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Copyright © 2010 - MillondeLooks - Privacy policy This blog is licensed under a Creative Commons. Cover of the first GetBackers manga volume showing that the manga release from Tokyopop (right) uses a completely different cover image versus the original release (left). The Japanese manga series GetBackers was written by Yuya Aoki and illustrated by Rando Ayamine. The manga consists of 39 tankA?bon containing twelve story arcs with the name of "Act" and a short number of side stories named "Interlude". After failing to obtain any job, the GetBackers, a retrieval team composed of young adults Ban Mido and Ginji Amano, are picked by a homeless who requests them to find their daughter Rika Yamamura who was taken by the yakuza when his company fell to bankruptcy. Kabutogawa's bodyguard, Ryudo Hisshiki, knocks out Ban and Ginji and kidnaps Hevn after taking the disc from the fake heirloom.
Ban and Ginji are followed by the transporters ending in another fight between Ban and Ginji against Himiko and Akabane, respectively. Ban and Ginji are hired by Hashisu and Abukawa from the Takaokaya Department Store to find a Sunflower painting highly similar to the ones made by Vincent van Gogh although he only made twelve before his death. Ginji finds himself in company of Akabane and despite being scared of him, agrees to work together.
The members from the Recovery Team go throughout the depths of the Fortress as they start reuniting. Juubei reveals that Makubex plans to use the atomic bomb to defy the god-like members from Babylon City, a place from the Fortress' top that manipulates the chaos done in the lower town. Lost in his anger, Ginji attacks Sakura Kakei, another of Makubex's followers, until he is confronted by Akabane whose payment for bringing the plutonium is fighting the Lightning Lord. Makubex decides to recreate the VOLTS to protect the lower parts from the Fortress with Sakura, Juubei and Emishi, still supporting him. Akabane attacks the GetBackers, having been hired to transport the Venus' arms to the auction. Once the ship gets to island from the auction, Hela explains to Ginji that she is cooperating with Mengyan as after seeing the original Venus, Kaito became obsessed with it so much he lost interest in Hela.
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The series was published by Kodansha in the Weekly ShA?nen Magazine from 1999 to 2007.[1] The plot of the manga follows the "GetBackers", a group that retrieves anything that was lost.
GetBackers was published from February 10, 2004,[6] to July 7, 2008.[7] However, only the first three volumes of Infinity Fortress were released.
The GetBackers decide to find her in exchange for the food they were given by the homeless, and break into the yakuza mansion. Ban easily knocks out Himiko after almost revealing the truth behind Yamato's death, while Ginji does it by making all of Akabane's knives pierce him with his ability to generate magnetic electricity. Madoka, Ginji and Hevn find Akutsu who gives him the Stradivarius, but later sends his strongest guards, his two waiters, to kill them.
Ban and Shido are attacked by two physically enhanced soldiers working for Makubex, the youngest of the Four Emperors alongside Shido and Kazuki who worked for Ginji. Ban smells Himiko's scent and discovers that Makubex is in Fortress' Underground Garbage Facility, but he and Shido are attacked by people manipulated by Makubex's strings as well as Takuma Fudou, a warrior from Makubex who wishes to kill Ban both having been former comrades. As all gather, they appear in an area containing six door, and decide to split again following Makubex's plans. Kazuki continues fighting Juubei, but when he refuses to finish him, Juubei stabs himself as self-punishment for battling his friend who was meant protect, and Kazuki takes him to Gen's place.
Wishing to use his full potential, Akabane battles Ginji until Ban interrupts them, receiving an attack from Akabane's sword. Managing to escape from Akabane, Ban and Ginji find the ship that will go to an island where the auction is to be held by mafia.
When Ginji tries to explain the reason for Kaito's change, Hela orders Natsuhiko to kill Ginji, but he manages to escape with Ban's help. Yoshino – respectable lady and attractive widow leads a quiet peaceful life with his teenage daughter Takako . The team is primary composed by Ban Mido, a man with the ability of 200 kilograms-force in his right hand and an illusionary technique called the "Evil Eye".
On August 31, 2009, Tokyopop announced that they would not be completing the series as their licenses with Kodansha expired and Kodansha required that they immediately stop publication of all previously licensed series, including GetBackers.
