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It seems after realising Channel 4 will no longer pay outrageous amounts of cash for ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’, Comedy Central have finally seen sense, and the Emmy Award winning show will be airing nightly on Comedy Central Extra (Sky 128) from the 23rd of July 2012! The Daily Show will air in the UK on Comedy Central Extra (Sky 128) Tuesday to Friday, 24hrs after the US, with the Global Edition airing on Mondays from 23rd of July 2012!
Attention GeekTown residents! Do you fancy opening the doors to your own geek den for a chance to win ?100 worth of Firebox vouchers? Bed manufacturer Layezee has teamed up with GeekTown in the hunt for the country’s geekiest bedrooms as part of their recent Best of British Bedrooms Competition. The very best picture will be selected by the team at Layezee and the lucky winner will be in for a treat with ?100 of Firebox vouchers. Please don’t forget to take a look at the all important Terms and Conditions on the competition page before entering. Serious collectors may look to buy rare original movie props or costumes that require a more substantial budget. Star Wars memorabilia is perennially popular and in 2008 a miniature version of a Tie Fighter used in the 1977 movie, Episode IV: A New Hope, sold for $402,000. In 2010 the pistol from the Sean Connery movie poster for From Russia With Love sold for $437,000. For the opening credits of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, the producers had a full-scale T-800 terminator endoskeleton built to film, which had eyes that light up and it has real metal feet! The model was was sold at auction for $488,000! Famous Chitty Chitty Bang Bang owners include Lord of the Ring’s director Peter Jackson, and Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans! Here’s an interesting, (if slightly disturbing) fact that any animal activists may not be thrilled about… You know that cuddly Cowardly Lion from The Wizard Of Oz? When the Aston Martin DB5 used by Sean Connery in Goldfinger (complete with James Bond toys) came up for auction, you have to imagine every guy who’s every fancied themselves as a super spy thought about bidding! This particular DB5 was the only one left out of the 2 used in making Goldfinger, and it went on to star in Thunderball too. The lucky owner of this boys fantasy car is Ohio real estate millionaire and car collector Harry Yeaggy, who paid $4.1 million for it in 2010. Unreal has revealed the latest promotional clip for their next generation (most probably targeting PS4 or Xbox 720) iteration of the famous Unreal gaming engine.
It seems, however, that some modern hardware may be able to run Unreal Engine 4 in its currently unpolished state.

Because of the fairly extreme graphics requirements – they are the best the market can offer today – we will not see UE4 on ultrabooks or tablets any time soon.
In general, Epic Games is looking for a nice, clean ecosystem in which Unreal Engine 4 games can be distributed. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. It was also cancelled by The CW in May 2012… Although it was the 3rd highest performing show, its though the ratings drop in the 2nd half of the season, and the expense to create the show killed it. If you are after a UK premiere date for a tv show, just ask on the UK Air Dates page, and we’ll try and help you out! Action figures, posters and even signed memorabilia can be relatively inexpensive, although the authenticity of celebrity signatures may not be guaranteed. For example, if you’re considering purchasing Arnold Schwarzenegger’s leather trousers and t-shirt from Terminator 2, you may need a cash loan as that costume is currently for sale at ?9,495! There were of course numerous General Lees (between 250 to 350 Dodge Chargers its estimated were used in the series). 2 road-going versions, 1 which transformed, a hover-car,  a flying version, and one without an engine. One pair were stolen from the Judy Garland Museum and have yet to be recovered, and one pair are owned by a private collector. So, in 2005 when one of the classic, original, movie posters by graphic artist Heinz Schulz-Neudamm came up for auction, it’s no surprise it generated a lot of interest!
Nvidia’s Kepler architecture can handle UE4, apparently – even using just a single card. In raw computing terms, tablets are still a few generations behind laptops or desktops in graphics power, anyway. So unfortunately, unless anyone knows otherwise, it is a waiting game, just as it was when ITV stopped broadcasting it.Series 5 is still being made and Bell hasn’t even confirmed a date in Canada yet. Star Wars action figures and merchandise have long been best sellers, with many collectors investing in collectibles that will rise in value over time.
Debbie Reynolds is said to have one of the world’s best memorabilia collections, valued at around $50 million. The flying version, which had been on display in a Chicago restaurant, was sold to cover a bankruptcy debt, to a Florida car collector for $505,000.

When the 3rd poster was auctioned, it became the most expensive poster ever sold, and was bought by a US collector (thought to be Leonardo DiCaprio) for the staggering sum of $690,000!
The video depicts a slumbering giant waking from rest, picking up his warhammer and exiting his lair out to a world of snowy mountains, a la Bethesda. Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, likened the developer-only demonstrations to a similar cycle that occurred for Unreal Engine 3 around “2003 and 2004”. Also known as the 600-series, Kepler is the chip architecture used to develop the latest in Nvidia’s line of high-end 3D graphics cards. There are, however, sleek new laptops that could take on UE4 and come out smelling of roses: among these are the Lenovo Y580 and even Apple’s MacBook with Retina Display. I rather enjoyed it, but I can see how it would be impossible to get into halfway through, which probably didn’t help it! Here’s a rundown of the top 10 original movie memorabilia that’s fetched big bucks!
It was later sold to PGA Tour golfer Bubba Watson in 2012 for the rather more modest sum of $110,000.
However, the artwork maybe about to break it’s own record, as the owner of the 4th poster has decided to sell, and it’s currently available for the bargin price of $850,000! The music stirs beneath the incredible visuals, low male choral shouts reminiscent of the Dohvakin theme from the fifth Elder Scrolls game. Given that Gears of War – the first game released on Unreal Engine 3 – came out in November 2006, we may still be a couple of years off seeing UE4 in mainstream use. These obviously, constitute the very highest end of current laptop technology, but we’re likely to see their innovation filter down to more budget laptops in due course. Over the next year, though, we’ll probably see many current gaming platforms – from consoles to Android – tighten up their certification processes, as User Experience (UX) becomes a focal point for the industry.
If we were to make a back-of-the-envelope sketch of Moore’s Law, currently top-end Nvidia graphics cards should become affordable by the end of 2013, which is probably about the time UE4 will be ready to ship.

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