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The two top-selling books on Amazon right now are a pair of coloring books for adults by Johanna Basford: Enchanted Forest and Secret Garden. Update: I recently discovered that a pal of mine, Souris Hong, did a coloring book for adults a couple of years ago called Outside the Lines.
For anyone who loves creativity and contemporary art, or who simply loves the joy of coloring, comes Outside the Lines, a striking collection of illustrations from more than 100 creative masterminds, including animators, cartoonists, fine artists, graphic artists, illustrators, musicians, outsider artists, photographers, street artists, and video game artists.
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With contributions from Keith Haring, AIKO, Shepard Fairey, Exene Cervenka, Keita Takahashi, Jen Corace, Ryan McGinness, and more, Outside the Lines features edgy and imaginative pieces ready for you to add your own special touch.

Since 2010, the game has been giving away codes for players to use to redeem in game money or items to customize their penguins with.
Any user can redeem the codes and are completely free.For the month of August, three new codes have been released and can be used by any player once. Before selecting a server, click on the "Unlock Items Online!" sign at the top right corner. Click on the option "I've got a code" and enter any of the codes.Any unused codes can still be redeemed by any player who hasn't claimed it yet. A full listing of codes and the month it was released can be seen here.In Club Penguin, players control cartoon penguin avatars in a winter set virtual world.

Players can communicate with each other as well in the massive multiplayer online experience. As of July 2013, Club Penguin has had over 200 million registered accounts and was bought by Disney for their success back in 2007 for the sum of $350 million.The game is targeted for children between the ages 6-14 but generally anyone of any age can play the game.
Due to the child-friendly nature of the game, there are very strict rules implemented in the game to promote child safety.

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