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Perhaps because of her acting background, French has a knack for creating layered, multi-dimensional characters and distinctive voices. In all her novels, French is interested in unraveling the mysteries of how the past makes us. Perhaps because of her acting background, French has a knack for creating layered, multi-dimensional characters and distinctive voices that make each of her novels an event. In the novel, a handsome teenage boy, Chris Harper, was murdered a year ago on the grounds of St. Stephen brings the card to Detective Antoinette Conway, known as a humorless ballbuster by the other officers on the Murder Squad, whose earlier investigation came up empty-handed.
Unlike the other novels—mostly told in a linear fashion in the present with a heavy dose of flashbacks into a detective’s past, The Secret Place is told from two separate perspectives and time frames.
Stephen Moran and Holly Mackey were both key side characters in Tana French’s third novel, Faithful Place.
If you’ve read and remember the details of Faithful Place, or if you consume a lot of our present pop culture related to lying teenage girls, it becomes a little bit easier than usual to sort out the mystery in this one.
The French Dinner will happen just four times this year, once for each season, twice in Sydney and twice in Melbourne.
Daily Addict gives style-conscious, busy people early access to what's on and worth knowing in the city. Like her four other Dublin Murder Squad books, The Secret Place is brilliantly plotted with twists and turns, but also like the other books, the real reason to read it is its uncanny way of plumbing the darkest depths of the human soul.

The first two novels, In the Woods and The Likeness, were noteworthy for their memorably poetic style.
The story begins with Holly hanging out with her friends, Julia, Selena and Becca on a merry-go-round just before the school year when Chris was killed.
The mystery in that novel involved a teenage girl, Rosie Daly, who didn’t show up to run away to England one night as planned with working class teenager Frank Mackey. Closer to In the Woods and The Likeness than the latter two novels, The Secret Place has a less procedural feel. The Secret Place is an absorbing take on a hot subgenre by one of our most skillful suspense novelists. Although they were suspenseful procedurals, they also tapped into nostalgia and childhood wounds. The Dublin Murder Squad investigated the case, but it was closed for a year without being solved. Kilda’s for the day in order to investigate who sent the card and who murdered Chris Harper.
Mackey uses Stephen, then a floater newbie, to spy on the Murder Squad’s investigation of what happened to Rosie.
It has a stronger sense of psychology, especially the group psychology of teenage girls, even delving into a vaguely supernatural element (luckily, nothing hinges on this—rather, it feels like mass delusion). At times, I felt as if I were plopped among precocious, risk-taking teenage girls, instead of reading a carefully constructed literary mystery novel.

All of the girls claimed they knew nothing—not why Chris was on the grounds of the girls’ school that night or who killed him.
They interview the girls, including Holly’s group of four friends and a rival clique. But there is also a beauty to the art of keen mimicry, irrespective of the subject, that French has always had.
Macbeth and Son, and Josephine Wants to Dance were both shortlisted for the 2007 CBC Awards. The lead characters of Faithful Place and Broken Harbor are more hardboiled, experienced detectives and their voices reflect that.
It’s a skill many literary novelists, so artful in their original turns of phrase, are lacking. French abandoned the poetry in favor of slower character studies and more empirical observations.

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