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I was not at all prepared for THE DANISH GIRL, an independent film that is, from beginning to end, quite lovely. While these may be the facts I do not think they were wrong to have been changed for the purposes of this story.
Add to that the competent filmmaking of Tom Hooper, no stranger to these types of historical (although I use the term here somewhat loosely given how contemporary this piece is) biopics with his work on THE KING’S SPEECH and ELIZABETH I, though I daresay I enjoyed Redmayne and Vikander’s performances more than the Oscar-nominated performances with his past work. The Making of THE DANISH GIRL (11:29) The only special feature on the blu-ray, it’s a bit disappointing. The DC animated universe, much like Marvel’s cinematic universe and Fox’s X-Men universe, is always expanding and if you miss any hits along the way, you could be confused about what exactly is going on. I say that because the movie begins with supposed death of Batman (O’Mara), but nothing is ever that simple in the comic book world.
While thoroughly enjoying BATMAN: BAD BLOOD, I have to wonder if it’s like watching a THOR sequel or the next AVENGERS movie, how much backstory do you need to know to fully immerse yourself and enjoy the experience? With all that in mind, it may be time for DC to put our new Bat-family, made up of Kate, Bruce, Damian, Dick, and Luke, to the test against an equally great foe with Gotham or the world at stake.
There isn’t any shortage of villain deaths, but they aren’t played for laughs and the stakes are very real. YA adaptations are similar to comic book movies in the sense that it takes a lot to make one stand out. The earth is under attack by a far superior alien species that needs the earth for its new home.
I don’t like picking apart the plots of these types of movies, but THE 5TH WAVE is just asking for it with many of its head-scratching moments.
Speaking of YA cliches, everything Cassie goes through is meant to make her feel strong and beautiful. There are no 4K exclusive features included on the 4K disc, but it does include a copy of the Blu-ray. The latest entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe finds Captain America (Evans) and Iron Man (Downey Jr.) on different sides of a political notion to control the Avengers under a UN subcommittee. Everyone has their ideas about what makes a superhero movie great, but I believe it’s all about heart. I think everyone knows that Captain America and Iron Man can carry their own film by now, but the brightest stars of CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR were the two new faces.
As great as the story is and as great as the newcomers are, this is a superhero film and superhero films have to deliver on the action front. I never like to speak in hyperbole about a film right after I see it, but I will say CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR sets a new standard for superhero films, especially films that have more than one superhero in them. MOJAVE first tries to draw you in with intrigue, leaving you stranded and clueless in the desert with its main character. At the 20-minute mark of MOJAVE, I had to re-examine the back of the movie to make sure that I was watching the same movie and wasn’t the victim of a wrong blu-ray in the wrong blu-ray box.
We’re never really told bluntly or even subtly why Tom is supposedly suicidal or why Jack develops a bizarre fascination with Tom. My best assumption is that Tom finds no more meaning in life anymore because his creative juices have been drained. MOJAVE may be the end result of years of praise for Monahan, who’s gotten some much deserved praise for THE DEPARTED. Sometimes I try to find the positives of a movie to justify craftsmanship, but MOJAVE doesn’t deserve any credit for its sparsely sprinkled in lines of dialogue that actually feel genuine, it’s beautifully framed and sweeping establishing shots, or it’s sometimes inspired visuals.
At a certain point, the storylines for future DC animated universe movies are going to push the running time way past the meager 78 minutes we’re accustomed to.
Any villain that’s able to compete with the might of the Justice League, has to be nothing less than astounding. Like most of the DC animated movies, the action is fluid, fun, and evenly spread throughout. Depending on how much backstory and how epic they wanted the last battle to be, I could hav easily see this movie stretching to two hours, which I feel is adequate for two parts.
From the DC Comics Vault: As is customary for the DC animated movies, you’re given a selection of TV shows. THE 33 is a solid unremarkable film that could have been better with more background on the miners.
A father and two sons come together under one roof as they try to process the loss of their wife and mother (Isabelle Huppert), a famous war photographer who displayed signs of depression.  She died three years ago in a car accident. Speaking more of the internal noise within the characters, LOUDER THAN BOMBS (also the title of a famous 1987 rock album from The Smiths) is an ironically quiet portrait of a family.
Dramas, especially those featuring brilliant acting and writing, acting, art direction, cinematography… they can be so difficult to watch sometimes; I have to get myself in the mood for them, even though I love to watch movies and try to watch everything I can.
