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It actually doesn’t matter how well a child can write, they are getting practice in putting pen to paper and having fun at the same time.  Very young children who are still ‘emergent’ writers are often the most enthusiastic, happily making marks which represent ‘meaning’ within the context of their play. Most children also enjoy making up their own codes by inventing new symbols for each letter of the alphabet – they could base these on hieroglyphs or ancient runes, or make up their own entirely.  They soon learn that to crack codes it is best to work on the short, high frequency words such as ‘the’ and ‘and’.  Without even realising it they are learning valuable lessons about the nature of the English language! Hi Marina, thanks for getting in touch and letting us know our spam plug-in was gobbling up everybody’s comments!

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Shops where deliveries need organising often inspire writing, for example, a flower shop – you can have lots of fun making all the flowers, as well as little message cards, before the game even begins.  Setting up a bank, post-office or travel agent in a corner of the living room will also give rise to lots of opportunities for writing. I have made stop action animation movies with dolls and action figures, but never thought to take still pictures and add captions!

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