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Rumours are rife that Rainie Yang is dating Chinese singer, Li Ronghao, especially after this happened.
According to an article in Asian Pop News, Li accidentally posted an intimate photo of the pair. Rainie and Ronghao got to know each other in 2007, as Ronghao composed a song for her back then. Every trick in the books going to be played to get a establishment candidate on the throne.
It is a direct assault on everyone who participates in the corrupt system and also validation for those who choose NOT to participate in the fraud. Every election, there's a smattering of reports of misrecorded votes that are presumed to be part of some grand conspiracy to rig elections.
All a voter needs is a computer, an electronic card reader, their ID card and its PIN, and they can vote from anywhere in the world. It is too easy for a 'hacker' to manipulate votes as they register.To then get the desired outcome.
The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC. BATMAN: Yesterday, Today, & Beyond, all of it's sub-sites, or hosted sites are in no way associated, or affiliated with DC Comics, Time Warner or any of it's divisions. Any money that may be made from Amazon Associates, advertisements, or affiliate programs will be contributed to the maintaining of this website, to provide the fans with the best that we can offer. Have you ever wanted to show how you feel with one little icon, but didn’t have an emoticon with the right look? We are happy to recommend you programs like Facebook Secret Emoticons for PC that other users liked.
Eagle-eyed netizens, however managed to screengrab the photo and suspect that the duo is dating.

The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression. Facebook Secret Emoticons for PC gives you easy access to an array of previously unknown emoticons. Email * Snapchat hidden features are all over the photo sharing app -- if you know where to look.
If you do not own the actual game, the ROM is to be deleted from your hard drive within 24 hours. Once it is added, just click on the icon that appears on all the Facebook statuses and comment boxes and you will see all of the new emoticons to which you have access. In their latest update, the Snapchat crew adds support for two big changes for the company. The best thing about it is that when you use them everyone will be able to see them regardless of whether they have Facebook Secret Emoticon installed or not. This Snapchat hidden feature will allow users to cycle through filtered versions of their photo, a la Instagram.
The second being a Replay feature -- while normally users' photos delete after 10 seconds or less of opening the message, the new Snapchat hidden feature will allow you to see one snap again per day.
It would be nice if Snapchat just kept all the app's features in one easy-to-reference place.
With the addition of filters, this Snapchat hidden feature brings basic photo editing to the application. While some may poo poo the use of filters on photos, for some images it can lend a more interesting look. With the new sepia tone and black and white filter, users are able to get some slight Instagram functionality out of Snapchat. While regular photos have had this feature since the beginning of photography, Snapchat users will finally be able to go back and view an image once more.

To enable the Snapchat hidden feature, navigate over to Settings, Manage and then make sure Replay is on. By touching the Snapchat color strip then holding and dragging all the way over to the left, you are able to access the white brush after having taken a picture. To access the black color in Snapchat, hold the color bar and make your way to the bottom right of the screen. Though those looking for something a bit more can change the font in the same Manage panel where the Replay feature is located.
By clicking on the list icon in the bottom right, and selecting a friends name, you are able to see the 3 people they send snaps to most. While there is no way to turn this feature off, you are now able to amp up the number of best friends shown on your profile from 3 to up to 7. So no funny business!Update: Snapchat Fast Forward Through StoriesSnapchat Stories allow you to add a snap lasting 24 hours for all your friends to see. For those friends that stack numerous snaps each lasting 10 seconds, you may want to fast forward to the next Story in the sequence. To cycle ahead, while holding the touchscreen use a different finger to tap on the screen again. Congrats on the years of time you'll save with this Snapchat trick.Which Snapchat hidden feature is your favorite? Snapchat: Will The Facebook Photo Sharing Service's 'IG DM' Take Users Away From Ghostface Chillah?

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