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I don’t have much info, but this hole can be covered up and used as a floor, or opened to be a dining table.
Sometimes, there are great places in a city that are banned, restricted, hidden, lost, mythical, or simply don't want your kind of folk. The water between Bolte Bridge and the bridge at Gipps Street in Collingwood are prohibited to swimmers, expect for designated events with a permit.
The bridge that was used to cross the Yarra River at Abbotsford costs a penny, but was demolished in 1899.
There is a substation underground between Little Collins Street and Bourke Street, built in 1929. Flinders St Station Ballroom, Federation Square Labyrinth, Supreme Court Library, Parliament House Library, Exhibition Building Dome balcony and tunnels, inside the dome of 333 Collin St, Verdun Apartments in the Gothic Bank, Peter Jansen's pad in Highlander Lane, Rooftop bee hives on the Rialto Hotel Buliding, City of Melbourne Archives are a few more. The Australia Club, big deal, I worked there in catering and seriously, you're not missing anything. WeekendNotes will notify you of the best free community events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, festivals, and markets in your town or city. Exclusivity is the name of the game for starters … but spreading the word (like so much French butter) will be what builds momentum.

Daily Addict gives style-conscious, busy people early access to what's on and worth knowing in the city. A place where top chefs and master bartenders dish out gratis dinner and cocktails to the lucky few who know the password?
Details and the location for the clandestine events are kept under close wraps until the next dinner is imminent. A great way to see the rooftop terrace, the boardroom, and the rooftop entertainment area is to get on the list for Melbourne Open House.
To qualify for membership to Mensa, you'll need an IQ score that is in the top 2 per cent of the Australian population. If you’re lucky enough to be chosen by ballot, you’ll have just 24 hours to take up the ticket offer and if this first dinner doesn’t have room for you at the table, don’t worry. Tickets to the debut Secret Dining Society event go on sale July 13 with George himself taking all the knowledge he has honed as one of the Masterchefs behind collaborative success with The Press Club, Mama Baba, Maha, St Katherines, Hellenic Republic and PM 24 to oversee the marvelous menu.
Your best chance at entry may be to enter with a member, and be spoiled by the luxurious surroundings, fine cuisine and outstanding service.
Parents can breathe a sigh of relief as the area is home to several high quality public and private schools still.

For some time now, Patrón Tequila has been hosting a series of under-the-radar dinners around the country. The invitation doesn’t extend past ten people so first in is definitely first served at this covert, coveted dinner. Venues that float between cellars, private homes, galleries and other creative locations add to the clandestine charm. Dubbed the Secret Dining Society, the dinners are created by some of the country's best-known chefs—like Marcus Samuelsson recently in New York. The chefs collaborate with mixologists on an innovative multi-course menu paired with equally progressive tequila cocktails.

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