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This week on The Secret Circle (Season 1, Episode 12) Cassie and Jake try to discover what happened on the boat the night their parents were killed by tapping into Jake’s memories. Jake drops two major bombs on Cassie, claiming that the witch hunters are still after her because of her bloodline, and also that he witnessed what happened to all of the circle’s parents on that mysterious boat fire many years ago, but can't remember. Cassie and Jake both use magic to travel into his mind and unlock his childhood memories, even though they know it could be dangerous.
Faye is still on a mission to unlock her solo powers, but as she’s hanging out with Lee (the hot voodoo witch doctor), a “friend” of his comes by looking for a herbal drug that frees up personal magic. On the boat (and inside Jake’s mind) Cassie gets locked in a room while the boat is on fire and the witch hunters try to kill John Blackwell.
When Cassie emerges both Diana and Adam want to know if she saw their parents, but she only says she saw Adam’s dad (who told Adam he wasn’t on the boat) and she tells Jake how brave his parents were. After Adam and Diana leave, Cassie tells Jake that John Blackwell didn’t die in the fire, and so they find out if he’s dead for good by digging up his grave!
Bon, apres avoir conseille des series allant de plutot bien a vraiment tres bien, voici une serie qui m’attriste ! Tres jeune, Cassie (Britt Robertson), la jolie blonde, a perdu son pere, dans un terrible incendie survenu sur un bateau et qui a fait de nombreuses victimes.
Autant le dire : ecrire un article, un tant soit peu objectif, a ete tres difficile pour moi car je ne comprends pas vraiment comment cette serie peut continuer quand des series comme Community sont en danger (diffusion suspendue depuis fin novembre et prochaine saison compromise) ! Soyons serieuses deux secondes : Cassie est amoureuse de Jake qui aime un peu Faye, mais elle aime aussi Adam qui etait avec Diana… Tous ces amours impossibles et platoniques (et, dans le mot « platonique », il y a plato…) sont predominants (92% romance, 8% magie). Alors, si vous etes en manque de serie du style Dawson ou du film The Craft, voici exactement ce qu’il vous faut. Let's setup the storylines that happened in the first act: Sally, the girl Faye killed and Dawn revived last week, is clueing in on the strangeness.
It is sort of interesting that the two push-pull relationships on the show belong to Diana and Faye and their respective parents, Charles and Dawn. In conclusion of the triangles (for this week), Faye encourages Nick not to be such a reminds-with-his-name, but may harbor feelings for him. After three episodes ignoring her, Cassie and Diana become friends, even though they both like the same boy. I think the storylines on The Secret Circle are interesting so far and set at a good-ish pace. At The Boathouse Bar and Grill Faye apologies to Melissa, just before stabbing her right in the back by making the witch look towards Nick chatting with some girl outside the restaurant. Adam is trying to get a hold of Cassie on the phone to tell her about the dark magic in Heather. Back at Nick’s, the boy witch spells it out to Melissa that he will never be the boyfriend she wants him to be and that she deserves better. The World's Two Biggest Fighters In The Richest Fight Ever, And It Started With One Comment!
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They discover that the witch hunters lured their parents to the boat under the guise of a truce, and then used the opportunity to kill them all. Ethan confronts Charles but becomes suspicious of Dawn and decides to hang on to the crystal.
Adam and Diana leave and talk about their feelings being friends now, and Diana warns him that Jake has his eyes on Cassie. Le pourquoi de l’existence de cette malheureuse serie ne tient qu’en deux arguments :?a) Kevin Williamson, scenariste de Dawson et producteur executif de The Vampire Dairies fait partie de l’equipe ;?b) l’histoire est tire d’un bouquin de l’auteur de The Vampire Dairies! Et, voila qu’a 17 ans, elle perd sa maman dans un incendie criminel (si si, c’est un mechant mossieur qui a lance un sort avec des allumettes et magie-magie : y’a eu du feu partout !).
Ou si, comme moi, vous aimez rire devant des scenes bancales et de la magie a deux simflouzes, je vous promets quelques beaux fous rires !

