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Adored and cherished by people of all walks of life and ages, actress and funny-woman Betty White recently revealed a troubling and long time secret regarding comedian Bill Cosby.
Yesterday afternoon while on a telephone interview with A journalist Gerald Duke of Entertainment Hollywood Monthly, White dropped a bombshell when asked about Cosby’s recent negative media attention. When pressed for more information about what Cosby had told her about his sexual assaults, White was taken aback, and seemed very confused.
The legacy shredding accusations of the past couple months from hoards of women, and at least one man, claiming Cosby forced himself on them sexually, still has Americans in utter shock. While manyA clothing companies are catering to plus size women with special clothing lines and models, Victoriaa€™s Secret announced today that they would be completely doing away with their plus-sized line and catalog.

For questions, call Toll Free M-F (866)666-0178 9am-5pm MST or visit our "contact us" page for more contact options.Free Shipping On US(48) Orders Over $30!Most orders ship same or next business day. World-renowned physicist and one of the smartest men in the world, Stephen Hawking, who has been in a wheelchair for most of his life, suffering from ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, was reportedly spotted recently getting up from his wheelchair and casually walking across the room to a refridgerator, where he grabbed a bottle of beer, chugged it, and then returned to his chair. For the moment, Hawking is remaining quiet about the possible existence of any footage showing him walking or moving on his own. Cosby has had speaking and comedy engagements cancelled, a new series indefinitely postponed, and Netflix cancelled a new stand-up special that they had planned to promote for a Thanksgiving release. I dona€™t eat or sleep, and I exercise all day just to be a role model for women everywhere.

It was explained to her that Cosby had recently come under serious media fire after several women, including prominent actresses and models, had come forward saying he had assaulted them.

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