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We hold and believe that the revival of Occult Knowledge now in progress will some day demonstrate that the Western system represents ranges of perceptions which the Eastern - at least as expounded in the pages of The Theosophist -has yet to attain.[ Whenever Occult doctrines were expounded in the pages of The Theosophist, care was taken each time to declare a subject incomplete when the whole could not be given in its fullness, and no writer has ever tried to mislead the reader.
But why does he not add that this perpetual motion is independent of the manifested Forces at work? Ain-Suph with him also is the Boundless, the infinite and One Unity, secondless and causeless as Parabrahman. This seems to suggest (a) that he teaches the existence of an extra-cosmic God, thus limiting and conditioning both the Kosmos and the divine Infinity and Omnipresence which cannot be extraneous to or outside of one single atom; and (b) that by skipping the whole of the pre-cosmic period-the manifested Kosmos here being meant -the very root of Occult teaching he explains only the Kabalistic meaning of the dead-letter of the Bible and Genesis, leaving its spirit and essence untouched. Place these letters in a triangle and you have the absolute Unity, that without being included into numbers creates the number, the first manifestation, which is 2, and these two united by harmony resulting from the analogy of contraries [opposites], make I, only. This statement is a very important one, inasmuch as it entirely changes the spirit and nature of Cosmogony, and brings it down to a level with exoteric Genesis -gerhaps it was so stated with an eye to this result. Now the fact is quite the reverse of this: it is the Primeval Light that creates the Word or Logos, Who in His turn creates physical light.
Now any Eastern Occultist upon seeing this would not hesitate to pronounce it a "left hand" magic figure. This [ the concealed Deity ] radiated a ray into the Eternal Essence [ Waters of Space] and, fructifying thereby the primordial germ, the Essence expanded.
The construction of the above sentences shows that the learned Abbé had a decided tendency to anthropomorphize creation, even though the latter has to be shaped out of preA«xisting material, as the Zohar shows plainly enough. This is how the "great" Western Kabalist gets out of the difficulty: he keeps silent on the first stage of evolution and imagines a second Chaos. The Tohu-vah-bohu is the Latin Limbus, or twilight of the morning and evening of life,[ Why not give at once its theological meaning, as we find it in Webster?
Let us put on one side the vulgar translation of the sacred texts and see what is hidden in the first chapter of Genesis. Now this, if it be correct, is too vague to be understood by any one ignorant of the Kabalistic teaching. The Christian religion has imposed silence on the lying oracles of the Gentiles and put an end to the prestige of the false gods, [ Histoire de la Magie. We will prove that the study of the sacred Pentagram had to lead all the Magi to know the new name which should be raised above all names, and before which every being capable of worship has to bend his knees. The Orientalists know well that they cannot make away with the landmarks, followed by all subsequent religions, set up in that "Bible of Humanity" called the Rig Veda.
I, the Preacher, was king over Israel in Jerusalem, and I gave my heart to seek and search out by wisdom concerning all things that are done under heaven.
Speaking of the great work and glory of the Elohim [ It is probably needless to say here what everyone knows. The secret meaning of this is that water and earth stand in the Mosaic Books for the prima materia and the creative (feminine) Principle on our plane.
Chaos, as shown elsewhere, is Theos, which becomes Kosmos: it is Space, the container of everything in the Universe.
The numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 are the successive emanations from Mother [ Space ] as she forms running downward her garment, spreading it upon the seven steps of Creation. Now it is surpassingly strange, if it be a mere coincidence, that the numerical value of Tohu-vah-bohu, or "Chaos" in the Bible -which Chaos, of course, is the "Mother" Deep, or the Waters of Space-should yield the same figures. This shows that the Hebrew usage of play upon the numbers must have come to the Jews from India.

Originally published in 1888, The Secret Doctrine by Helene Blavatsky continues to be one of the most popular books on esoteric philosphy and mysticism. As to the Western "ranges of perception" concerning doctrines really Occult, the Eastern Occultists have been made acquainted with them for some time past.
Kenneth Mackenzie, as "one of the greatest representatives of modern Occult Philosophy," [ See The Royal Masonic Cyclopaedia, art. Ain-Suph is the indivisible point, and therefore, as "being everywhere and nowhere," is the absolute All. Surely the "ranges of perception" of the Western mind will not be greatly enlarged by such a limited teaching. For owing to the first sentence, "Above the dark abyss were the Waters," the French Kabalist leads the student away from the right track. The Tohu-vah-bohu is the "Great Deep," and is identical with "the Waters of Chaos," or the primordial Darkness.
We see here the spheres of evolution: the soul [ ?] driven from the dark centre (Darkness) toward the luminous circumference. With the Roman Catholics it means simply "purgatory," the borderland between heaven and hell (Limbus patrum and Limbus infantum), the one for all men, whether good, bad or indifferent: the other for the souls of unbaptized children!
If a man has to seek his Deity in the Hades of the ancients-for the Tohu-vah bohu, or the Limbus of the Greeks, is the Hall of Hades -then one can wonder no longer at the accusations brought forward by the Church against the "witches" and sorcerers versed in Western Kabalism, that they adored the goat Mendes, or the devil personified by certain spooks and Elementals.
