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In this third book in the series that began with The Indian in the Cupboard, the action picks up where The Return of the Indian left off. Meawhile, back in the Old West (this synopsis sounds more and more like a B-movie) Patrick himself has shrunk down to three inches tall, and with the help of a Texas tart named Ruby Lou he tries to take care of the body Boone left behind when his spirit went to the future. Inevitably, all these risky games with history, and little people, and boys locked in trunks, and magical keys, become too much for Emma and Omri to keep secret.
Like the earlier books in this series, The Secret of the Indian is an adventure that combines magic (toys coming to life), science fiction (people traveling in time), and an appealing yet realistic glimpse into the lessons that three children learn, on their way to becoming adults. The Aurors by FloreatCastellum [6th-7th Years] May 4, 2016The last thing Harry Potter wants is to be lumped with a trainee, especially not one that idolises him.
Thus begins Alex Von Tunzelmann’s amusing work Indian Summer: The Secret History of the End of an Empire , chronicling the final days of Indian Independence.
Indian Summer is one of those new kinds of history books that tries to present nuggets of tinnient information interspersed along with the actual narrative. At the same time, the author, whose flair for dramatic theatrics is visible throughout the pages, gives intriguing details of Nehru and Edwina’s complex relationship. The drama doesn’t end with just this intriguing romance, but inevitably extends to the power politics of the time. When asked about it, he replied ? “My boy do you think I would come to this damn man‘s party on time? As a side track history, Tunzelmann has also tracked the Mountbatten’s activities in London. Indian readers may be amused to know that the Duke of Edinburgh, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, is the nephew of Mountbatten and that he chiselled the Duke’s life into what it is now. In more than one instance, it is shown how Jinnah took the advice of Churchill and toned down his demands, thereby making thing easier for the British. Nehru on the other hand, had always been able to find love in almost every corner except in his wife. But the author loses the plot when it comes to certain details regarding other Indian leaders. But then again, her chapter on Kashmir is well worth a read since it explains the circumstances from a British point-of-view and gives some justification for referring the issue to United Nations. Indian Summer, in fact, is not so much of an extended gossip column as has been advertised in many places.
Edwina had a horror of being interred in the claustrophobic family vault at Romsey Abbey and had asked her husband to bury her ?in a sack at sea.
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The Secret of the Indian - Indian in the Cupboard, Bk 3Author: Lynne Reid BanksThe adventure deepens .

If you enjoyed Indain in a cupboard you will enjoy this and the others that were written to go along with the first one.
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Patrick and Omri have to explain the aftermath of a burglary they thwarted with the help of the magic key, the cupboard that brings little plastic people to life, and the trunk that sends full-sized people back in time. But they have to make a costly deal with Emma’s nasty twin sister Tamsin, who had better not find out about the little people from the past. The book’s cover shows the first Prime Minister enjoying the twinkle in the last Vicerine’s eyes, while a sharply dressed last Viceroy looks the other way. She is temerarious, she is magnanimous in charity, a lone rebel in her high society filled with a nimiety of princoxes, she is a passionate lover.
The issues of freedom and dominion formation has been explained in a more bromide, but none the less, academic manner in Ramachandra Guha’s India After Gandhi. There is also an interesting note about the later life of the Mountbatten, where a military coup by Mountbatten against the then Labour Government of Harold Wilson was stymied only because of the intervention of Queen Elizabeth, who was greatly influenced by Mountbatten in turn during her formative years.
An adequate amount of space has been provided to the minimal yet important role Churchill played during the 1940s. On the other side, Mountbatten had a profound influence on Jawaharlal Nehru, and continued to have it, many years post independence, to the extent that when Nehru passed away the British High Commission in Delhi complained ? Now that Nehru is gone we shall no longer have the enormously valuable access to the India Government‘s inner councils which Lord Mountbatten‘s personal friendship with him gave us at crucial moments. Louis Mountbatten had immense admiration for Jawaharlal Nehru as a liberal leader and in turn Nehru felt that Mountbatten was India’s true friend in Britain. It may be perhaps they do not have as colourful personalities like Nehru and the Mountbattens, but much attention has not been given to the details about Bose and Patel. The final chapter also seems unnecessary; meandering into territories which do not suit the general setting of the book. It mainly speaks about the fears, aspirations, indecisiveness and hopes of Mountbatten, Edwina, Nehru, Jinnah and Gandhi during the beginning of a new era in the world’s history. And as the friendship develops between Omri and Emma, and as Patrick learns from experience what it’s like to be a pigmy in a land of giants, you will learn to care about them and thrill to the same wonders and terrors. Nonviolence, passive resistance and boycotts were all tactics which could be practiced by women without breaking social conventions.
Tunzelmann sets aside a considerable portion of the book in psycho-analysing her and her relations with various men including our first Prime Minister while simultaneously showcasing how the Vicerine outshined her husband in issues related to administration and relief work. Tunzlemann recounts what an appalling disaster a young Edward’s India visit had been in the 1920s. In fact, Prince Charles considered Mountbatten like a father figure to the extent that when Mountbatten was assassinated by the IRA, he had written in his journal that he had lost a “combined grand-father, great uncle, father, brother and friend. In fact, there is ineluctable evidence to show that Jinnah had an active support of Churchill and it was only through Churchill that Jinnah could have been controlled.

During the dinner, Nehru eased up considerably—not least, noted Galbraith, because he ?had sat between Mrs.
Hence Bose is described as a right-wing leader while Patel is projected as a Hindutva leader who would have been bad choice as the Prime Minister. Complications multiply when Patrick is sent back to Boone's time, Omri's school principal tumbles into the secret, and Boone and his girlfriend are stuck in the present. For example we see how Jinnah deliberately turned up late for a party thrown up Mountbatten. One is reminded of the Downton Abbey scene where it is told “The Prince did splendidly, sir.
In hindsight it can be said that Mountbatten’s love for her was much more intense because he allowed her to carry on the affair with Jawaharlal Nehru and actively facilitated it, by suddenly coming up with reasons to leave home for long hours especially when Nehru visited the Mountbatten residence. She also soft-pedals the role played by Pakistan in the Kashmir issue, with the general tone of her writing suggesting that some-how it was the well-intentioned budding nation of Pakistan that was wronged by the arrogant new power India under the strong-man Home Minister Patel, with Nehru unable to do anything since his hands were tied because of public pressure. For all the action, the pacing of this book is slowed down because of the several shifts in point of view and time. And Patrick’s mother is growing frantic about the disappearance of her son, who has gone back to the wild west to visit his cowboy friend, Boone. Pirzada, later foreign minister of Pakistan, that Jinnah had been handed a small collection of letters that had been written by Edwina and Jawahar.
He was so popular wherever he went” when in reality the tour was a disaster wherever he went – Bombay, UP, Delhi, Madras. For example, as the tension builds over what to do about Little Bear's wounded comrades, the story switches to Patrick, who is coping with life in Boone's wild west. Only in a case of magical crossed signals, Boone gets sent back to our time (in miniature form) and gets critically injured along the way. Still one of the world‘s richest women, she had had no splendid possessions with her; only a pile of old letters on the bedside table. Jawaharlal Nehru had sent it all the way to the English Channel, just to cast a wreath of marigolds into the waves after Edwina‘s coffin.
The cyclone from Boone's time is a too convenient deus ex machina that drives all thoughts of "little people" from the adults' minds and causes enough confusion and damage to let the boys cover their tracks and protect their friends from the past. Another revealed, ?You forgot your handkerchief and before Dickie could spot it I covered it up. She must have been reading them when she died, for a few, having fluttered from her hands, were strewn across her bed.

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