This is a fictionalized love story based, somewhat loosely, on the true story and somewhat documented account (thanks to her journals, which were later published as a collected work) of Lili who was asked to write about her experience and feelings as she was in the process of undergoing one of the first sex change operations. For example, Einar Wegener was married to Gerda Wegener for 22 years before first of six operations occurred for the sex change which would ultimately result in Lili and Einar’s death, when she was 47 years old. THE DANISH GIRL as a historical piece of narrative fiction has connection points for a broader audience and a contextual atmosphere that is established without the need for lengthy exposition. Maybe partly it is the subject matter, feeling like this whole thing is just timely for the world in which we’re living, or maybe it’s just the fact that these are two fine actors giving some absolutely phenomenal performances. Too short to cover everything you maybe hoped it might have, but covering just enough that maybe you feel like it is almost, almost worth it. BATMAN: BAD BLOOD is a payoff for fans of the cinematic universe, but for those who haven’t kept up, it’s an interesting story featuring all of Batman’s immediate companions in crime fighting.
A battle with Electrocutioner, Firefly and other foes ends in a fiery explosion, leaving Batman’s existence in question. It doesn’t take long for us to learn that Batman actually isn’t dead, but his death certainly hooks the viewer in automatically.
Luke inevitably finds about how his father helps Batman and he inevitably joins the Batman replacement crew. There’s certainly a lot happening and a lot of explanation needed if you’re not going to automatically assume the reasoning behind the main villain. Despite being a fractured family, with individuals problems and baggage, Bruce Wayne and his closest allies have never been more focused and bonded. It talks with various animators about on how they pieced together a lot of the fight sequences in the movie. The CGI worked pretty well with the larger destruction scenes and a bit iffy for the combat scenes. On Blu-ray, that scene was tough to watch because it was so dark and difficult to tell what was going on.
Although this is the line in the sand that separates the Avengers, the real core of the story is the innocence or guilt of Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), otherwise known as the Winter Soldier. Superheroes are complex characters, but they’re also completely fictitious and if you don’t add a bit of humanity to them, the audience will quickly lose interest.

I was very impressed with all of the Avenger on Avenger action and the long airport battle delivered in spades. There were nearly a dozen superheroes in this film and somehow, it didn’t feel like anyone was cheated out of screen time. Secondly it tries drawing you in with late night existential musings, trying to pass them off smarter than they actually are. It tells me MOJAVE is about a suicidal artist, Tom (Hedlund), who goes into the desert where he bumps into a homicidal drifter, Jack (Isaac). They’re meeting in the desert is apparent happenstance and their connection is just as unsystematic.
It’s a movie that acts like it can do no wrong, smugly moving from scene to scene, feeling clever, but instead feeling comical and forced. After starring in the biggest movie franchise on the planet and helping bring EX-MACHINA to life, Isaac may want to just forget he ever starred in this and laugh off this role like a bad cold.
Despite the aggravating conversations, it’s even more aggravating when my ears are blasted after I’m struggling to hear what someone is saying.
TEEN TITANS is perfectly fine with its runtime; unless I’m confusing the craving for more DC content for the lack of it. The animation is gorgeous, finding its strength in Beast Boy’s shapeshifting, Trigon’s hellish homeland, and Raven and Starfire’s magic.
DC did that with BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, and that is hands down one of the best DC animated movies out there. It’s like a miniature documentary that glosses over the decades old history, but leaves you well-informed by the end. Adds a bit more depth to the character and helps add meaning to her purpose to those not familiar with the Teen Titans. I’ve been excited about this movie since hearing about it and this feature gets me more excited for its release.
This one has BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD and TEEN TITANS, and both are solid episodes from solid TV shows. They are playing soccer, having a meal, enjoying some music and discussing what lies ahead.
The group soon learns that the escape ladders are missing and communication is nonexistent. There is nice contrast between the darkness of the mine and the sheer brightness of the desert. You hear the director, production designer and visual effects supervisor going over how they achieved this and how to make it realistic. The boys are going through a room full of her old photographs that have yet to be developed or downloaded before turning them over to a writer who wants to publish a story about her.  Gene (Gabriel Byrne), a father and school teacher, is having difficulty explaining to his youngest son that his mother may have intentionally caused the car accident that killed her. As the lone child in the story (yes, for these purposes a teenager is still a child), he is the innocent one in the mess. The complication of her character’s depression in relation to her work and family is far more compelling when kept in deeper mystery.  The flashbacks slow the film down and actually make her less sympathetic, all of which loses focus on our main protagonists. I still find myself so emotionally invested as to lose myself completely within the story and while this can be greatly enjoyable in the case of a romantic comedy or a really well-made drama I can find myself emotionally drained. Her journal(s) are one of the centerpieces for the modern transgender-movement and the basis for THE DANISH GIRL. Had the writers chosen to tell the story directly from the historical context, the emotional message and contextual atmosphere might have been lost and this is one case where I can actually understand the reasoning behind changing the story for the message. BATMAN: BAD BLOOD has reached an interesting point in Batman’s story though, it’s either time to elevate the ante and exceed viewer’s expectations or implode everything and start all over. Even with short loss of Batman, he is technically decommissioned for the majority of the film, allowing the lesser known heroes to rise to the occasion.
