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Notes on News: The Ghostbusters reboot trailer is the most disliked trailer on YouTube – but is the backlash really misogyny? Set in the countryside of Cambridgeshire, the Secret Garden Party has earned its reputation as a secluded oasis of fun and foolishness with a marked separation from mundane reality. The festival welcomes every kind of lady and gentleman through its threshold, guaranteeing an atmosphere of tolerance, freedom and above all comfort as young and old alike appreciated the immense skills of Ellie the Acrobat effortlessly moulding fantastic shapes with her body against the darkening sky. The festival is a hub of activity that offers an array of different things to see and do and boasting an extensive range of musical acts.
The festival is a paradise of all that is creative, fun and a little hedonistic, making it a unique experience that will leave you smiling even after it spits you back into reality. This entry was posted in CREATURE AT FESTIVALS, CREATURE NEWS and tagged secret garden party. A crazy festival party where everyone joins in and brimming with ideas and creativity that takes place at Mill Hill Field, at Huntingdon, in Cambridgeshire. Set in a 10 acre landscaped garden, bordering a river and lake, The Secret Garden is a garden-party-gone-crazy.
Leftfield, Martha Reeves and The Vandellas, Mystery Jets, Blondie, I Am Kloot, Tribes, Matt & Kim, Smoke Fairies, CW Stoneking, Joana And The Wolf, Skip 'Little Axe' McDonald, Bones, Middleman, The Hall Of Mirrors, Miraculous Mule, and The Shoestrung. Early bird tickets have sold out.Tickets are on sale priced at ?155 for an adult for the four days, with free tickets also available for children aged under 12. As well as music there's loads of activities for kids and adults alike, and this event is more of a party experience Parades, Art tents, Walkabout Theatre & Theatre workshops, Big Wheel Rides, Boat Rides, Swimming, Treasure Hunts, Bands in trees, a festival-wide train service, open mic stages and as always, participatory games of all descriptions.
The festival offers restaurants, food talks, cocktail bars, ale tents, massages, barefoot discos and twilight fire circle tales. The festival is spread out over two sides of a lake with a large main stage area, 'The Great Stage' and then smaller tent venues dotted around, like 'Where the Wild Things Are', 'The Living Room', and 'Small World' which all have artistic decor.
First appearing in 2010 the kids area is an entire land for young gardeners, featuring Egg Hunts, Fancy Dress, Discos, Kite Flying, Circus shows & workshops, Jewelry Making and Karaoke.
The Burning Man Project has shown organisers the way when it comes to installation art: free it from the gallery and make it as interactive as possible. Art boats and Art Vehicles are mutant locomotives that can both aid you in your journey or be your journey's end.
But new to the garden this year, hidden amongst the trees, dotted amongst the flowers and bursting from the blind spots will be hundreds of walk about performers, making sure The Garden remains as surreal and fantastical as it has always been. Boutique camping customers have their own direct road onto the festival site, leading to a private car park.
The Secret Garden Party is a vibrant, immersive and artistic festival full of creatives and music lovers building a festival party where everyone gets their thinking hat on and off in a whirl! The Lake Stage will have a slighty cheesy wiff of a party vibe for those wanting to catch a cheeky bouquet. Pagoda Stage a further Balearic island has been discovered in a small lake in Cambridgeshire. Bearded Kitten have created the multi-tiered, turreted fortress of the Colosillyum, where daftness of gladiatorial proportions takes place every year. This year the Village Hall offers festival goers the chance to get married, be a model in a fashion show, get arrested, learn some street-Morris dancing, watch a real dog show, become a life-model, learn to knit in the nude, practice speed mediation and get their karma cleansed by the notorious Captain Lavender. The festival offers restaurants, food talks, cocktail bars, ale tents, massages, barefoot discos and twilight fire circle tales. As far as music festivals go The Secret Garden Party have done a wonderful job of putting thought into every minute detail to create what ends up being an almost tangible atmosphere. Each year the display becomes more and more impressive, this year it started with two displays alongside each other, all timed to a mash-up of every type of music imaginable, with fire spinners lined up along side the lake, and then the annual burning of the lake stage (which this year was a ship being torn in half by a giant octopus) which is also full of fireworks continues to fill the sky with a third simultaneous fireworks display. Unfortunately this does tend to reinforce the idea that your always missing something, but this is one festival where it is most definitely impossible to see everything. Another point to be made is how interactive the festival is, this has been mentioned lots regarding music festivals and artwork, making them more interactive to create a more immersive experience. You’re also blessed to be in the Idyllic Huntingdon countryside for this festival, as it really is transformed into something else. Not without fault though not everything is perfect, as I said earlier with so much going on you do constantly feel like you’re missing out on something more exciting elsewhere, but having been before you soon realise its best just to explore and enjoy what you see, it would be impossible to experience everything Secret Garden Party has to offer in one sitting. Now I know when reviewing a music festival the music is usually the most important thing to mention, but there’s just so much involved at Secret Garden Party that I thought it best to focus on everything rather than just the music.

