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What happens when you take the imagination behind Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy, and Pacific Rim, and mix with one of the most beloved children’s books around? Del Toro has stepped in as producer of The Secret Garden, a new adaptation of the beloved novel that sees a lonely girl discover a magical garden that’s been neglected by her uncle.
It has not been confirmed whether or not Del Toro will direct, but he has hired Beasts of the Southern Wild scribe Lucy Alibar to pen the script, and will co-produce with A Little Princess producer Mark Johnson. Victor catches up with NECA's Randy Falk for a look at the coolest collectibles they've got coming this year, including loads of new Batman figures. Victor chats with the creative director of Until Dawn, gets the latest on the Godzilla sequel, and more in the Rundown. Her father who held an important position in the English Government in India, has no time to look at her or talk to her.
We read The Secret Garden, written by Frances Hodgson Brunnett and illustrated by Inga Moore. This is a story of re-awakening of spirits, of growing to love and live and finding happiness in most unusual places and people.
Raised in India by distant parents, she has relocated to England in the wake of their deaths and is staying in the cold, gloomy estate owned by her uncle.

Until then, you can wait anxiously with the rest of us for Del Toro’s Pacific Rim, which opens July 11.
When she finds herself being shipped off to an uncle who is hunch-backed and lives in an old desolate place, Mary simply looks disinterested. And later in the story she meets Colin, her cousin, who like herself needs some of the special magic that makes Mary a little less contrary. The household is run by a forbidding woman who doesn't like Mary, but she is attended to by a cheerful servant girl, whose nature-loving brother she soon befriends.
But Mary is secretly intrigued by the stories about Misselthwaite Manor and its inhabitants. Thin faced and with a thin body, with thin hair and a sour expression on her face, Mary Lennox never smiles. The aayah’s were strictly told to keep the child away from the parents if they were to keep the parents pleased. I will leave you to fall in love with this story because one can make such promises of stories like these! We also heard the audio book, narrated by the most talented Finola Hughes (Best known for her award worthy work in TV series General Hospital).

It belonged to her aunt, who died in childbirth, which is why her uncle spends so little time at home.
Governess’ were provided to teach, but none of them stayed long enough as they grew to dislike the child very much! Martha, the housemaid, who tells her stories about her mother and brothers and sisters all living in a small cottage at the edge of the moor. Her outstanding narration of the story alternating between British English and Yorkshire English is charming and adeptly executed. And Dickon, a 12 year old boy with a pony who is Martha’s brother, who shows her to grow things.

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