I’m a little hesitant to reveal the true bad guys of the movie, but their entrance is bizarre. BATMAN: BLOOD doesn’t feel like a stand-alone story, much like the previous two films, but feels more like a tying of the two storylines and a satisfying conclusion to those two previous arcs. It’s a sad state of affairs when fans would much rather see a reboot than their wildest imaginations met, but that’s been comic books bread and butter since the dawn of comics.
As long as the animation remains crisp, the story constantly evolving, and the characters fun and relatable, I’m always ready for another chapter in the Batman saga. The feature incorporates the history of Batman, while having the animators interject their feelings and attitude to the history. While not initially sold on the title, the cast and crew behind it really have my excited for it. There’s nothing particularly wrong with THE 5th WAVE, it’s just that it doesn’t break any new ground or offer any original takes on the genre. The first took out the electricity, the second was a series of floods, the third was a severe virus, the fourth wave was the appearance of The Others among humans and the fifth wave is kind of a mystery. The audience has to believe that a superior alien race with infinitely advanced technology has decided that the best way to rid the earth of humans is to train little kids to kill them?
The moment Evan (Roe) said he changed his ways because he fell in love with her the moment he saw her, I knew screenwriting team (three of them, never a good sign) didn’t care so much about story and were more interested in playing into the hands of the traditional YA audience. Everyone involved did a good job given the terrible script and J Blakeson did what he could with the direction.
But on 4K, that scene looked incredible (even if it did highlight some of the film’s CGI shortcomings).
There’s evidence to suggest he was responsible for a bombing, but Captain America wants to try to clear his name while Iron Man wants justice.
In about twenty minutes of screen time, he managed to capture the essence of Spider-Man better than five full movies did.
Again, what made it so impressive is that we know all of these characters and we understand the challenges they’ve faced up to that point. Everyone made their mark on the film and we never lingered too long on one character or cut away too soon. Their existence in this movie appears to be a mouth for writer and director William Monahan’s ideas on fame, fortune, Hollywood, art, and our phone addicted culture. When not focusing on the “story”, the feature feels a bit self-absorbed when involving the director.
TEEN TITANS is lacking in content, if anything it handles the introduction of characters, the collection of two groups, and a massive super villain very well within the short runtime.
For those who grew up on the cartoon, things are a bit different here in terms of age difference and structure. TEEN TITANS actually begins with the Justice League fighting many established villains, including Lex Luthor, Weather Wizard, Toymaster, and others. The best part about it was that it had a happy ending with all of the miners being rescued.
So this basically tells the audience that this is not a safe job and these men risk their life every day doing it.

Minister of Mining Laurence Golborne (Rodrigo Santoro) is asked by President Sebastian Pinera (Bob Gunton) to oversee the matter and get involved. He sets the right mood with mournful ambience when needed and joyful exuberance when there’s much needed hope.
The oldest son, Jonah (Jesse Eisenberg), has a wife and new son, both of whom he seems to be avoiding and wishes to keep his mother’s possible suicide a secret from his brother and the rest of the world.  Conrad (Devin Druid) is a troubled teenager who prefers to lock himself in his room, playing video games and avoiding his father.
If you like intimate, reflective struggles in family dramas then LOUDER THAN BOMBS is worth seeing.  It’s not the best of its genre but does have some nice moments. And yet, sometimes the story can remind me just how beautiful the human spirit can be – even if it makes me cry repeatedly. The love story at the center of the film also appears to be heavily fictionalized because Gerda and Einar’s marriage was apparently well-known to have been open with Gerda living as a lesbian through much of their marriage and was in another relationship at the time of Lili’s death, allegedly learning of it a decade later.
Nightwing assumes the role of Batman, but isn’t strong or smart enough to fill the massive shoes left behind.
