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Cassie Blake (Britt Robertson) wears these brown knee high leather boots in this episode of The Secret Circle. Dancing with the Stars 2016 Results Shocker: Who Went Home On Icons Night Double Elimination? After a two-week hiatus, The Secret Circle is back at the top of its game with a revealing episode that brings to light a couple of the season’s biggest mysteries.
When the episode starts, Faye and Melissa are still on that easter-egg hunt for those pesky crystals. Cassie finds a creepy conspiracy wall at Jake’s grandpa’s place, where there’s a list of each name in the circle.
Cassie’s grandma is working with Charles, who is trying to at least capture John Blackwell.
Jake tells Cassie that she might not be the only child of Blackwell in the circle and then Cal steals the map to the Grandpa’s hidden crystal. Adam and Melissa head to the creepy mines, where their magic won’t work due to the presence of iron. Jake and Adam hold down Cal and they mark him with a spell that will track his whereabouts. This week on The Secret Circle (Season 1, Episode 10) Diana’s grandmother comes to town and discovers Cassie’s dark magic.
In the mid season finale Cassie (Britt Robertson) was nearly captured by witch hunters, but at the last moment Jake switched sides to help save her. Enraged by the idea that Cassie can practice magic and she can’t, Faye finds a voodoo witch doctor online who turns out to be a hot college student (played by Grey Damon). In the meantime, Diana comes over to Cassie’s house to find her lighting candles for an attraction spell to bring Jake back, which Diana warns against since he was a witch and a witch hunter. Diana convinces Cassie to sleep over at her house, and her grandmother Kate, a powerful elder, is in town. Diana’s grandmother sniffs out Cassie’s powerful magic right away, and tells her that there’s a way she can her rid herself of the evil magic. This week on The Secret Circle (Season 1, Episode 5) The witches notice that Melissa is acting strange, and Cassie’s Grandmother fears that Cassie is in over her head, and with a demon on the loose she might be right.
At the end of last week we saw the demon slither from Heather, Cassie’s mother’s possessed friend who gets hit by a truck, into Melissa.
Cassie wants to confide in her Grandmother about her powers and find out more about what happened to her mom, but Diana convinces her that it’s better to keep the elders out of it until they know more. Possessed  by the demon Nick goes The Boathouse where Dawn is having a drink and the demon makes itself known her.

A new Blackwell sibling, a potential death, and a creepy conspiracy topline an eventful return episode. Faye finds a diary and discovers that her mom and John Blackwell “were secretly hooking up.” Everyone meets up and then splits up really quickly, but it feels like they’re going on more of a granny hunt than a crystal hunt. He’s undeniably cute, so it doesn’t seem that unrealistic that she’s willing to give him another chance. Cassie conveniently took a picture of the wall, and has the map stored right in a picture on her phone. Adam finds one of the crystals across a chasm but almost doesn’t make it back across due to a flimsy rope. Read Kidzworld’s recap of “Darkness”, which aired January 5, 2012, to discover what you missed. Cassie’s grandmother is away trying to figure out why she can’t remember anything, and Cassie is dealing with the knowledge that her real father is John Blackwell and she has dark magical powers that allow her to act outside the circle. Our last glimpse that episode is of him lurking in her back yard and looking up at Cassie’s window! Dawn drops by during dinner and Diana’s dad Charles is worried that Dawn will try to kill his mother by poisoning the wine since Kate seems to be on to their plans and doesn’t trust Dawn (it looks like he’s finally starting to not trust Dawn as well). Read the Kidzworld recap of “Slither,” which aired October 13, 2011, to find out what you missed! Melissa texts everyone so they can help open the suitcase , but Faye and Nick notice that something is wrong with Melissa, and the suitcase is moving from inside. Since she summoned it all those years ago, it threatens the lives of the teens unless she does what it wants. Melissa and Adam pull Diana out of her date with annoying-but-cute Australian guy so she can identify a crystal, but he definitely gets suspicious. Faye still wants to believe that she’s a daughter of Blackwell, but her hopes are dashed when John tells her that the diary’s contents were all in her mother’s head. Cassie and Kate drive out to the woods and perform a spell that Cassie thinks will help, but it’s actually a spell to bury her in the ground and kill her. Nick and the others notice something seems strange, but she convinces him to go help her look for her family’s Book of Shadows. She leads Demon-Nick out to the water where Charles meets her and they kill they demon the only way they know how, by drowning the demon (and Nick). Jake and Melissa bump into Cal where the two of them get into a little semi-threatening spat.
Melissa and Adam are fishing through her granny’s old crystals trying to find a trace of what they need.

There’s only a couple episodes left till the finale, and the next episode looks to be just as twisty. He discovers her dark magic secret, but she asks him not to tell anyone until she knows more.
Adam and Diana peek inside her grandmother’s suitcase and find witch hunting material and run to Cassie’s rescue, only to find her blasting out of the wooden box the spell buried her in.
What he digs up in the forest though is a gigantic old suitcase that looks like it might hold something else. Cassie’s Grandmother has a feeling Cassie is keeping things from her, and asks her to have dinner with her so that they can reconnect, and she hints to Cassie that she can help if anything goes wrong, but Cassie rushes away at Melissa’s message.
He tells them that Blackwell has been after a new circle all along, a youthful one consumed completely by dark magic.
I still think “Curse” is the best episode of the season, but this one was fantastic and the preview for “Traitor” is amazing!
Unfortunately Diana discovers him reading up on dark magic in the Circle’s clubhouse and figures things out for herself just as Cassie walks in to hear Adam spilling about her powers. Kate then tells Charles that trying to kill Cassie was the only way to find out the extent of her true power, and she is the one they have been waiting for to bridge the gap between good and dark magic.
Meanwhile, Dawn and Charles try to regain their powers by using the Blood Moon (a red moon that happens once a year) and their crystal, but the crystal isn’t powerful enough. When they’re all there it becomes obvious that Melissa has been overtaken by a demon, she threatens to hurt Nick by slitting open his throat unless they all help to open the suitcase by making a circle and chanting, but Cassie runs and gets her Grandmother to help.
The six crystals together will form a crystal skull which is one of the most powerful and destructive weapons. Cassie’s Grandmother returns with a crystal to force the demon out, and close the suitcase filled with a demonic  snake, but in the process the demon slithers into Nick. The whole circle finds out, and Faye, who is jealous of her power, and Melissa who is still upset over Nick’s death, are angry with Cassie. The mine had a spell on it so nobody with dark magic can enter, and Diana couldn’t get into the mine.

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