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After the task, Mandana finds out that someone has used her towel and gets upset over it and blames everyone. INFORMATIONVotre colis partira de notre entrepot d’ici 10 a 20 jours ouvrables, ce qui exclut les week-ends et les jours feries. Pour selectionner les magasins Renaud-Bray que vous frequentez le plus souvent,rendez-vous dans la section MON COMPTE. Il peut y avoir un leger decalage entre les stocks affiches sur notre site et la disponibilite reelle du produit en magasin. If you're anything like us then you will enjoy every moment of it as Anna and Yolanda takes charge and size up a cock with their mouths. Rishabh shaves off his beard first thing in the morning but Priya is unhappy with his clean look as she prefers his rough look.

Through this task Imam has to command the house and get the housemates to follow discipline and order. Initially Rishabh agrees to do it but he gets into a petty argument with Mandana and refuses to get the hair cut from her. La date de livraison dependra ensuite du delai d'acheminement de la poste, qui varie selon la destination. Imam chops off a portion of Rishabh’s hair on his own while he gets upset with the result. Prince goes up to Mandana to explain that he isn’t involved in the act but Mandana gets furious and ends up shouting at him.
Priya denies having feelings for Rishabh but admits that she has a soft corner and feels extremely protective about him. The entire house is converted into a boot camp and the enthusiastic cadets are charged up to get into the drill. All contestants are challenged to stand on a block of ice while they need to do the task in rotation. Adrenalin levels are pumped up as all the contestants perform the physical activities and push their limits to give their best in the task.

Priya is hell bent on proving her point and ends up affecting her health by standing on the ice for a longer time. While doing all this, Imam give the housemates an additional task to make two people give up and quit the task. Prince gets extremely hurt by Mandana’s allegations and is on the verge of a breakdown.
Later, Imam is unhappy with the friction between Prince and Mandana and requests them to resolve their issues. The two sit together in the sky lounge and try to sort out their differences as the day comes to an end.

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