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Quick tip for those of you teens who are dealing with supernatural situations in your small towns: Don't go to school dances, ever. Now, obviously Ethan's way into the written-in-the-stars junk, but in my opinion he only thinks it applies to Adam and Cassie because it had once applied to himself and Amelia.
After Melissa got tired of Faye's antics last episode she made the effort to hang out with the other girls. Now, we already KNEW Jake was in town due to last week's (awesome) final shot, so this particular running gag kind of fell flat. Lee had sussed out that Faye was part of a coven and he'd even spotted the individual members using his basic stalker skills.
Later on Cassie told Adam she wanted to learn more about her father and next thing we knew she was at County Records jumping on the receptionists' computer while Adam distracted her. But then she couldn't find John Blackwell's birth or death certificates (WHAT DOES IT MEAN??) and the only document that came up with his name on it was this deed of ownership. First of all, I love that Adam had to actually take Cassie to the house rather than just say, "You know that witch house we all chill in all the time?" But also it made me laugh that Cassie didn't know the address of the place.
Anyway, it's now becoming a running joke about how incurious these teenagers are about very important things. Haha sorry, maybe I'm just a creepy old house enthusiast, but I would've combed every inch of that joint on my FIRST visit.
Anyway Adam is super smooth, so he decided that this trip to the the hepatitis dungeon was a good place to ask Cassie out. To the show's credit, the main source of awkwardness in the scene was Cassie's reluctance to hurt Diana's feelings. Cassie's dad had carved this symbol into the ceiling and it had something to do with channeling dark magic into or out of something else.
In a perfectly great moment, Melissa and Diana reconnected while getting ready for the "Fire and Ice Dance" (LOL) by reliving some childhood memories together.
Luckily Melissa gave her a pep talk and she was able to go ask a dude to dance (RUN, dude!). As part of her plan to tether herself to Cassie's dark magic, Faye and Lee broke into Cassie's house to steal a necklace. The effect of Faye's spell were seen immediately as the (non-dark-magic-having) members of the circle immediately began to fall ill. But, true to form, even with access to individual powers, Faye still didn't have the best imagination as to what she'd use magic for. Faye owned up to her spell right away, but it was funny how Cassie seemed more annoyed that Faye had stolen her necklace than she did about Faye stealing her powers. But by this point all of the flaming centerpieces had started causing the DANGEROUS GLASS ICICLES to crash down on partygoers? Fortunately a pair of black mystery boots who were clearly being worn by an attractive man appeared just before she passed out. And surprisingly, a typically remorseful Faye ended up turning on them, pointing out that they'd more or less been cool about all of Cassie's accidental mayhem.
Quick question: Why is it episode 11 and the importance of intra-family magic remains unspoken between parent and child? So yeah, just to emphasize, Faye's desire to gain magic may have hit a road block but was definitely not over.
She'd guessed that maybe John Blackwell had been using the channeling spell to rid himself of dark magic.