On the Friday the ever popular Bastille were easily the best act of the day if not the whole festival.
Unfortunately I felt a little let down by The Strypes, and Django Django after seeing Bastille. 2ManyDJs also put on a fantastic set as they always do, full of mashups of the popular and the obscure, but constantly catchy, and always easy to dance too which definitely set things up for evening’s festivities. Regina Spektor also deserves to be mentioned playing a lovely send off to the crowd at Secret Garden Party.
A final couple of bands worth mentioning would be Cherub, Public Service Broadcasting, and The Keepsakes, all of them are definitely worth looking up or seeing if you get the chance, all fantastic musicians, and fantastically entertaining. So as I say, Secret Garden Party is a hard place to describe, and easily one of the most immersive events I’ve ever been too. Quickly becoming the worst kept secret and earning a place among other major festivals, it preserves its obscurity by maintaining its philosophy of pure fun, relaxation and spontaneity that can seize anyone as they walk through the door.
The Crossroads has become a distinguished stage throughout the years, housing such names such as Jake Bugg and Sam Smith. Endless shenanigans dominate the Colo-silly-um thanks to the Bearded Kitten Games – makers of weird and wonderful dares and challenges.
Clean Bandit delivered a set of pure enjoyment, inspiring an excited atmosphere where one wanted nothing more than to dance. Happily surveying the charming hand-made crafts, jewellery and clothes, as well as having a good fill of tasty Thai curry that could satisfy the pickiest palate, it was already officially a good day.
As well as music there's loads of activities for kids and adults alike, and it is more of a party experience. The happenings on the main stage side are generally more dancey and louder, and the other side has a more acoustic and chilled vibe. This year, there's giant floating islands that defy the laws of physics, tunneled labyrinths, flocked trees, a return of the ROBOTS>>>> crew and much much more.. There's the Feast of Fools stage, the Supernatural Badger Woodland and Tax Deductable's incredible Never-Ever Land Theatre which all remain in their permanent homes at this year's festival..
It is famed for the youth and beauty of its inhabitants and infamous for its strict border controls and overpopulation. Here you will find the like’s of MC Herlakin & his Ship of Fools for a trip down memory lane! From hotdog eating contests to mud wrestling, to dance-offs and cunning stunts to take your breath away, so, some seriously brilliant music, this is always the rowdiest of crowds gravitates. Labyrinth Stage is the home to mythical creatures and magic abound, a legendary hidden venue. Unlike most where the acts and the bands will invariably draw the crowds in, this is one of the few where the music is just one element involved in creating the atmosphere at the festival rather than being the main element.
For instance, are you the type of person who enjoys spending their festivals dressed outrageously and raving from waking till sleep? It may only last half hour or so but it truly is a sight to behold, clearly worthy of a hefty chunk of the entry price alone.
Everywhere you look there is something to enjoy, be it big displays such as the giant wicker fox (Whose outfit changes every year) or smaller details such as the magic mushroom stools that you can never sit on straight in an alcove in the forest. Once again it’s these quirky ideas, attention to detail, and planning that bring all these elements together to create something which feels a lot more like a self-enclosed community than a festival itself. The festival arena itself set around the edges of the giant lake and with walkways across, is a more than stunning backdrop during the day, but at night when adorned with green and blue floodlights, and the paths lit up with strings of multi-coloured bulbs, the locale really is stunning and definitely adds even more to the atmosphere. In the evening time as well, when the main stage has ended, I did find that all the bigger venues around the arena were definitely more centred around dance music, and if you wanted anything live you had to search around the smaller venues for what you wanted.