When finding Rika, they are tricked by her into being attacked by the bodyguards as she despises her father. Wanting to take revenge, Akagawa made a disc containing information about his actions, but it was researched by Kabutogawa. While Akabane gives up, Himiko and Magaruma follow the GetBackers, until they are attacked by crows inflicted with the Evil Eye.

Finding Himiko and Clayman in a hideout, Ban and Ginji sees the Sunflower painting which Clayman reveals it was actually made by Vincent van Gogh, and that Hachisu has sent his soldiers to destroy it in order to obtain its insurance money.
Upon their defeat, Ban learns that ever since Ginji left the Fortress, its situation has been getting worse. As Fudou gets the upper hand fighting Ban, Haruki Emishi, a member from Ginji's former team, the VOLTS, and a friend of Shido, interrupts them and Fudou escapes.
While Akabane's door leads him to Makubex, Shido's and Kazuki's are connected and they meet Emishi and Juubei.
Meanwhile, Akabane is revealed as a transporter hired by Makubex, and delivers him the plutonium needed for the bomb.
While Ban's wound causes Ginji to return to normal, Ban fakes it as if he made the third Evil Eye to trick Makubex. While Ginji succeeds in infiltrating, Ban is impaled by Natsuhiko Miroku, a swordsman working for Hela, the woman who discovered the Venus' arms. Ban, Ginji decide to cooperate with Shido and Emishi to accomplish their jobs, and split to infiltrate into the auction. However, their life changes radically when fate confronts both with Hideo – young attractive guy truly romantic nature . The other member, Ginji Amano is the former leader of a gang called "The VOLTS", a powerful group in the dangerous territory called the Infinity Fortress, and has the ability to control electricity. Before being killed by the yakuza, Ban uses his Evil Eye to give a one-minute nightmare to all of them causing a selfslaughter. Ban and Ginji succeed in their job, but learn that their client's box only contained a platina melon.
Ban defeats the other guard who was Madoka's assistant, while Ginji is attacked by Hisshiki, also hired by Akutsu. Clayman hires the GetBackers to protect the painting which they do by making Hachisu made he destroyed it with the Evil Eye. As Makubex views all the members from the recovery team, Himiko is attacked by a man posing as Kazuki, but he is defeated by the real one in a battle the latter's ability to control strings grants him victory. Emishi tries to kill them both of them, but he realizes Ban used the Evil Eye against him, having realized from Fudou's actions that Emishi is working for Makubex. Trapped in a virtual reality developed by Makubex, Shido battles Emishi, soon getting the upper hand. Makubex then shows Akabane that Himiko has encountered Kagami, revealed to be from Babylon City. The Recovery Team, as well as Sakura, Juubei and Emishi, go to find him but are delayed by virtual replicas of them. Believing Ban is alive, Ginji stays in the ship and befriends, Yukihiko Miroku, Natsuhiko's older brother. However, Shido and Emishi are atttacked once again by Mengyan's warriors, Ban by Akabane and Ginji by Yukihiko. The GetBackers then learn that Rika's father was attacked by a group of homeless, and before he is taken by the ambulance, Ban uses the Evil Eye to show him a dream in which he reunites with his daughter.
The GetBackers then get another job from the talented violinist Madoka Otowa who wants recover her Stradivarius violin stolen by the yakuza Akutsu Shunsuke. Summoning a lightning, Ginji defeats Hisshiki and goes to support Shido, feeling guilty for his actions.
The GetBackers take another supposed fake painting as a payment before learning from Kazuki that Clayman's mother was a spiritual medium who contacted with the spirits of the dead artists. However, Kazuki is then stabbed by Juubei Kakei, an old friend from him working for Makubex, and is forced to escape by faking a suicide.
Emishi escapes as he was told by Makubex to wait until Ban used the Evil Eye as he can only use three times in a day. Unable to defeat Shido, Emishi tries incinerating himself alongside Shido, who instead saves him and takes him to Gen's place to treat him.
Kagami defeats Himiko and makes the virtual people execute her, but he is stopped by Ban's second Evil Eye.
Having just finished the bomb, Makubex is faced by the Recovery Team, and when attempting to activate it, Ban uses the real third Evil Eye on him. Failing to receive payment once again, Ban and Ginji search new jobs, while Shido is attacked by members from the Kiriuudo clan, enemy from Shido's clan, the Mariudo.
