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Britt Robertson gets close with costar Thomas Dekker as they attend The CW Network’s Summer 2011 TCA Panel Session for The Secret Circle at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Thursday afternoon (August 4) in Beverly Hills, Calif. The Circle stars joined costars Gale Harold, Natasha Henstridge, and executive producers Gina Girolamo, Kevin Williamson and Andrew Miller to chat about the upcoming show, premiering September 15th. Kevin told press at the panel that there most likely would not be any kind of crossover with The Vampire Diaries. A modern take of fairytale, an intriguing journey of an imposter and a haunting story of a family are offered by such new drama series as 'Once Upon a Time', 'Ringer' and 'American Horror Story' . New drama series, which could accompany those looking to spend the rest of the day with a quiet night, are discussed in this third part of AceShowbiz's Guide to 2011 New Fall TV Series.
Another light story can be found on "The Secret Circle" which will likely get teenagers hooked, while "Ringer" and "The Playboy Club" offer more thrilling drama shows. Having Neal Baer ("ER") as a showrunner, "A Gifted Man" will take viewers to places they haven't been before in a medical series.
Set in a suburban area in Alabama, "Hart of Dixie" is likely to be escapism on TV with its beautiful set and landscape.
Coming from "Lost" writers (Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz), "Once Upon a Time" is almost in the same vein of the departed show but not without a twist. If you are into a period drama that puts attention to details like "Mad Men", then you need to check out "Pan Am". Another primetime soap from "Desperate Housewives" home ABC, "Revenge" will enthrall viewers with a dark twist. Eight years after her "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" was axed, Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to kick some ass on "Ringer". Also worth watching is "American Horror Story" which gives a supernatural and psychological twist to an infidelity issue. Following the materialistic life of a brilliant surgeon, this new drama will not only focus on him dealing with medical issues but will also revolve around his supernatural encounter with his deceased ex-wife. The new series promises a lot of mysteries that the pilot itself leaves at least about 8 cliffhangers.

Judging that the story will be dull only because it takes place in a small town will be an understatement. Instead of telling a story of people stuck in an island, it sees fairytale characters being trapped in a modern world without realizing it. Set in 1963, this show captures the glamorous life of flyboys and girls at the biggest company in the business, with sexy entanglements that not all pilots and flight attendants find everyday.
This drama series is packed with intense plots as Amanda, who is back in her hometown under the alias of Emily, plots revenge on those who ruined her family.
On the new series, her acting will be further challenged since she portrays two characters, twin sisters Bridget and Siobhan, at the same time. Influenced by the success of the Nina Dobrev-starring show, he adapts another book by "TVD" author L.J.
Yes, there will be humor and scary witchy-woo,” he added about the feel of the series. The spellbound to the curious minds will be unleashed as soon as the story begins with the Harmons moving into an old house in Los Angeles.
Fact is, the conflict arises right from the beginning when a young doctor from New York has to move to the South where her attitude clashes with local's manner.
What makes the fantasy series different to some children films is the fact that it focuses less on the mythology and more on the characters. As if jealousy, secret romance and espionage are not enough to make a thrilling flight, the disappearance of one steward will make their day. Complication arises when Bridget assumes the identity of Siobhan who is presumed dead, but she soon learns that her sister's life is as complex as the life she tries to escape.
In addition to the promising storyline, strong cast ensemble consisting of Patrick Wilson, Jennifer Ehle, Julie Benz and Margo Martindale will also ensure viewers to crave for more. Family secret, flirty acts, and unfriendly people are surely enough to carry the show through the whole season. Also worth the attention is movie beauty Christina Ricci who makes her TV debut with this new series.

It will follow the ladies as they try to pursue their dreams and make a living in the club. This will allow viewers to see her from a new perspective and understand better on how she is turned into a person full of hatred. As if the confusion of how to juggle two different lives and handle the problems that come with them couldn't make her life messier, trust issues are thrown into it. The plot is built in such a way to make it unclear whether what we see is spirits of the house's former residents or the characters' imagination.
Making it even juicier, each of the girls keeps the dark part of their stories in the shade of their fun night lifestyle. Although the story might be a bit similar to its successful predecessor, it hints to target younger audience by having 25-year-old Emily Van Camp ("Brothers & Sisters") as the antiheroine.
But there is no need to be afraid that it will be a repetition of "TVD" because Kevin makes sure it won't by taking a different route and avoiding the same filming location.
Though this haunting atmosphere will linger throughout the course of the episodes, the show will not revolve solely around ghosts but more about the drama of marriage and infidelity in the families. Bunny Maureen, for example, gets herself into a mess after accidentally killing a man connected to a mob. Instead of revolving around vampires like some of the series already out there, it will focus on the witches. Now, she must get herself out of it without causing any more trouble than she has already had.
It will follow a young witch as she's struggling to accept who she is and what she's capable of. While still coming to term of this newly-found fact about herself, she has to be prepared to what older witches plan for her.

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