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Aux yeux de tous – 696 000 hommes caucasiens dans le systeme penitenciaire americain.
Eh bien, l’homme est vraiment obsede par le cas… Arrivera-t-il a faire son deuil?
Une nouvelle bande annonce d’Aux yeux de tous, le thriller a suspense realise par Billy Ray avec Chiwetel Ejiofor, Nicole Kidman et Julia Roberts, est apparue sur le net. D’apres ce que j’ai entendu, on peut s’attendre a des rebondissements choquants dans ce film, donc il vaut sans doute la peine d’etre vu. De gauche a droite, vous pourrez reconnaitre Chiwetel Ejiofor, Julia Roberts, et Nicole Kidman. Ce mec a tue la fille de la mere… Maintenant, la mere est fachee et rien ne l’arretera, ouh yeah! Secret in Their Eyes is a remake of the 2009 Argentinian Oscar-winner of almost the same name, a movie about the prolonged hunt for a killer that has one memorably disturbing moment.

A potential suspect is identified, but the purported killer – Mazin, nicknamed “Pac-Man” (Joe Cole) – ultimately walks due to a lack of evidence against him, only to vanish thereafter.Thirteen years later, Ray – having resigned from his old job long ago – reunites with Jess and Claire, telling them he has finally identified a man who he is certain is the older Mazin, going under a different name. However, in order to bring Jess justice at last (and in the process, bring himself peace of mind), Ray must not only track down and find Mazin, but also seek out the evidence necessary to convict him for the heinous crime that he committed. However, those positive effects are undone by a central narrative thread that hits the expected beats of the procedural genre in a formulaic manner, and a romantic subplot revolving around Ray and Claire that rings hollow, despite Ejiofor and Kidman’s best efforts to sell the love story through their performances.
The twists and turns in Secret in Their Eyes‘ third act are thus built on a flimsy foundation and come off more as gimmicky, rather than plot developments that pack a strong emotional punch (and enhance the film’s over-arching themes at the same time). Chiwetel Ejiofor in Secret in Their EyesSecret in Their Eyes works best during the slow-burn dramatic scenes that are driven by tension, whereas its thriller sequences are competent, but otherwise underwhelming. Ray and cinematographer Daniel Moder (The Normal Heart) create a fitting Noir mood thoughout the film, portraying Los Angeles as a city that varies from welcoming to ominous – sometime that befits the story, accordingly. It doesn’t help that the film’s supporting characters – Ray’s semi-comical sidekick Bumpy Willis (Dean Norris), the morally-questionable and generally smarmy agent Reginald “Reg” Siefert (Michael Kelly), and the by-the-book district attorney Martin Morales (Alfred Molina) – all feel like players lifted right out of a crime procedural TV series, as those descriptions indicate.

Secret in Their Eyes is certainly elevated by having well-renowned character actors filling out its cast, but even they can only do so much to make their roles feel like more than two-dimensional archetypes. Kidman does fine work as the most in-control of the movie’s three leads, though she and Ejifor don’t have enough screen chemistry in their roles to make the romance between them fly. The film has a number of interesting elements, yet the individual parts don’t add up to an equally compelling whole.

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