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Season 1, Episode 5: "The Secret Fate of All Life"This week True Detective broke free from its procedural framework and became something else entirely, something we knew was coming but also that we couldn't expect. Advertisement - Continue Reading BelowWhereas last week's "Who Goes There" centered on the action leading up to Cohle's daring escape from the botched stash house robbery, in "The Secret Fate of All Life" the focus returns to the questioning of Cohle and Hart taking place in 2012.
In "Who Goes There" we saw Cohle and Hart lie to the detectives for the first time, and in "The Secret Fate of All Life" the inconsistencies between their account and reality are laid right out in front of us, their fabricated narrative accompanying the siege of Ledoux's drug-cooking outpost as it actually happens. Advertisement - Continue Reading BelowJust because he doesn't possess Cohle's lofty eloquence doesn't mean Hart isn't capable of pondering life's great questions. Most PopularThis was Hart's response to Gilbough's question about what ended up happening between Cohle and his girlfriend Laurie, but Hart clearly has the horror show of his own broken family on his mind.
True Detective keeps topping legendary episodes with even more legendary episodes. Reginald Ledoux is dead. In a sequence that I thought was better than the long take that concluded last week’s episodes, 2012 Marty and Rust talk about the violent shootout in the woods that was anything but.
The simple fact of the matter is that we are now going into uncharted territory with this show now and nobody can have a clue about what’s going to happen. Following the resolution of the Reggie Ledoux story, the particulars of what the first four episodes were preface to slowly began to reveal themselves. He's been the source of every bright idea and has clearly been driven by some sort of primordial conviction that isn't accessible to a relatively by-the-book detective like Hart, who at this point has all but resigned himself to Cohle's direction. Cohle mimes his AK firing 17 years prior, except in his version it's Ledoux who does the blasting.

Cohle draws on abstract notions like eternity, the cyclical nature of time, and the fourth dimension to relate his grim worldview to Gilbough and Papania. Reggie Ledoux's saga might have come to a relatively predictable end, but an even more complex set of questions has now been laid out on the table.
Even if an epic shootout would’ve been more spectacular, the real way it played out proved to more pulse-pounding. Or do you just wait for them till you get ass cancer and realize the good years came and went?
When Cohle reaches down to pick up the devil catcher, our view is blocked by a school chair.
But Hart has also sacrificed a lot over the course of the investigation, and after they've crawled to within yards of the man they've been chasing, there's no way he's leaving his partner to go back and call for backup. It could be viewed as a microcosm of what Cohle's potentially been up to the whole time: testifying about his pursuit of evil while he's been the one doing the devil's work the whole time.
How about learning your daughter was in "states of undress" in a car with two older dudes, calling her "the captain of the varsity slut team," and hitting her across the face. Now that the case is solved, we can go into uncharted territory, with the focus on the Yellow King and Carcosa. Could the birds in the shape of the swirl that Cohle saw in episode two not be a hallucination? If you haven’t already read it, you should read the article about the literary reference the show is making with the Yellow King and Carcosa.

There was that incredibly creepy omnipresence of Virgin Mary statues in the abandoned school. It was like the show became a family drama all of a sudden, but I have a feeling Pizzolatto was poking fun at that sort of thing in this episode – like this is what you could be watching all of the time, but instead I give you True Detective. The camera dollies out to reveal a broken window with two stars (important symbol in the show) as eyes and a broken mouth as the monster ready to swallow Cohle. There have always been broader ideas at work in True Detective, with its emphasis on philosophy and character development over detective work, but now we seem poised to enter into the realm of the supernatural. Even if I read The King in Yellow, I doubt that would even shed much light on where True Detective could be going.
Chambers, the author of The King in Yellow, borrowed the name of Carcosa from Ambrose Bierce, but he only borrowed the name, nothing else.
Probably yes. Nic Pizzolatto was inevitably very aware of the reference he was making and it is his own type of diversion in his case of a television show. Remember what Marty says about the detective’s curse and the clue, what you were supposed to look for, being right under your nose.

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