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Ce n’est pas exactement une formule magique, mais un sauvetage de derniere seconde pourrait garder The Secret Circle en onde.
Selon Carina MacKenzie de Zap2It, la serie a une chance, un «minuscule espoir», alors qu’elle a Tweete que la serie annulee CW pourrait etre ressuscitee sur un autre reseau. However, what we have not done yet is taken a look at some of the realistic hopes that the show has. For those of you hoping that MTV could somehow make a move here, the future is far more grim. Also, you have to remember here that MTV likes to appeal to a rather expansive audience of young people — and for them, having two supernatural shows may be a little much.
We know that ABC Family has been the target of most fan petitions for the show already, but based on the data that does seem to be the best option.
Il prossimo 29 giugno debuttera sulla HBO The Leftovers, una nuova serie televisiva creata da Damon Lindelof e Tom Perrotta. Tratta da un romanzo dello stesso Tom Perrotta, la serie tv narrera di un evento biblico avvenuto sulla Terra che ha fatto sparire il 2% della popolazione mondiale. Kevin Williamson, ideatore dei telefilm The Following, Hidden Palms e Dawson's Creek e The Vampire Diaries  ha trovato la protagonista del suo nuovo progetto televisivo. Domani in America debuttera su MTV Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous, la nuova serie televisiva comedy di Bo Burnham, comico, cantautore, musicista e attore americano divenuto una vera celebrita in Internet grazie a YouTube. Come vi abbiamo annunciato qualche giorno fa, Phoebe Tonkin, la strega di The Secret Circle e entrata ufficialmente nel cast della quarta stagione di The Vampire Diaries.
Il telefilm The Secret Circle e stato cancellato ma dopo aver seguito le vicissitudini del Cerchio per tutta la stagione, non possiamo piantarlo in asso proprio adesso.
The Secret Circle - il finale andato in onda ieri (10 maggio) negli Stati Uniti – ha avuto la medesima fine. La star di  The Secret Circle, Shelley Hennig ha promesso "piu pericolo" nel ultima puntata di stagione.
Il personaggio di Diana si ritrovera alleata con la sorellastra Cassie (Britt Robertson) e il padre John Blackwell (Joe Lando). Thomas Dekker, ai piu conosciuto come Adam Conant nel serial The Secret Circle, e uno degli artisti degli Zero Times Zero (0x0), un collettivo artistico che comprende moda, musica, video, arte e performance live.
The season finale of The Secret Circle brings on the twists and turns (and the crystal skulls) and delivers an ending with multiple cliffhangers. Diana and her cute-but-annoying beau are chilling in his car when she finally decides to look at her missed calls and texts.
Jake thinks that the only way they are getting Faye back is if they use the power of the crystal skull to kill Eben (and the six demons possessing him).
Charles tells Dawn that he thinks Amelia is haunting him, and she tells him that this was just Blackwell’s plan all along.

Dawn and Charles go to his mother in the hopes that she will be able to help them regain their powers, just as Faye calls her mom in desperation. Cassie picks up the blob of energy from the lake “as it’s still forming”, overwhelmed by it’s power. Charles is taken aback when he finds out his mom knew all along that Diana wasn’t really his child, and I love how he’s on a little quest for redemption now!
Vous etes passionnes de series televisees et vous trouvez que les medias de masse traditionnels font pietre figure a ce niveau? A confessarlo e stato Mark Pedowitz, Presidente di The CW Television Network durante il TCA press tour. Inutile, quando si parla di Ian Somerhalder, Joseph Morgan e Paul Wesley - giusto per citarne tre - non capiamo piu nulla! Dopo alcuni rumors che avevano dato un barlume di speranza ai fan, ecco le funeree dichiarazioni di Kevin Williamson pubblicate in rete, parole che chiudono la porta a qualsiasi seguito per questa serie tv. Per questo eccoci qui a raccontarvi come si conclude l’unico capitolo televisivo del serial. Blackwell says that in order to create the crystal skull, they have to destroy each of the family crystals so that the energy will form back to its original shape.
Their powers come flooding back, and they don’t realize it until Adam accidentally knocks Jake to his feet. She tells her mom that she knows she’s a witch and that Eben and the hunters have got the place surrounded so she can’t escape.
Cassie and Diana put their hands together and fully form it from a blob of energy into the crystal skull. When they come across Eben, the two of them split up as Charles attempts to face Eben head-on and pull the demons from his body using magic. Diana meets up with her nameless-and-thus-far-unimportant-hubby and decides to leave with him.
Oui, Cougar Town passera chez TBS pour la saison quatre, mais ces sortes de transfert de reseau sont complexes et rares. They also aren’t willing to take on that many scripted shows, especially when they have a full development slate already.
Sure, but at the moment we think the cable network will need some serious convincing to pull the trigger on a show that would currently be on the lower end of their ratings expectations, and has already been canceled somewhere else. Meanwhile, the circle is still kind of reeling over the fact that Blackwell manipulated the entire creation of their circle and seem at odds about whether or not they trust him enough to even warrant working with him. After they save Faye, the plan is to use the strength of their circle to deal with Blackwell.
Inside the boat, Faye manages to break free from her chains and knocks the guy guarding her unconscious, taking back her phone.

He says everything he’s doing is for Cassie and Diana, and that they shouldn’t worry about the others.
There are four others in different places, so Blackwell’s plan is to build a pure and perfect circle made only of Balcoin blood. She has a creepy marking on her hand, and so does Cassie; the same one on Blackwell’s hand! Eben calls Cassie and tells her that if she doesn’t bring him the crystal, then Faye is going to end up just like her parents… dead! All those episodes in the beginning forming that circle, and they are just going to toss it out the window. Dawn also finds out that the power her and Charles possessed cannot be restored, but his mother is willing to give them hers. Dawn puts out the fire and saves everyone as the worms crawl inside of Charles and demons overtake his body.
Faye and Melissa celebrate with some alcohol and great music, obviously back to using magic for anything and everything.
Cassie pretty much makes the decision that they’re going to destroy the crystals without the consent of the rest of the circle.
Melissa and Jake set out to rescue Faye. Cassie gets possessive over the skull, and suddenly I feel like I’m watching a witch-themed version of Lord of the Rings.
The skull really starts burning all the other witches in a very painful manner from the inside. Cassie wants to bind their circle again as protection from the other Balcoins, but Diana dashes her hopes when she tells her that she’s leaving for good.
The magic is super-advanced, and it takes more than a little convincing for Cassie to give it up. Jake gets a note from his grandpa about other circles coming together along with a package that contains a weird vial-type thing.
Cassie strangles Diana to unleash her dark magic and the two of them break out of the barrier. The closing scene of season 1 gives us a from-behind look at the four other witches with Balcoin blood.
Together, Diana and Cassie overpower Blackwell and kill him with the crystal skull, reversing his spell.

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