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On 4 November, Virago will bring out a new edition of the diaries of Anne Lister, edited by Helena Whitbread.
Since this book was first published in 1988 (as I KNOW MY OWN HEART), Helena has been working on Anne Lister’s journals and preparing her magis­terial biography of Anne.
THE SECRET DIARIES OF MISS ANNE LISTER is a goldmine for any reader interested in the nineteenth century; some have said that Anne Lister should be regarded as the Pepys of her period. Synopsis-Zp4z-z is the code in Anne Lister’s early 19th Century diaries for the name of the woman she passionately loves.
The Inside Out LGBT Toronto Film Festival had its gala closing at the Bloor Cinema Sunday night with the international premiere of The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister to a sold out crowd. Lister is referred to as the first modern lesbian because she made every attempt she could to be true to her self and her relationships. The film condenses 30 years into stories of 3 major relationships with women Anne had in her adult life. The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister only had an 18-day shooting schedule and a very limited budget but it does an amazing job of not showing these limitations on screen. The new edition, THE SECRET DIARIES OF MISS ANNE LISTER (1791?1840), has been thoroughly revised and expanded.
Set amidst the wild gorse of the northern English moors and the stately homes of landed gentry, the intense emotional and sexual drama of Anne’s pursuit of -Zp4z-z, who vows to spend her life with Anne as soon as her husband dies, leads to a crossroads for Anne.

Lead actress Maxine Peake was in attendance and received a standing ovation at the end of the night, that was well deserved. The diary was lost after her death until it was found in the early 20th century by some of her relatives.
Historically, homosexual relationships were kept extremely hidden by marrying the opposite sex and then just going to their lovers when they were able.
The film starts off with her love affair with Marianna (Anna Madeley) who Anne had every intention of spending the rest of her life with. The performances are absolutely flawless and the film does a great job of condensing much of Anne’s life into just 90 minutes without it feeling rushed.
When he isna€™t writing about some underrated film classic, Kelly is a painter and a graphic designer. The cover is adorned with a still from the BBC TV drama about Anne, screened to critical acclaim earlier this year.
In defiance of society’s expect­ations, she was an independent woman, landowner, indus­trialist, traveller, and lesbian. Once they decoded some of the diaries they didn’t like what they found and it was never fully decoded until the early 1990s. She loves Anne too but doesn’t want the world to know that they are lesbians and wants the stability of a regular marriage.

Although the director James Kent is mainly experienced in Television films, he brings a beautiful Gothic look that gives the mood of Wuthering Heights . Her intimate diaries, much of which were written in code, have been described by Emma Donoghue as ‘the Dead Sea Scrolls of lesbian history’. Yes, there are a couple of odd narrative jumps and verbal double-entendres which may fall a bit flat to a hip queer 21st Century South African audience but the pace, salacious and unabashedly frank planning for lesbian seductions, and unexpected conclusion make Secret Diaries irresistible. She wanted to marry her female lovers and didn’t even want to put up the facade of a straight marriage. This becomes unbearable to both women so they exchange rings and agree to be together openly when Marianna’s husband eventually dies. This was made as TV production to be shown on BBC 2 but it deserves to be seen on the big screen if you can find it in limited release. Meanwhile, Anne’s former lover Tib (Susan Lynch) keeps coming back for Anne and even though Anne gives in to temptation with her once and while, she finds her generally boorish.
After getting tired of waiting for Marianna, Anne develops her third major relationship with a wealthy young heiress, Ann Walker (Christine Bottomley).

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