However, he is then attacked by Yukihiko's siblings, while Shido and Emishi are attacked by Chinese martial artists hired by Liu Mengyan, who is hosting the auction. As Shido and Emishi defeat their opponents, Ginji realizes that the seven Miroku siblings reside within one body, allowing them to easily overcome him when they change their personas.
With the negotiator Hevn, the GetBackers later obtain a job from a woman named Kinue Akagawa to retrieve her heirloom which was taken as a debt.

After rescuing Hevn, Ban and Ginji get a job from a politician named Akito who wants find a stolen box taken by transporters hired by a rival of him. Acting as a musical quintent hired by Akutsu for a party held tonight, the GetBackers, Hevn, Madoka and their friends Paul Wan and Natsumi Mitzuki infiltrate into Akutsu's mansion. However, Shido defeats Akutsu's guard alone and uses his ability to communicate with animals to make Madoka's dog bring him the Stradivarius. Hevn then gets a job that requires the GetBackers, Kazuki, Shido, Himiko and Akabane work together which they accept. As Makubex keeps testing the Ginji's and Akabane's with more soldiers, Kazuki is treated by a doctor named Gen and his granddaughter Ren.
Ban joins forces with Himiko to fight Kagami, who escapes, having done what Makubex requested him.
With the detonator stolen, Makubex remembers that his wish to return with the VOLTS, and attempts to committee suicide, thinking he will never be able to accomplish it. With Ginji's and Ban's help, Shido defeats his attackers, but remains concerned about Madoka's fate if he stays with her.
Ban enters the ship where is faced by Akabane, who decides to spare him after learning that he defeated the Lightning Lord in the past, wanting a future battle. When being repeatedly impaled by the Miroku, Ginji becomes the Lightning Lord despite not having the Fortress' electromagnetic radiation which gives him such power.
Succeeding in retrieving it in a poor condition, they unknowingly carry a disk from the heirloom, which cause them to be attacked by Akagawa's boss, Professor Kabutogawa. Knowing the high value of what may be inside the job, Ban accepts in exchange of 10% of its contents. However, they are caught when Shido Fuyuki, an old friend from Ginji now working for Akutsu, learns about their actions from another old friend of Ginji, Kazuki Fuuchouin. Shido later returns the violin to Madoka, who allows him to live in her house after both fall in love. Ginji stops Makubex, convincing him that his life is worth and that he still has his old friends around him who greet him. The GetBackers are then hired by Clayman to find the fake arms from the Venus de Milo that are meant to assemble with a replica of the Venus in order to put it in an auction. Natsuhiko also spares Ginji, who meets Hela and realizes she was the girlfriend from a painter named Kaito.
During Japans feudal era, Mitsuhide Akechi worked to foil Nobunaga Odas ambition for the Also Known As: Memoirs of a Lady 2. After a persecution with the transporter Gozo Magaruma, Himiko Kudo and Kurodo Akabane, the GetBackers end up confronting the last two in battle. The GetBackers split to find the Stradivarius, and Ban is confronted by Shido who wants to kill him, thinking he made Ginji leave the Infinite Fortress, a group of buildings from Shinjuku where Ginji was Shido's and Kazuki's leader and had the title of "Lightning Lord".
As the recovery team enter the Fortress, they are attacked by men, and during the fight a poisonous gas is spread, causing the team to split. Ginji's door leads him to meet virtual demon-like versions of his childhood friends, who he kills in panic and is then blamed by a virtual Takeru Teshimine, the who raised him, for his friends' deaths. A weakened Ban is then rescued by Shido, who reveals Hevn got him and Emishi the job of retrieving the fake Venus which is made of the addictive drug Aphrodite as a mean for the mafia to sell the drug in public. As Yukihiko is weakened while facing Ginji who returns to his normal state, Ginji escapes to continue his job. In his desesperation, Ginji becomes the Lightning Lord, a stronger and colder alter-ego that destroys Teshimine. Former Hirado domain astronomer Futaboshi Hikoma came to Edo in pursuit of the Orie who married him in order to carry out surveillance on the domain. After being told by Himiko about how Ban killed her older brother, Yamato Kudo, Ginji is rescued by Ban after taking the transporters' box. Concerned about Ginji's fate, Ban summons the power from Ophiuchus and shortly defeats Fudou in order to get to him.
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