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Weitere Diskussionen zu diesem und vielen anderen Themen findest du im Forum von Ghostcircle Investigates - Scotlands Secret Bunker - Trailer - HD from Ghostcircle TV on Vimeo.
We were asked by Brian Allan and Robin Budge, two paranormal investigators, to investigate reported paranormal activity in Scotland’s previously “Top Secret” Government bunker.

The bunker was kept secret for over 40 years and was one of the secret locations to be used by the military and government to direct operations in the event of a nuclear attack. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. The bunker itself is an isolated location and sealed environment, where nobody else except the 10 invited people were on the premises that night. Patrick did a physical mediumship circle and picked up clairvoyantly on presences residing in the bunker giving names and relevant details, a lot of which were confirmed as sightings by staff.

There were also elemental entity presences detected which had caused distress to people in the bunker. We hold a Physical Mediumship Circle with some scientists and experienced lots of physical phenomena, such as an entity knocking on the floor, people saw shadows moving in the room, some were touched by an entity, flowers were seen to move, hands disappeared or fingers extended, and noises were heard outside in the corridor, although we were all locked into the bunker.

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