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Secret Wars Declassified Week 16: Ant-Man Shrinks Away, Spider-Woman In Her Old Costume & Magneto Never Made It! Highlight: Jess’ old costume with a ‘sympathy’ note – “Sorry to interrupt your retirement…but we need you. Deadpool is in a pickle: he is left hanging to the Zombies’ devices as they pick away at his brain day after day only for it to regenerate (exactly like Prometheus’ punishment). I mentioned this two issues ago – this is one of the more pleasurable reads out of the entire batch. Cassandra Nova is already in X-MEN ’92, severely misplaced there since this is an obvious homage to Grant Morrison’s run and who happens to be her creator. There’s no contest that he’s the best there is at what he does and what he does isn’t very nice. The artistic arsenal is to be commended for his pencils, inks, background, composition, the whole shebang!!! That makes two of us :0 The morning after seems pleasant but later in the day Janet is thrown off by DP’s true horrific appearance.
It’s purposely convenient that no one recall DP’s involvement and that the one who wished to forget him has forgotten herself. That’s priority number one for the trip-happy trio of Ben Urich, Porcupine, and Jessica Drew. Clemmie comes clean about her lineage: she’s related to a Franklin that fought with Karl sixteen years prior.

I have theorized before [in my head, just like Wade] that Deadpool has the ability to alter reality? The F-list villain does a decent job of fending off the goons and snatching Ben out of harm’s way. Her human appearance is foreign to even her but it’s a surefire way to go about undetected. He finds himself in a humorous jungle action cliche: can you smell what the pygmies are cooking?? Modie is too quick on the draw: he takes out the one individual who could send them to the voide – the Shroud.
He genuinely attempted the side of angels but always reverted to extreme measures and cold-hearted moves.
Strange determines Angela’s location since there’s a spike in the grid surrounding Killville. However, given Wade’s unique reality the Beyonder makes his appearance known as a pygmy primate. Hank has to cope with his buddy’s untimely demise, the expulsion of his brood from school, sexual advances from Madame Hydra, and nabbing tickets for the Nets in the hopes of forgoing a charity event.
An unlikely alliance is formed when Karl brings out his piece to incapacitate the predators. Elsa tries to force Shuttup to achieve adulthood quickly by arming her but realizes the sanctity of childhood.

The flashback to Nick Fury infiltrating the base is a reinterpretation of a scene from an early issue of STRANGE TALES.
He was a virus given sentience by Magneto’s amplified powers via MGH lying in wait within the Phoenix Egg.
DP tells the Beyonder: “This really is a comic book, isn’t it?” Put that in your pipe and smoke it!! His longevity eventually ended but much to his disappointment since she didn’t oblige his wish of ending him.
Second casualty: Esme is gutted by their own Hank McCoy who has overlooked in terms of possession. As usual, no room to breathe – Cassandra Nova, Charles’ evil twin ridiculously unbeknownst to all, emerges from the Phoenix Egg. When she awakens, she is facing another supposedly casualty of the war: T’Challa, the martyr!!

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