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Picture a wedding venue with breathtaking view of turquoise South Lake Tahoe and an intimate setting that embraces the outdoors, relaxation, and bringing people together. We specialize in wedding parties and packages at our venues of all sizes and our Executive Chef and catering staff combine their creativity, talent, and expertise to create the wedding of your dreams. You can also depend on us for all your other needs including your wedding cake, photography, flowers and more.
Also known as Nevada State Route 375, the Extraterrestrial Highway passes through 98 miles of southern Nevada, adjacent to Area 51. This entry was posted in Trip Report and tagged Area 51, black mailbox, extraterrestrial highway, Flashback Friday, groom lake, Nevada, road trip, roadtrip on January 24, 2014 by MIles, Points, and Mai Tais.
This entry was posted in Destinations and tagged California, EpicMix, Flashback Friday, Gunbarrel 25, Heavenly, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, Skiing, south lake tahoe on January 10, 2014 by MIles, Points, and Mai Tais. The following pictures were taken from a Cessna Caravan above Dubai, UAE in October of 2008.
This entry was posted in Destinations, Trip Report and tagged Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, Dubai, dxb, Flashback Friday, in flight photos, Palm Jebel Ali, Palm Jumeirah, photography, The World on January 3, 2014 by MIles, Points, and Mai Tais.
This entry was posted in Destinations, Travel and tagged changes, dxb, Flashback Friday, Special Liveries, United on January 2, 2014 by MIles, Points, and Mai Tais. An early morning trip to the airport to drop off a friend turned into the photo op of a lifetime when my mom and I found ourselves in the middle of a giant buffalo herd near Wyoming’s Jackson Hole Airport in 2010. Tomorrow we head back to Wyoming to visit family and who knows what else, but you can pretty much guarantee no matter what, I’ll have my camera with me! This entry was posted in Destinations and tagged Flashback Friday, Grand Teton National Park, JAC, Jackson Hole, National Parks, photography, Wyoming on September 6, 2013 by MIles, Points, and Mai Tais.
In case you were curious what else I’ve been up to this summer besides miles, points, and flying all over the country chasing Million Miler status, I wanted to share what keeps me a little closer to home during this time of year. Earlier this summer I competed in the 14.4 mile race at Race the Lake of the Sky in South Lake Tahoe. This entry was posted in Destinations and tagged Flashback Friday, Lake Tahoe, Stand Up Paddle, SUP on August 2, 2013 by MIles, Points, and Mai Tais.
After the Navy stopped bombing Kaho’olawe, it was turned over to the Hawaiians and a massive clean up operation began.
Flying over Kaho’olawe was probably one of the highlights of what my husband describes as an otherwise crappy day.
Thanks to my husband, Kaho’olawe is no longer a mystery, and my curiosity has been more than satisfied after seeing his pictures. This entry was posted in Trip Report and tagged Diamond Head, diverted, Flashback Friday, Hawaii, HNL, kahoolawe, Maui, MX delay, Oahu, OGG, United on June 28, 2013 by MIles, Points, and Mai Tais. In a few weeks, we’re off to India again, and I managed to score us some of those same lay-flat United Business seats using our miles coming home from Hong Kong. The State of Hawaii runs an incredible website, Hawaii Aviation, which is where I was able to find these great old photos. The cruise left the Zephyr Cove Marina at 12:30pm and we briefly went up the east shore to Cave Rock, before turning to the south west and heading across the middle of the lake towards Emerald Bay. Despite our tour getting cut a little bit short, my family and I still had a fabulous time on the MS Dixie II and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this activity to anyone visiting Lake Tahoe. This entry was posted in Trip Report and tagged Lake Tahoe, ms dixie II, Nevada, south lake tahoe, Trip Report, zephyr cove on January 9, 2014 by MIles, Points, and Mai Tais. All of the pictures above are my own, taken while on various trips to the beautiful state of Nevada.
This entry was posted in Destinations and tagged Genoa, Ghost Towns, Goldfield, Nevada, Rhyolite, Tonopah, Virginia City on October 31, 2013 by MIles, Points, and Mai Tais.
Originally we had planned to attend just one day, on Sunday, to participate in the 4 mile open race, but when news came via social media that an attempt would be made to set the world record for most people doing stand up paddleboard yoga on Saturday, we just had to be there! This entry was posted in Destinations and tagged Beaches, Cal Neva, California, Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, paddleboard yoga, Quicksilver, Roxy, Stand Up Paddle, SUP, Ta-Hoe Nalu, Tahoe, Tahoe Nalu on August 16, 2013 by MIles, Points, and Mai Tais. In typical Nevada fashion, the state took what was meant to be an insult and turned it into a trademark. While getting something for nothing is great, and nurturing your obsessive-compulsive habits by collecting a bunch of stamps in a book is kind of fun too, the best part of this journey is the journey itself. In 2009, my husband and I set out across this famous stretch of highway, with camera in hand, to (re)discover why it is so (in)famous. Having explored much of the Silver State, I can vouch for the fact that there are indeed much lonelier stretches of road than this one, but before you hit the trail, you might want to download a copy of the Official Hwy 50 Survival Guide, just in case.
