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Who do you call when your bedtime's too early, your homework is stackin' up and your 'rents idea of dessert is steamed beets?
Lizzie Divine - Numbuh 1's girlfriend worries about her "Nigie" a lot and really tries to help him out, even when it makes her annoying.
Numbuh 86 - Fanny Fullbright is a super-agent and the Head of Decommissioning in the KND spy organization.

The Delightful Children From Down The Lane - This team of villains are lead by Father and are the KND's main pain-in-the-butt. The Destructively Nefarious Kids (DNK) - This anti-KND team lives in a mirror world in Numbuh 4's pool! These 10 year-old secret agents fight for your right to candy, late bedtimes and less homework in the Codename: Kids Next Door cartoon.

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