toilet 73 years ago reunited with it. Is today the beginning of apocalyptic happenings that will see the end of our civilisation? I've previously published posts about Orion and how the constellation's belt has been replicated on earth by ancient civilisations at places such as the Hurlers Stone Circles and Thornborough Henge in Yorkshire England.
When digging deeper into the mystery of Orion I came across the theory that the Transit of Venus, as it passes over the constellation of Orion, will signify 'the coming of the end of times'. Although the Sun, Venus and Earth roughly line up every 584 days, the orbits of the Earth and Venus are tilted with respect to one another so Venus usually passes above or below the Sun with respect to the Earth. The first transit in the current 'pair' took place on June 8, 2004, the previous event having been December 6, 1882.
The transit is an exciting time for astrologers, especially as Venus will be transiting the Sun in what is called a retrograde motion - it will appear to be going in the opposite direction of our planet.
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My mother was inside the bathroom and she could hear my two teenage sisters giggling and talking in very loud voices. It's like, our family has left an imprint of everything that we have done, of everything that we were. One I looked at yesterday is about the human aura but goes on to talk about how this effects the Earth and other planets.
Our own needs a lot of refining, for many of the thought waves released are anything but spiritual or refining. That it will grow, expand in wisdom and knowledge, become strong, resilient, courageous and deep in understanding, is the purpose of its being, thus to become builders, teachers, skilled artisans of creation. It was named by Bryan Lessard, an Australian National Insect Collection researcher and his inspiration was Beyonce - but he had to spoil it by giving the name a Latin appearance.
Winnie wasn't forgotten but as the years ticked by the couple accepted that they wouldn't see their cat again.
Don't know, but about an hour later I was on the computer and this time remembered how a net curtain rail had fallen in our dining room.

As I passed a house near the local brewery I saw there was a new picture on the notice board attached to their garage. I continued my walk and then realised I would also be passing The Quakers Meeting House which dates back to 1829, photo below. Prior to his death, he gave away a kitten that Elizabeth Taylor had given him on the set of Giant. I didn't know what to write about but followed the trail from the Quakers to James Dean's cursed car.
Licauco who writes for the Philippine Daily Inquirer was surprised by the following coincidence. When Jean got home after the event she realised the coincidence that her parents were also called Jaime and Yolande and that the couple she had been helping had a granddaughter called Jean.
There have been stories of valuable objects being found inside the stomach of a fish and so on, but inside a potato?
But that's the thing about coincidences and synchronicity once we become interested in them they are also all around us. But for those who like factual mathematics for answers take a look at Methods For Studying Coincidences - this is in pdf format. The photo at the top of the page is of a potato that was on eBay because of the 'religious' cross the family found when they cut open the cooked spud.
The book the Orion Prophecy by Patrick Geryl and Gino Ratinckx, for example, believes this to be the case. Six months following this was the dreadful 2004 tsunami and earthquake in the Indian Ocean. The authors say an equivalent transit was in 9792BC which was the culmination of a cycle of the Mayan calendar - this, it is claimed, was when Atlantis was destroyed. No one can deny that there are changes happening in 2012 already, think simply of the worldwide financial crisis and the uprisings in various countries.
Perhaps that's why the ancients replicated Orion's belt on the ground, they knew something we have forgotten. Our deals offer discounts up to 70% on Shopping, Beauty, Restaurant, Leisure-Offers, Travel, Wellness, Tickets, Healthcare, Servicesand more! From inside the bathroom, my mom asked them to keep their voices down, as it was very late in the night. Just as we create the state of our own auras we also seem to have a duty to release 'right' thoughts for the betterment of everyone on Earth.
I'd like to think that 2012 heralds not disaster but a shift or transformation in mankind's outlook both spiritually and physically.
The two teenagers seemed not to have heard and kept talking and laughing in their shrill voices. Take a horse-fly for example, like the Scaptia (Plinthina) beyonceae - that's the fellow in the picture above. The so called time capsule that is the 'Hall of Records' may not be some physical record but something we sense and feel inside.
This annoyed my mother a little and she hurriedly stepped out of the bathroom to reprimand the girls. But as she stepped out of the bathroom, the room was suddenly quiet, and there was no one there.

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