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Faye decides that the Circle needs to have some fun and talks Cassie into throwing a big Halloween party. Masked was a perfect episode of The Secret Circle and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of action, drama, suspense, intrigue, and scary moments.
Although credited, Gale Harold (Charles) and Natasha Henstridge (Dawn) do not appear in this episode. Bewitching Scene #1: Faye causes a fire in chem class and Cassie makes the sun shine bright.
Cassie quickly becomes suspicious when the man asks her to return the medallion she found among the wreckage of the fire that killed the parents of several of The Circle's members. Still not realizing how powerful she is, Faye ends up pushing Sally so hard that she lands on a pile of rocks and dies. We’re not too sure if our fave elder is dead, but we do know Gwen cast a magic spell to give him a heart attack. But since Gwen took back the powerful crystal from Charles, she managed to bring the girl back to life. So they all head out to perform the binding ritual which will bring together everyone’s powers.
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Jake offers to trade himself to free Cassie, and Adam turns to the Circle for help when he realizes what has happened. It was interesting to see him and Cassie interacting and perhaps that he is a different man now than in the past.
If there was an ep that tipped me over the line for falling for this show then it was this one. Henry was getting ready to head out and tell the other elders about the new set of witches, and Gwen didn’t like that idea very much.
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And although Cassie says she wants nothing to do with this witch stuff, she starts to test out her own powers at home and manages to bring out the sun which shines brighter than ever. Figure out if the kids already know about their witch ancestry and find out how Charles is able to do magic. Also, did anyone else notice that Henry said it was a bad idea for the new circle to bind their powers?! Cassie and Jake seem to get closer against Adam's liking, and Jake and John Blackwell come to an understanding. The best thing the writers could have done is kill Nick Armstrong off and replace him with his unendingly more interesting brother, Jake.

After the building and building and building of the John Blackwell character, the actual character is a major disappointment. While I like all of these characters (even Adam, who I know a lot of people have taken a strong disliking to), especially Cassie, I feel like this triangle isn't being handled very well.
I feel like this has the potential to be a great triangle, but there just really isn't a lot of emotional attachment for me. I feel the writers need to do some tweaking and make this stronger for the second season (if it'll still be a story by then, that is). Or do they just think it would be better if Cassie had the house all to herself so she could be put in more dangerous situations?
It would have been fine if they had brought her back in this episode like it originally seemed like they were going to.

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