Now imagine exchanging wedding vows onboard a gorgeous paddlewheeler boat, while the sun sets into the hills behind you and the warm, gentle breezes brush by. The enchanting lakeside venue will charm your guests and provide a tranquil backdrop for your picture-perfect event.
We offer a variety of ceremony and reception packages, with one sure to be just right for you. I spent 3 days earlier this week up skiing at Heavenly, and let’s just say the still-early-season conditions were slightly less than epic.
It was right before the global economic meltdown, and the whole place- several of the palm islands, the Burj Dubai (now Burj Khalifa), …The World- seemed under construction.

This is a feature that I’ve done off-and-on since the start of my blog which focuses on past trips. The topic is up for discussion- mileage running, dream destinations; I write this blog for you guys, so I’d really love to hear your feedback!
The original plan was to go take a couple of sunrise pictures of the Tetons and famous barns near Antelope Flat Rd. I remember seeing all the helicopters and crews transiting in and out of Kahului airport for several years while the project was underway. The lay-flat seats were still more or a novelty than an industry standard at the time, and we just thought we were the coolest kids ever after my dad let us burn a couple of his Systemwides to sit there. It wasn’t just the novelty of getting to try out a new premium product, but it was that combined with the legacy of my once all-time favorite airline that went along with it. My big childhood claim to fame is that I made 4 trips there before a year old, and now Baby CJ is about to tie the record!
If you’re looking to go back in time and revisit your own first trip to the islands, I highly recommend checking out the site. Built in 1994 to replace its namesake the MS Dixie, this paddlewheeler style river boat sails from Zephyr Cove, Nevada to beautiful Emerald Bay and back daily, weather permitting, year round. Given it was midweek and during the winter, the boat was virtually empty with lots of space to roam freely between the 3 decks. The highlight, of course, was Emerald Bay, which unfortunately we didn’t get to go all the way in because the water level was so low. The scenery was absolutely gorgeous, and the boat offered a unique perspective that you could only get by being out on the water. Ta-Hoe Nalu is a weekend full of paddleboard races, family-friendly fun in the sun, and is THE event of the year for much of the SUP community around North Lake Tahoe.
This was probably my last race of the season once I start traveling again next week, but I had so much fun that I’m already looking forward to next year. Claiming there was nothing interesting to see here, they actually advised motorists against even taking this route.
Area 51 might be America’s worst kept secret, but this lonely stretch of highway, just a few hours north of Las Vegas, is the real hidden gem, making for one middle-of-nowhere Nevada road trip that was truly out of this world. The snow makers and groomers are among the best in the industry, but there’s only so much they can do.
We traveled on United’s second-ever flight there and had a fabulous stay at the Grand Hyatt. The twist- I’m planning on making it a little more photo-centric than it was in the past which will make it easier to keep up with my busy schedule. Race the Lake of the Sky is one of the biggest events of the year and I definitely didn’t want to miss out!
It’s always such a joy to get to watch the kids participate and get excited about being there. United gave passengers the option of deplaning, but having been there before, he opted to stay on board and watch a movie. Of course that was back in the day when you could actually use Systemwides (now Global Premier Upgrades) on a discounted coach fare.
It was getting to fly around the world on a big blue-and-white 747 with a tulip on the tail. For this week’s Flashback Friday, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at what OGG was like when I was a kid. In addition to all of the wonderful photographs there is a wealth of information covering Hawaii’s unique and fascinating aviation history. I can imagine the experience during the summer would be very crowded different, and for that reason, I definitely recommend going during the off-season. I remembered how shallow the entrance was from when I paddled there in July, and according to the crew the lake has dropped several feet since then. It also turned out to be a very educational experience with excellent narration and I even learned a few new things about this amazing place I’ve been visiting all my life.
As much as I love getting out in the world, I feel truly blessed to have all of this going on in my backyard at home and am truly glad I took a lot of the summer off to enjoy it. Naturally, most anyone who has been across Nevada on Hwy 50 would disagree with their assessment; there’s tons of interesting stuff to see here and it is in fact one of the most scenic stretches of open road in the West! The objective is to get yours stamped in all the towns, and when you’re done, tear off the back cover which doubles as a postage-paid card and mail it to the Nevada Commission on Tourism. 2010-2011 on the other hand was one of the best seasons on record and one that the locals are still talking about. Past episodes include French Polynesia, Mexico, Thailand, and getting lost in the Honolulu Airport. Instead, within a couple minutes our car was completely surrounded and we ended up so close to the bunch of animals that you could smell their breath.
