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Facebook Messenger has added a nifty new feature that allows you to shoot hoops directly from the messaging app. Every hoop that you nail is greeted with an emoji spurring you on, while every miss brings up a sad emoji. Facebook shares your scores in the chat window with your friend; if you send the basketball emoji in a group chat, everyone in the chat can play the game. Given that Facebook’s chess game is here to stay, the basketball game might not be removed from the messaging service any time soon. Duke history professor Ellsworth’s first book in more than 30 years (Death in a Promised Land) tells the story behind the first racially integrated college basketball game in the American South, a secretly planned and played 1944 contest pitting the high-scoring, fast-breaking Eagles from the North Carolina College for Negroes (NCCN; now North Carolina Central University) against an all-white, geographically diverse military recruit squad from Duke School of Medicine. Goldberg (Bird at the Buzzer) delivers the story of one of sports’ greatest rivalries, the 12-year feud between the University of Connecticut (UConn) and University of Tennessee women’s basketball teams.
A few years after getting married and starting a career in sales, Joyce began coaching basketball part-time.
Paying homage to March Madness, Facebook now allows you to try your hand (or thumb) at a simplified version of the NCAA basketball game. Beat your own high score while you are waiting for a reply from the person you are contacting on Messenger.
All high scores will be shown in the group chat, and Facebook will make the highest score the one to beat. The problem with these games is that they are not exactly long-lasting, but that was perhaps evident from the fact that Facebook did not add too many functions or features to the mix. Messenger has its own separate website, while users without a Facebook account (which is unheard of in this day and age) can also use Messenger with a phone number. If Facebook makes a trend out of celebrating current sporting events like this, we can perhaps even expect a soccer function when the Euro 2016 rolls around this summer. Normally such updates are accompanied with a change log that reads to the effect of "various bug fixes." It's never clear what's new -- if anything -- when Facebook updates its apps.

Ellsworth focuses on each of the various coaches, players, professors, and college administrators involved in this covert, dangerous, and historically significant matchup while framing their consistently fascinating profiles within the contexts of Southern racial prejudice in the World War II, pre–Civil Rights era and the rising popularity of basketball in gymnasiums across America. This title gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at the drama on and off the court as the two teams ushered women’s basketball into the mainstream, as well as the highly publicized conflicts between coaches Geno Auriemma and Pat Summitt. Despite having played very little organized basketball and having no coaching experience, Joyce felt he was called to help young people.
Along with the story of his year-long attempt to get his body in enough shape to dunk a basketball, Journalist Price tells us about his battle with testicular cancer and the science behind jumping insects and robots. The latest version of Messenger needs to be installed, and you can then simply send anyone a basketball emoji; tapping this emoji after it has been sent will bring up the new Facebook mini-game. This ensures that the game, while being simple enough, ends up being a bit frustrating like other similar games (Flappy Bird comes to mind). If you have competitive friends, now might be a good time to either challenge them or avoid them, depending on how competitive you are.
The features are akin to the interactive content Google posts on its Search homepage – it is perhaps simply meant to give you something to do when you are really bored. You can book an Uber ride, make payments, send your location, customize message threads, and pin group conversations to the top. Innovative NCCN coach John McLendon and Duke’s influential team leader David Hubbell feature prominently, but there are many other participants whose intertwined and impressively detailed biographies are woven into a compelling tale that is told in the author’s impeccably clear prose.
While the author has an obvious connection to Connecticut through his former role as the women’s basketball writer at the Hartford Courant and his published book on UConn player Sue Bird, he uses game summaries and quotes from parties on both sides of the battle line to present an unbiased account, a quality especially pertinent as the rivalry turned ugly toward the end. We also learn a lot about the history of the fitness movement and physical education in the United States.
Unlike other similar games, the ball will automatically be launched up to a certain height, allowing users to only focus only on the direction that they want to put the ball in. These little additions are what make Facebook Messenger more than just a simple medium to contact friends and relatives.

Just send one and tap to find out!"Following the directions will result in Messenger launching an arcade-style basketball game, where you flick a basketball towards a hoop.
The first book-length story of the participants in this momentous event is similar in theme and tone to Peter McDaniel’s Uneven Lies. The volume expands upon Richard Kent’s Lady Vols and UConn, chronicling the competition to its controversial end and beyond to Tennessee’s legendary Coach Summitt’s retirement. VERDICT This thoroughly researched but accessible book is recommended to both sports fans and American history buffs. Mary High School in Akron, OH, where he has coached three state championship teams, won the National Coach of the Year award, and taught one of the greatest basketball players of all time—LeBron James, who wrote the foreword.
This book contains the principles by which Coach Dru lives his life and instills in his players for success both on-and-off court.
Each chapter centers on one principle, which is given a catchy phrase (“Decisions Create Environment”) and contains real-life examples from Joyce’s life as a husband and father, his years coaching, and his Christian faith.
One particularly interesting point Price makes is that great and successful athletes simply do not recognize limits to their potential, while simultaneously being possessed of a greater awareness of their bodies than most of us could ever hope to attain. Just a last month we covered how to play a chess with a friend in Messenger, and now with March Madness upon us, you can shoot some hoops.
While these tenets are not unique, the book’s style makes it palatable for a teenage, mostly male audience, especially given its connection to basketball and James. VERDICT You don’t have to be a sports fan or an aspiring athlete to enjoy this profound debut memoir. VERDICT Recommended for preteens, teenagers, and anyone who works with and mentors students of that age.—Jason Martin, Stetson Univ.

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