Diana is kind of like the leader of every club at school (sort of--Sally has that role) and is instantly likable.
Though it isn't always a good sign when you like supporting players better than the leads (I've done it before though--Veronica Mars, True Blood).
Probably not, since we were informed in the last episode that she loves him, however, she is basically placing him on a plate into Cassie's hands. They enter inside the house and see Heather in an almost paralyzed state slouching on a chair. However, it does seem that Faye does care about Melissa deeply and she just doesn't want her to get hurt by ladies’ man, Nick. Heather has not moved position since Cassie last visited and she rubs the potion onto her scar. She returns to apologise and says that she shouldn't be jealous when he is not even her boyfriend, honestly, why don't they just say they're going out? Since she is downstairs, Faye answers Cassie’s mobile and wastes valuable time teasing him.
Heather appears and Faye makes a dash for her escape, unable to use magic, she really has no choice but to try and get away through Cassie’s window. The circle is together and Melissa is grateful for Faye’s safety, although she gains a cold reply. The boat caught fire as a result of them trying to get rid of John Blackwell with a circle to block his power. When she starts to choke in real life, Adam yells at Jake to go back into his mind and help her, even though earlier he left because his mind wouldn’t let him see some things. Cassie and Sally are friends because they are both 'loners.' Yeah, because being in charge of everything isolates you socially and being genetically gifted repels people away from you. Nope--it's just another generically beautiful person named Luke, who is interested in Cassie. She sort of has a Margaret Thatcher vibe (which might go over some of your heads completely) but like a hot Margaret Thatcher. Faye is still fuming about how she is unable to make her own magic and takes it out on the happily helplessly in love Melissa.
He arrives and Melissa, being manipulated by Faye, worries that he will cheat on her and quits on their relationship. They enchant the spell twice, but still Heather doesn't move and they escape through the window when Wade arrives back home. Sixteen years ago the witches had been summoned by the demons and they couldn’t get away.
She began acting at the Greenville Little Theater in South Carolina, and in her early teens moved to Los Angeles with her grandmother to seek TV and film opportunities.
Cassie agrees with Jake that she needs to know what happened that night, and who her father is. When Lee comes back with it, he kicks Callum out, but not before Faye finds out that Lee’s ex-girlfriend got hooked on this herbal magic and is now in a coma.
Or, dans cette charmante bourgade, vivent quatre ados, qui comme elle, ont perdu, au moins, un de leurs parents dans l’incendie du ferry.
And now a note to Thomas Dekker--please act as best as you possibly can; we all know you can do better because we've seen it.
Now you are leaving Cassie vulnerable since she is a 'loner' and Diana and Adam do all the heavy lifting. Don't speak too soon though; the minute Cassie gets up close to her, Heather pounces like a cat, grabbing Cassie's arm and repeatedly shouts the witches name. Cassie has come around and hears Faye’s screaking screams and is able to pull the possessed Heather off of Faye and they run downstairs. Cassie feels extremely stupid for trying to undo the spell when she doesn’t know much about the supernatural world and its consequences. The fact that Zachary had tried to kill them and that a daemon had been involved makes it there purpose to find out the truth, although Cassie is worried that this is not what Diana wants, but Adam and Cassie agree that they have no choice but to find out or they risk their own safety.

She won roles in various TV projects including Growing Pains: Return of the Seavers (2004) (TV). Certes, la decouverte des pouvoirs, demons et autres chasseurs de sorcieres occupent pas mal de temps a l’ecran, mais ca manque de consistance ! Melissa isn't annoying or boring at the dance because she is on the journey of self-worth and is sticking up for herself.
Also, how is it that Charles and Dawn are protecting the kids when they kill all these people? Unsurprisingly, Melissa takes this personally and Faye is left with next to no friends to vent her anger at.
Adam saves Cassie and the two make a quick escape, not before noticing strange markings on Heather's arm. Instead of greeting her brother with open arms, which he does deserve after looking after her for sixteen years; he receives a forceful shove. Faye is enjoying herself reading Cassie's book when the door goes and Cassie goes to find out who it is, but the door is mysteriously open (Heather alert!) Walking back into the hallway, Heather makes her appearance and begs Cassie to find Amelia. Heather is finding it hard to stay herself and the next second we see the potion shoot beneath her skin into her brain, the daemon has taken over and attacks Cassie, leaving her unconscious.
Diana tells her that they all want answers and no wonder she wanted to find out the truth about the boat incident. At least Cassie can sleep safely knowing her mum was trying to do good for Heather and not wickedly paralyzing her.
Diana seems like a really sweet girl, but she has shown a more Machiavellian side to her and she is Charles' daughter. The scar could be a sign of a spell and Cassie is more than certain this was her mother's doing.
Hiding under a table the only thing they can do is run towards the door as Heather has now disappeared. Nick and Melissa are sleeping when we see a snake like creature enter through Melissa’s ear!
Is she really that great or is it the Bella Swan effect of becoming instantly desirable when moving to the Seattle area? Cassie tracks down the whereabouts of Heather’s brother, Wade, and asks Diana to go with her, although she has other commitments so she instead offers up Adam to go with her. Heather says that she tried to help Amelia take Cassie away the night of the boat incident and she wanted to protect everyone. Opening the door, Melissa and Nick are on the other side (it was obviously going to happen, but still quite funny nonetheless) and Cassie is attacked from behind.
Every book is related to that specific family of witches and thus: have their own spells and Cassie finds the one similar to what has happened to Heather and it has been wrote in her mums handwriting. Diana is a right spoil sport and doesn't want to help with undoing the spell, believing it to be too 'risky' and doesn't want Adam helping Cassie either, thus: without the witches help she won't be able to do the spell. Disturbingly, however, she admits that evil went inside her and Amelia had helped to stop it when creating that scar, but now it is back, most likely because Cassie and Faye have just reversed the spell!
Seeing all the four witches, Heather darts out of the front door and Wade randomly appears in his car, he tries to grab her attention while she is running on the road, but when she stops she is hit by a van.
Faye arrives at the house and agrees to help Cassie, under one condition: she is allowed to read Cassie's book. Cassie is keen to undo the spell so it's clear the two witches will be spending even more time together to make it possible.

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