Of course you can still surf on an SUP just like any other board (and I actually find stand up paddle surfing A LOT easier than regular surfing), but the main attraction is that you don’t need waves or have to live near the ocean to participate. So never minding that 14 miles is a really, REALLY long way to paddle on a surfboard, I did it anyway!

While my son is still a little too young to get involved, he loves hanging out at the beach and watching all the action.
The Navy used to use the island for target practice, and after that is was pretty much off-limits due to a large amount of unexploded ordinance. If there is one thing that really freaks out a plane full of people, it’s a go-around. The plane full of previously terrified passengers became increasingly irate after discovering the 40-year-old Diamond Head concourse at HNL was a far cry from the pristine beaches of Maui. After recent snow conditions were slightly less-than-ideal up at Heavenly, we were looking for something else to do, and decided to take a scenic cruise. Parking at both the Zephyr Cove and South Shore Marinas is $8, however they don’t usually charge in the winter time (ours was free).
The entire crew was extremely kid-friendly and invited our son to tour the bridge and take pictures driving the boat. The scenery was surreal and the water was a shade of blue that I’ve only seen in Hawaii, and well, a few other places around Lake Tahoe.
If you ever find yourself around Kings Beach or the North Shore of Lake Tahoe in mid-August, and are looking to try something new, grab a paddle, hop on a board and come join us! Then there was the famous shoe tree- guessing by the amount of footwear left behind at this landmark, the route has received a little more traffic than one might expect given the name. I skied 20 days and 351,884 vertical feet according to EpicMix that year and attempted my very first Gunabarrel 25.
With the addition of the paddle, you can cruise around just about any waterway, be it a lake, river, ocean, or otherwise and cover greater distances with far less effort. It was one of the toughest, most painful, kind of dumb, yet most rewarding things I’ve ever attempted.
Entire families show up to compete and it really is just a true celebration of the active lifestyle, no matter your age or skill. I remember my dad would always share stories of how he used to go sit on the breakwater in front of Lahaina harbor and watch the fireworks show.
When I was getting my private pilot’s license however, I learned that a go-around is a perfectly normal procedure. About six hours later, my husband finally arrived in Kahului, exhausted from the ordeal and what was now an 11-hour journey from Los Angeles. But now there were these cool rear-facing seats with lay-flat beds, and an on-demand entertainment system with a huge screen- I was so excited and busy playing with it all that I didn’t sleep the entire way to Germany! Before that there was just a single-room terminal which is now part of the modern baggage claim. We graciously declined, but for sure that is on the list for next time, when he is old enough to remember.
As truly beautiful as the course was, the real highlight of the race however was the great group of people out there participating. Sadly it was cut down by vandals a few years ago, but rumor has it, a new shoe tree has sprouted. I learned how to ski at Heavenly when I was 5 and I’ve been going back every year since.
What followed was one of the most beautiful, clear fall days I’d ever seen and we blew off any other plans we had that morning and continued our spontaneous photo-taking journey into Grand Teton National Park.
About halfway through the race I had this zen moment, like here I was in the middle of this giant body of water, all by myself, having got there with nothing other than a paddle and my own strength.
As far as competitive sports go, this is the most friendly, welcoming, and laid back crowd you are likely to find.
He was however very well compensated- not only in United e-certificates, but in life experience that few of us will ever get to share. I actually remember having to walk outside to the planes, and how big a DC-10 seemed compared to the primitive surroundings. We did however still get close enough to (barely) see Fannette Island and the famous Vikingsholm Tea House. One guy was racing with his 1-year old daughter on the board with him, there were people of all ages (7-66) and abilities, and even though we were supposed to be in a competitive racing environment, I chatted it up with a couple new friends I met along the way.
What makes this place special are the incredible views, a vast mix of terrain, the highest elevation in Lake Tahoe, some of the best tree skiing in the US, and as I am finding out more and more every year, almost every inch of the mountain (on and off trail) is ski-able; I keep finding more reasons to love this place.
At the same time there is something totally authentic about a place ambitious and eccentric enough to bring skiing to the middle of the desert. After I finished I felt like I’d been run over by a truck and then about a week later, I was once again happy with what I did. I also remember the construction that seemed to go on forever, and with all the expansions that have taken place, in a way it has. Of course, I never flew anything like a 767, but the fundamentals are still the same- you have to come in a little faster than normal to make up for the lost of lift and you’re going to need some extra runway.

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