Of course this is fairly standard amongst music festivals nowadays, it’s just simply worth a mention. Having heard of her for a little while, and quite enjoying a few of her tracks I definitely knew her to be a fairly popular up and coming talent. Another up and coming Indy group they performed their catchy songs well, with a number of impressive fills and instrumentals, and although nothing in particular stood out to me, it was definitely one of the more enjoyable sets of the day. With their long growing list of ever popular hits such as Daniel Palmer and the hit single Pompeii the crowd instantly joined in singing along with every track and dancing in a frenzy. Especially Cherub, dancing frantically to a man playing Daft Punk on a keyboard trumpet and keytar, and actually sounding incredible definitely goes down as one of the highlights of my year.

This festival is perfect for those who are looking for a more traditional, grass roots approach to festivals rather than the corporate sponsored events we see cropping up all over the place. It has enticed many a festival-goer with its cool combination of jazz and authentic rock n’ roll that guarantees to get the crowd dancing. However, it is uniquely liberating to stand in a crowd of hundreds throwing powder paint collectively to raise a storm of colour, only to be left a painted portion of a massive rainbow. The dates for 2011 are confirmed as Thursday 21st to Sunday 24th July, although this date is subject to change. The festival has been granted a permanent licence with a capacity of up to 26,000 for each of the four days.
There's a record amount of applications this year; some bold, some understated, but all of them dreamed up and designed by your fellow gardeners. As ever, every corner of the Garden will be alive with interactive art for you to get involved with and be wowed by.
Some will play music, some will serve a cheeky beverage or two, but all are guaranteed to entertain. Taking place  Thursday 24th to Sunday 27th July, the festival is situated at Mill Hill Field, at Huntingdon, in Cambridgeshire. It is overseen by the Pagoda; a veritable temple to the maenads and satyrs who worship there. Why not check out some of the many, many dance stages around the festival, or even better, go enjoy some healthy (and hilarious) competition at the Dance Off Arena. You can see why as there is definitely a sparkle to her writing, as her pop rhythms flowed easily and were definitely catchy to the ear, unfortunately though there just didn’t seem to be much depth to her music, and what was performed, although performed capably, never really seem to be performed with that much gusto or energy.
Performing every track as tightly as on the album, but each with their own individual live spin (including several drum solos involving four people) they were definitely honed in their art.
For those who like adventure, serenity, and madness all in one place, and most importantly, for people who appreciate the atmosphere as much as the music. While down at the Rhumba Rum Bar, mellow Latin and reggae reigns to create the perfect atmosphere to settle with a cocktail. The following night saw the sky alive with fireworks while the lake centre-piece was ablaze.
The day boasted an impressive 30 degrees and the people danced and sang to some laid-back reggae beats.
Under 12's Tickets will be available with an adult tickets and issued with a family pass, giving priority parking and access to the Family Camping field, a brand new zone for 2011. This year, some of the best Action Camps from 2010 have grown into fully-fledged venues, making to make way for new Gardeners and new ideas to grow. This is a festival without sponsorship, centred around pure passion and offers an eclectic musical mix. This is where the music digs deeper, the chosen ones who set the mood of an evening, that represent the club night. Stages to cover every type of music imaginable as well, from world music, to gypsy punk, to Rock and Roll, too the multitude of dance tents covering who knows how many subgenres.
Saying this though it was still an enjoyable performance, I would personally have just liked a bit more oomph behind it.
And all the while, one revels at the opportunity to experience the impressive choice of lesser known acts that the Garden Party prides itself on. And these exciting events are complimented by the Sanctuary, an embodiment of calm with its pond beautifully nestled into nature and a huge selection of hot tubs, giving people ample opportunity to truly mingle in the outside air, relaxing and swimming in the summer sun. And to follow this scene was none other than Public Enemy, who seamlessly matched the crowd’s energy with their unique style of Hip-Hop. And for those more eager to dance, the ever diverse festival had DJ EZ take to the Temple of Boom, dropping garage classics that got the crowd dancing clean into the night and ending only as the sun rose.

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