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After offering more incense to Lucifer, the seeker of the Royal Secret, in his 32nd degree ritual makes more vows before he gets the Luciferian baptism of the 32nd degree. If you are ready to bind yourself to the strict, punctual, unremitting performance at all points, in every place, and at all times your duties as Perfect Elu, Prince of Jeru, Knight of Rose Croix, Knight of the Sun, St.
The seeker of the Royal Secret in the 32nd degree thus position takes his 4 th vow of allegiance to this Luciferian religion. Kneel at the altar, laying thy left hand upon the book of constitutions and the symbol of Deity. Other things are said which in biblical context and how they are performed in this ritual are blasphemous. He then receives the emblems of his 32nd degree, the dark cordon and the Teutonic Cross of gold the jewel of the order. We need to tell these poor dupes of freemasonry in the 32nd degree, or any degree, that the Royal Secret of freemasonry is that Lucifer is the god of freemasonry. Here is a good prayer for those wanting the freedom Messiah offers to those bound by Lucifer in the religion of freemasonry.
Eph 5:11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. Lord, I repent and ask your forgiveness if I am now or have ever dominated or controlled anyone contrary to the perfect will of God.
FI SMADDY WHEY DEM SEH DEM HOOD COMPLICATED IS LIKE EVERY MUNT DIDI HAVE A NEW OOMAN AND HIM DOW HAVE A PENNY..IS WHO DIS NOW BOSS? SOLUTION MEDIA & INFOTECH presents the hottest Concert of the year tagged "DANCE AFRIQUE 2015". P - Square09 Oct 2014 - Meydan Racecourse, DubaiThe history of Nigerian music industry will not be complete without the chapter of the group P-SQUARE.
Jin Au-Yeung, also known as MC Jin, is a hip-hop artist, songwriter, television host, and actor.

It stars Marlon Brando, Jean Simmons, Merle Oberon and Michael Rennie with Cameron Mitchell, Elizabeth Sellars, Charlotte Austin, Cathleen Nesbitt, Carolyn Jones and Evelyn Varden. The film was nominated for two Academy Awards, for Best Art Direction (Lyle Wheeler, Leland Fuller, Walter M.
Several years later, Napoleon is proclaimed emperor, and at his coronation, he takes the crown from the hands of Pope Pius VII and crowns himself. Napoleona€™s exile to Elba is short-lived, however, and after the Battle of Waterloo, Napoleon retreats with his personal army to the ChA?teau de Malmaison. Witold Lutoslawski (1913-1994) (Pologne) : A«A Variations on a theme by Paganini (Caprice No. The Royal Secret is that the 32nd degree freemason has been baptized and consecrated to the service of Lucifer, whether he knows it or not. Andrew and Kodosh and Master of the Royal Secret, as these have been declared you, go and stand at the west side of the Altar of Obligation facing the east. If the mind, reason, intellect and intelligence of man is a part of the universal supreme mind, intellect, intelligence he may well have lofty aspirations and high ambition for he is capable of great things. God is not pleased if, even in ignorance, one stays involved in a religion of Lucifer, Satan, the Devil.
All are welcome but please exercise discretion when posting your comments , do not say anything about someone you wouldnt like to be said about  you. Do not deliberately LIE on someone here or send in any information based on your own personal vendetta.
If you dont like this forum, please do not whine and wear us out, do yourself the favor of closing the screen- Thanks!
She soon tires of Rome, however, and decides to return to Paris, where she meets Napoleon, now married to Josephine, who announces that he will be leaving for Egypt. On November 9, 1799, Napoleon is proclaimed First Consul of the French Republic and asks Bernadotte to join his council of state, and Bernadotte agrees. Napoleon involves France in more wars, and Bernadotte is approached by representatives of the king of Sweden, who wishes to adopt him and make him the heir to the throne. The 32nd degree gives the Royal Secret and make the initiate a Priest and King of Ahura-Mazda, one of Lucifer’s many names.

If he has shown sufficient interest in the occult in his pursuit of the degrees, one in 20, or 5%, of the 32nd degree freemasons are invited to pursue their service to Lucifer in the Illuminati. We need to tell these dupes of freemasonry that the religion of freemasonry will most assuredly take them to hell unless they fully renounce it. Vegas26 Dec 2013 - Meydan Racecourse, DubaiTo have a single with an ICONIC Multi-Platinum POP artist is the dream of most Jamaican recording artists. He admits to her that the poor Bonaparte brothers need the rich dowries of the Clary sisters. Napoleon makes veiled threats about Bernadottea€™s alliance with Russia and announces to the crowd that she will be held hostage to ensure Swedena€™s support while his army marches through Russia to Moscow. Users are advised that false statements which are defamatory in nature may be subject to legal action, for which the user posting such statements will be personally liable for any damages or other liability, of any nature, arising out of the posting of such statements. As the kinsmen of our Aryan ancestors sacrificed to Serpenta Mainyu, the divine wisdom, sacrifice thou with an offering of incense to the God in whom thou doest put thy trust. You don’t love someone by tolerating and saying that something that will take them to hell is OK.
Yes, the 32nd degree seekers of the Royal Secret of freemasonry offer incense to the Serpent god, Serpenta Manyu.
There is absolutely no place in the true Church of Jesus Christ, Yeshua Messiah, for any freemason worshiper of Lucifer as god. His popularity has extended to the rest of Africa, and parts of Europe, United States, and the Middle East.ViewERASERHEADS27 Dec 2013 - Meydan Racecourse, DubaiERASERHEADS or E-HEADS as their fans refer to them is a Filipino rock band. Whether he knows it or not, we must tell them to remit, renounce, and get out of Lucifer’s religion and put the sin of involvement with freemasonry under the Blood of Yeshua.
The band is one of the most successful, most influential, critically acclaimed and significant bands in the history of original Pilipino music. Their ignorance bringing them into and keeping them in freemasonry is no excuse for us to lead them to think that remaining in freemasonry and failing to renounce freemasonry and its god Lucifer, is OK.

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