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Kauderer has also composed the animated feature Underdogs, which was scheduled to be released in the U.S. Really cool to see argentinian composers having their chances on Hollywood, and even more that Emilio Kauderer scored the original movie, along with Federico Jusid – another talented composer who also needs a big movie of his own. The film is directed by Billy Ray (Breach, Shattered Glass) and stars Chiwetel Ejiofor, Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman and Dean Norris.
The movie is based on the 2009 Argentinian film of the same title, which received the Academy Award in the Best Foreign Language category, and follows an assistant district attorney who is returning to Los Angeles as a team of investigators uncovers new evidence in a 13-year-old case that may finally convict the savage killer of a child.
Mark Johnson (The Chronicles of Narnia, Breaking Bad, The Notebook) is producing the project with Matt Jackson (End of Watch, Snitch).
Although he is aware that historical accuracy is not paramount for the novel, the process of revisiting the case is more an issue of closure for him.
García known as visual effects producer Horacio Mendoza known as visual effects artist Juan Olivares known as digital compositor Pablo Palomeque known as additional matte painter Roberto J. It even starts with a double exposure effect,mixed with some sad shots of a beautiful Buenos Aires that hints thespectacle ahead of us. One shot especially, from a chopper in a soccerfield edited with a crane shot is breathtaking. It has many, many memorable moments, it interwinescomedy perfectly and it is doubtful you will instantly forget it, as itis so well constructed.
The storydeals with deep matters, and it does so one step at a time, with a plotthat moves steadily forward, gathering force, substance and intensity,not settling for easy answers or plot points, not cutting corners. One that fills your entirearray of senses and sensitivities, and the praise from Argentinereviewers here is 100 percent justified.

Ricardo Darín turns in anothermajestic performance as a Buenos Aires court employee who is fiercelyaffected by the rape and murder of a young girl in 1974, a tragedy thatdominates his life.
Overlapping this theme is the powerfully sensualbut never physical relationship between Darín and his superior, theinvestigating judge played by the superb Soledad Villamil. A wonderful performance also from GuillermoFrancella as the court clerk with a drinking problem, in fact thesecondary acting is all first-class. The camera-work is impressive,especially the swoop down into the football stadium and the closeups,and the script is also superb. A woman raped andkilled and a husband with the surname Morales (Pablo Rago) who wentevery day to every train station in Buenos Aires to see if he couldfind the killer. Taking the place of the bestfriend role always in charge of Fernando Blanco, the comedian plays adrunk with a lot of respect for friendship. The film contains a treatment of a police investigation thathasn't been seen in our cinema for years. In his riskiest picture,Campanella flirts with thriller, mystery and real action (handy-camincluded); he acquires true tension and a sequence in a soccer stadiumis the best example of it. He understands when silence is required andwhen the loneliness of the characters –each of them with a rich,mysterious private and inner world- must be seen fully.
Even though it's obviousCampanella took no inspiration from that film, everything that wentwrong there can be seen here, improved.
We've seen them on screen so much, we know what they do, weadmire them and respect them and, as with Campanella, we tend to knowwhat to expect.
However, sometimes they enchant us with every face inevery frame, with every word in every conversation.

Takinginto account that I was already expecting superior film, indeed, itcame out to be even more outstanding than I thought, mainly because ofthe rare combination of noir genre with very precise and measured funnymoments and especially an incredibly faithful description of theArgentine system of justice and the characters that compose it.
The movie keeps your attention all thetime -no decays at all- and the set design is also great, to suchextent that it left me wondering what the tricks of the trade employedto achieve such similarity are. Foreign watchers might not fullyunderstand some great details that are mainly local, but anyway theywill surely enjoy the thrilling aspects of the film. However, this one surpasses them all!.This is a great script, top-notch acting by everyone, partly thanks tothe excellent casting.
His presence is as powerfulin the screen as that of Gene Hackman, Pacino, DeNiro or Hoffman (thetop, great ones). I sincerely hope this movie gets his due awards(Oscar included), because it deserves so!).Replyfeelgoodguy from Turkey30 Mar 2012, 7:58 amWow what a great movie really! It began like a simple crime story butthe wonderful use of subjects, symbols and strong references turned itin to a masterpiece. The human emotions expressed and portrayed arebound to touch the viewer regardless of the region he belongs to.This is the kind of movie which exemplifies that cinema has noboundaries and has an universal appeal.

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