I am thinking you are correct about Blackwell seeing as they have cast an actor to play him whether it is in the present or for flashbacks we will have to see! Check out Kristen and David’s review of the new CW series premiere episode of The Secret Circle. I’m Kind Of Disappointed With The First Episode, I Expected More Coming From A Really Good Book Series. I agree completely that the character of Faye seems REALLY over the top and one dimensional. I think the show was great tonite Casey looked beautiful as ever and she really knows how to play her part i enjoy wathcn her act shes great and sexy but to tell u the truth the mystery along with all the actors really captivates me alot if u guys r reading this great job tonite but can we see more action around i mean all the ladies are fine and lookin good but how bout more blood and witch craft goin on and spells , did it really take the whole circle to lay down one man come on guys iwant to see more powers u know wat i mean and im sure all the other fans would like too see dat to ,no im not sayn dat imsayn more more more Cassey u got my blessn BIRD SAID DAT I lovit thanks. I enjoyed the fact that even though Diana's grandmother had tried to murder Cassie recently, Cassie still felt comfortable enough to stay at the family's house. Last week I complained about the show's lack of foundational magic, the sort of harmless everyday spells that teen witches would do just for kicks.
We hadn't seen this dreamy drunk hunk in a long time, and apparently Adam hadn't either since he was unaware of the fact that Ethan was a few weeks sober now. But what if deep down Ethan suspects that he is not actually Adam's father and he's overcompensating with this destiny stuff as a form of denial? It would've been one thing if we really had to wonder whether Cassie was imagining things or not, but yeah, no, Jake's around. Like how they always seem surprised to find new things in their books of shadows (I would've had that thing memorized on day 1), or the fact that Cassie didn't know the witch house had a basement?
This show is definitely at a point where the characters being informed and motivated just does not factor into its storytelling. It also just happened to match a symbol in Cassie's Book of Shadows, on the same page that Faye had ripped out and given to Lee!
Lee was like, "Let me get out this sabre-tooth tiger necklace and cut your back up a ton" and Faye was all turned on or whatever.
Anyway, then Faye realized that she'd accidentally tethered herself to the circle's (weak) powers instead of Cassie's and immediately felt bad for having hurt her friends (who were passing out all over the place).
Because Cassie is sort of a BAMF, she didn't even think twice before running back into the flames. Obviously Faye's stuff was way worse, but she brought up a good point about double standards. For one thing he put a ton of effort into assisting Faye while claiming he didn't want anything in return. I'm not sure how she made the leap to that, but it seems nice to think that her dad wasn't the villain everyone expects him to be. Pretty sure Diana said you can only wear white or red, yet adam, cassie and pretty much errybody else was wearing black. I will give it a chance for couple of more episodes, but I am not holding my breath for it to get actually good.
I Didn’t Mind That It Was Totally Different From The Book But I Hated That Everything Was Laid Out In The Very First Episode. Next time you see a poster for an awkwardly themed dance, just book a room at the Travelodge for that night and just wait it out. You know, at the very least it would provide an illustration of the circle's ordinary powers to which we could contrast Cassie's burgeoning dark magic.
Okay so Ethan's plotline in this episode could be subtitled "Natasha Henstridge Wants To Take Advantage of Her Timeshare" because he really didn't do much except fill in for a missing Charles and Dawn.

Flitting between circles of friends is such a teenage thing to do, so I thought this was really charming. But then, of course, you outgrow friendship, or you get boyfriends (romantic) and girlfriends (platonic) and suddenly you aren't besties anymore. Also there was a creepy moment where he saved some of her blood in a tissue he then carried around in his pocket.
I can't promise you he was in any way jealous of Cassie and Adam's kiss seeing as his romance with her happened in the 15 minutes before he ran off with the witch hunters. For the most part, it was very predictable, characters really shallow (first moment I have seen Natasha Henstridge character I knew she plays a villain), characters relations made stupid. They Need Better Character Development, Better Spells, & A Different Style To The Show.
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Sure there were some important new details added, like Cassie's ability to perform solo magic, an exploration of voodoo, and the presence of Jake in the shadows, but part of me couldn't help but wonder if this episode with these storylines shouldn't have happened right after the pilot? That dress looked like it was from Forever 21 and it's a known fact they make most of their clothes out of gasoline and bad ideas. But also, her romantic chemistry with Adam can be measured on a negative scale, so really any reason for her to say no would've been fine with me.
So yeah, this was a nice acknowledgement that these kids are human beings and growing up is hard. But even just inquiring about dead parents is a good thing to do also, so good call Cassie. I don't know, it was just interesting that this time Faye seemed much less remorseful than usual. So I'm guessing he wants to re-tether her to Cassie's dark magic and then either siphon it for himself or at least control Faye like a puppet?
Not a single things stands out, too many stereotypes and too many elements used over and over.
Seriously, Thomas Dekker and Louis Hunter are broodingly (is that even a word?) sexy, and the girls are almost too gorg to be real.
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But hear me out: maybe Ethan's drinking might be due to the fact that he has to live with the knowledge that his wife had cheated on him and he's now raising another dude's kid?
Of course, if it were up to me we would've met John Blackwell in episode six and discovered that Amelia was still alive in episode 9, but that's because this show's main hobby is forcing my brain to fantasize about things that could happen (which I think is a compliment?).
On the other hand, I complained that this series should show-not-tell, so it serves me right. Isn't it sort of hard to feel bad for her when she's probably the #1 hot babe in Washington State? To me, Faye's abortive magic and Cassie's useful dark magic just point out what a major mistake it's been to restrict everybody's powers.

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