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The Blake Spell Book The Blake Book of Shadows The Blake Family Book of Shadows is a journal with documented ancient recipes, rituals, and spells.
Incantation: Give me light that I may see the many mysteries held for me Earth, Air and Water to sustain that I might be renewed again. Note: If received as a gift or if there is no black pins then it signifies that your life will be perfectly healthy. Requirments: Symbol of triangle and upside down triangle in the middle, 6 red Candles, bowl of oil, Circle string of animal teeth.
Note: Will strip the power of a witch and grant it to the other witch thats casting the spell. The Blackwell Coven Symbol The sign is the shape of a circle with a triangle in it and a cross on top and at the left of the cross was a shape of a throwing star this symbol was carved by John Blackwell in the basement of the abandoned house and there was also mentioned that he lived there when Cassie and Adam checked on the computer in the school of Chance Harbor they found a document paper on the computer and the address was 7 Briar Hill the same address at the abandoned house. Some fans speculate that Cassie's mother put the Blackwell family symbol in the book as a warning to her daughter. There are more images and pictures of the Blake grimoire than the Meade and Armstrong grimoires. Cassie's grimoire is the only one that contains a letter from a member of the prior Circle. The elite group of witches that stars in The Secret Circle TV show, first appeared in the book series, created by L.J. Check out The Secret Circle: The Divide, the latest novel in the book series that inspired the hit TV show.

Which witch said, "Faye could have almost any guy here, but she only wants the ones who’re a challenge"? It seems the sigil Amelia used was meant to prevent people from being overtaken by Demons and using their vessels as a way to bring chaos, without killing the host of the Demon. This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it.
If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. The Blake Family Book seems to have more power and ancient spells than the other available Books of Shadows. Later Cassie finds the symbol that was drawn on the ceiling of the abandoned house basement. Amelia Blake placed one on the wrist of her friend, Heather Barnes, after a demon had entered her body sixteen years ago during the night of the Boatyard fire. The disadvantage of the sigil is it doesn't kill the Demon, and places the host into a catatonic state. It also showed the same symbol in the Blake book of shadows which was drew by John Blackwell and was also known as a symbol that is used in spellcraft and is a symbol for channeling dark magic and this symbol was also shown on a necklace in the episode "Witness" when John Blackwell was about to get burned by the witch hunters he used this symbol to channel his power to to make the fire explode in line trails in the form of a pentagram to kill and set all of the witch hunters on fire and the room also. Years later, Cassie wanted to find out what had happened to Heather, since Zachary Larson attacked Cassie and the Circle, blaming them for what Amelia did to Heather. This supernatural read features Cassie Blake and the same circle of witches that TSC TV show fans have come to know, but the novel gives readers a much more intimate look at the romances, power struggles, and evil forces that make the Circle go round.

And when Cassie came to visit Heather, she was shocked, seeing Heather's physical state, that her mother would do something like that. In The Divide, the Circle has appointed three witches, Cassie, angelic Diana, and mischievous Faye, to lead as a triumvirate—but Faye finds it nearly impossible to play nice, and Cassie is in the midst of a hot and heavy relationship with Diana’s ex boyfriend, Adam. In an attempt to reverse her mother's spell, she enlisted the help of Adam and Diana, who refused, and then turned to Faye for help, promising her she could have a look into the Blake Book of Shadows.
With new enemies uniting against them, the Circle members will have to put aside their differences and protect their own to survive, but no one knows who to trust or who to fear. The two went by night to the house of Heather and her brother Wade and recite an incantation to reverse the effects of the sigil.
But Heather woke up in a strange aggressive state and attacked her brother, before leaving to find Amelia. While discussing with Cassie downstairs, she reveals the symbol her mother used was meant to prevent Demons from possessing people. Meanwhile, Adam and Diana warn Faye about the danger Cassie is facing, but when she goes to find Cassie, it's too late.

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