For a universe populated with crocodile villains and a man whose life force is sub-zero temperatures, the reasoning behind the caped crusaders capture and imprisonment may seem alien and be a big turn off for those who haven’t watched BATMAN VS.
Even if this is the final Batman movie for DC, which I highly doubt, it’s a satisfying end. The feature also provides a fascinating look at the evolution of Batman’s fighting style over the years, in the comics, TV and movies. In fact, the film felt so familiar that on several occasions, I was able to quote the next line of dialogue before the characters spoke it.
We follow Cassie (Moretz) as she deals with the invasion, trying to protect her younger brother. The fault doesn’t lie with anyone involved with making the film, aside from the screenwriters.
Lurking in the background is Zemo (Daniel Bruhl), a man determined to get his revenge on the Avengers by pitting them against each other.
This wasn’t just a movie about Captain America and Iron Man pounding on each other, this was about two men feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders and making the best decisions they know how.
If anyone had any concerns about his casting, rest assured that Spidey is in great hands for the foreseeable future. People will talk about how great the action was or how great it was to see all of the characters in action, but the most impressive aspect of the film might be the directing job that the Russo brothers did.
If these three attempts don’t work, which I’m willing to bet that they won’t, you’re in for a very long and bad movie.
I’m just saying that future movies like this, with lofty expectations and ambitions, will eventually need to be extended or broken up into two parts.
Of course this is a comic book movie, so established rules were thrown out the window years ago. So disposing the more well-known names out of the way, we get to meet Trigon (Jon Bernthal). Jerry O’Connell (who actually voices Superman wonderfully), Jason O’Mara, Christopher Gorham, Shemar Moore and Rosario Dawson help bring the Justice League to life. He asks the foreman Luis (Lou Diamond Phillips) if he can work on his day off to get more money. Laurence tells the families of the miners that the government will do everything in its power to get them out. As it is with most teens, getting to know Conrad is more complex than their surfaced attitude. Batwoman has a tendency to resort to more deadly tactics, and firearms, while Robin is literally a stacked boy wonder, only capable of surprising foes with his agility and shocking strength. She eventually gets separated from her brother as he ends up in an army training camp with other young kids.
I don’t know if this would have been possible without the ten or so movies that came before it in the Marvel universe, but even without all the backstory, the Russo brothers managed to add even more depth to the characters we love and somehow brought it all together in 2.5 hours. The Russo brothers knew that and lightened the mood at times with some well-placed humor, thanks in large part to Spider-Man. Putting all of this together and playing with characters we’ve seen several times before feels like a daunting task, but they exceeded expectations.
But Jack is simply a sociopath, coming off as a deranged college professor who probably believes that chem trails from planes are the government’s way of slowly killing us. It’s bad enough that Mark Wahlberg arrives just in time to add another dose of absurdist flavoring to the script and ideas being presented. Of course if you’ve seen the previous movie, you know that Robin doesn’t play well with others or by the rules. But out of everyone, Robin doesn’t have a problem with Raven (Taissa Farmiga), but he does grow suspicious when he hacks Starfire’s computer, only to find out that Raven’s past is blank. As for the whole versus aspect, it’s a bit of a misleading title, but the battle does happen. He has an unpleasant exchange with Maria after he says that they won’t do anything after earlier attempts failed.
I found myself wanting to spend more time with Conrad and his relationship with the other characters. That divides the movie as we bounce back and forth between Cassie trying to return to her brother and Ben (Robinson), who is one of Cassie’s friends training at the facility. But what it does is put kids into a very adult situation, which seems to be the only goal of YA adaptations. Between THE HUNGER GAMES, THE TWILIGH SAGA, MAZE RUNNER and several others, this has all been done before and I suspect even the target audience is getting sick of the genre. I don’t know what the rest of 2016 holds for us in terms of quality films, but this is an event that shouldn’t be missed. If we’re supposedly to feel any form of sympathy for either of these two, my sympathy goes to the one who’s willing to commit a murder-suicide first. Factor in his hormones, as well as the hormones of the other Teen Titans, and you got yourself a pint-sized superhero pissing contest. You do get drawn into the story, but you are held at arms length because you don’t know too much about the miners to be deeply invested in them. Panther was almost as impressive as Spider-Man and Boseman brought an intensity to the character that should serve him well in his standalone film.
Dario (Juan Pablo Raba) is a drill operator who is estranged from his sister Maria (Juliette Binoche).
When these men enter the mine they are joined by a Bolivian named Carlos Mamani (Tenoch Huerta). He is a man who is subject to much ridicule from the other guys and doesn’t hold their respect.

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