Not only are his explanations unsatisfactory and misleading-in his published works they are still worse-but his Hebrew transliteration is entirely wrong; it precludes the student, who would compare it for himself with the equivalent symbols and numerals of the words and letters of the Hebrew alphabet, from finding anything of that he might have found were the words correctly spelt in the French transliteration. His Histoire de la Magie shows it plainly, and reveals also his object, which he does not even care to conceal.
But were it possible that an enforced success should be obtained in this direction, such argument cannot achieve its object, since the Rig Veda remains. It is there that at the very dawn of intellectual humanity were laid the foundation-stones of all the faiths and creeds, of every fane and church built from first to last; and they are still there. Moses and Thales were right in saying that only earth and water can bring forth a living Soul, water being on this plane the principle of all things.
As Occult Teachings assert, it is called by the Chaldaeans, Egyptians, and every other nation Tohu-vah-bohu, or Chaos, Confusion, because Space is the great storehouse of Creation, whence proceed not forms alone, but also ideas, which could receive their expression only through the Logos, the Word, Verbum, or Sound.
By art speech these are key-working numbers loosely shuffled together, the germs and keys of construction, but to be recognized, one by one, as used and required.
As we have seen, the final series yields, besides many another combination, the figures 108 and 1008-the number of the names of Vishnu, whence the 108 grains of the Yogi's rosary-and close with 432, the truly "famous" number in Indian and Chaldaean antiquity, appearing in the cycle of 4,320,000 years in the former, and in the 432,000 years, the duration of the Chaldaean divine dynasties. The systematic character of this work is revealed by the subjects treated at length in its pages: Cosmogenesis, Cosmic Evolution, Anthropogenesis, the Evolution of Symbolism, the Archaic Symbolism of the World-Religions, Science and the Secret Doctrine Contrasted. Thus they are enabled to assert with confidence that the West may be in possession of Hermetic philosophy as a speculative system of dialectics, the latter being used in the West admirably well, but it lacks entirely the knowledge of Occultism. This only proves that the knowledge possessed by Western Occultists of the true Philosophy, and the "ranges of perceptions" and thought of the Eastern doctrines, is very superficial. It is also "Darkness" because it is absolute Light, and the Root of the seven fundamental Cosmic Principles. By stating the fact otherwise it makes both "the Great Deep" and the "Waters"-which cannot be separated except in the phenomenal world --- limited as to space and conditioned as to their nature.
In Esoteric phraseology Mantra is the Word made flesh, or rendered objective, through divine magic.] It is That (the Mantra or Word) from which all This ( the Universe) sprang into being.

He was undeniably "the greatest representative of modern Occult Philosophy," as it is studied in Roman Catholic countries generally, where it is fitted to the preconceptions of Christian students. Brought down to the most modern limits of the age assigned to it, its date cannot be made to overlap that of the Pentateuch, which is admittedly later.
Universal "myths," personifications of Powers divine and cosmic, primary and secondary, and historical personages of all the now-existing as well as of extinct religions are to be found in the seven chief Deities and their 330,000,000 correlations of the Rig Veda, and those Seven, with the odd millions, are the Rays of the one boundless Unity.
Blavatsky is a double-volume work consisiting of the two books: Cosmogenesis and Antrhopogenesis.
This assertion will be easily demonstrated by giving a few instances, instituting comparisons between the two interpretations of one and the same doctrine---the Hermetic Universal Doctrine. In his unpublished manuscripts and letters, lent to us by a Theosophist, who was for fifteen years his pupil, we had hoped to find that which he was unwilling to publish. For if the Tohu-vah-bohu is "under" and the Waters are "above," then these two are quite distinct from each other, and this is not the case. Thus Éliphas in his desire to conceal the last word of Esoteric Philosophy, fails-whether intentionally or otherwise does not matter-to point out the fundamental principle of the one true Occult Philosophy, namely, the unity and absolute homogeneity of the One Eternal Divine Element, and he makes of the Deity a male God. But he never taught the real universal Kabalah, and least of all did he teach Eastern Occultism.
But these procreative properties of Fire and Water, or Spirit and Matter, are symbols but of physical generation.
It is the more needed since, were we to neglect bringing forward such comparisons, our work would be left incomplete. Let the student compare the Eastern and Western teaching, and see whether the philosophy of the Upanishads" has yet to attain the ranges of perception" of this Western system. While the Jewish Kabalists symbolized these elements only in their application to manifested things, and reverenced them as the emblems for the production of terrestrial life, the Eastern Philosophy noticed them only as an illusive emanation from their spiritual prototypes, and no unclean or unholy thought marred its Esoteric religious symbology.
We are mentally obliged to provide our Creator with chaos from which to produce the worlds.
The world and everything in it is supposed to alternate between periods of activity (manvantaras) and periods of passivity (pralayas). We will take these teachings, then, as containing the essence of Western or Kabalistic Occultism, analyzing and comparing them with the Eastern interpretation as we go on. Everyone has the right to defend the system he prefers, but in doing this, there is no need to throw slurs upon the system of one's brother. The tiller of the soil, who is the typical producer of social life, must have his material: his earth, his sky, rain and sun, and the seeds to place within the earth.
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