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As I try to sort out how I feel about the secret programs that have allowed the National Security Agency to collect phone call data and online communication for years, I keep coming back to two things.
We could have focused the decades since we landed on the moon on developing technologies that expanded our physical worlds.
The NSA revelations are not just about privacy or security, though they make earlier debates about both seem small. There’s power in secrecy, both for the government, in doing its job, and for every citizen, in doing ours.
Tech companies that manage our data know that, and work hard to assure us that we have the privacy we expect (Microsoft and Twitter have joined Google in demanding to publish NSA data requests). Now that its secret’s out, the government would do well to come out of the shadows and strike the same well-lit posture.
Monica Guzman is a freelance journalist, speaker and award-winning digital life columnist for GeekWire.
To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. A declassified document from 1949 tells how three men, on patrols miles apart, each reported seeing a UFO break up over mountains north of Salt Lake City.

Among them is a 1950 statement from special agent Guy Hottel, which seems to provide evidence for the theory that aliens landed at Roswell, New Mexico.
Bloodborne Title Screen Secret Message "Will Blessed With Child" Is A Hint About Bloodborne 2? PS4 exclusive Bloodborne's main title menu has a secret message which hints towards a sequel "Bloodborne 2".
As soon as the language is changed, at the top right corner a message is displayed "Updating Save Data" which then further changes to "will be blessed with child". Whether this is indeed a secret text "Will Be Blessed With Child" hinting towards a sequel Bloodborne 2 or is just a simple bug deliberately left out by From Software, only they can answer. I stopped believing in an invincibly fearsome American government when hijackers crashed a plane into the Pentagon my freshman year. In the X-Files world, Edward Snowden would have been wiped from the record before he could have leaked anything to anyone other than Special Agent Fox Mulder. The Guardian later published a slide that referenced a kind of direct access, albeit casually and deniably in an ugly NSA Power Point slide. Organizations like Mozilla, Reddit, the ACLU and the Electronic Frontier Foundation posted an online petition at Tuesday demanding more visibility into the apparent secret courts that have been giving the programs their go-ahead.
But our expectations of privacy — whichever ones we have left — are not about secrecy so much as control.

This secret message occurs only when PlayStation 4 player try to change the language setting to "French" from the title menu. And we connected them, piece by piece, until we created a Web so pervasive and accessible that it’s disrupted structures of power in almost every area of life. We don’t need to keep our information to ourselves so much as we need the freedom to decide who else gets to see it.
But as much as we — as I — love to defend the ways in which that’s a democratic blessing, it comes with a see-saw of uncertainty.
Each body was bandaged in a manner similar to the blackout suits used by speed flyers and test pilots." Agent Hottel suggested that the UFOs had crashed in New Mexico because high-powered government radar had interfered with their operating systems.

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