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The Skrulls have slowly infiltrated the Earth by strategically placing themselves in important and unimportant positions. After my custom spliced Emma Frost bind I truly realized how customizable binding really is.
Secret Invasion is a storyline that takes place on Earth-1, otherwise known as the Heroic Age.
On Earth, in the Baxter Building Iron Man and Mister Fantastic are working on a new Arc Reactor. Peter Parker is sleeping in his bed when a bird flies through his window and turns into a Skrull.
Spider-Man, Director Coulson, Maria Hill, and Captain America are standing around the Skrull's unconscious body. In the home of the Thunderbolts, Red Hulk walks into the living room and asks if anyone has seen Nick.
In a vacant room on the Helicarrier, Spider-Man, Director Coulson, and Captain America all walk in through different doors.
Nick is in a warehouse looking at a board with pictures of several heroes and villains that are either circled, unmarked, or X'd. Thaddeus and Danny, both depowered, are driving a truck with the Skrull Elektra laying deceased in the back seat. Danny, Ross, and Deadpool arrive back at the rubble of the house and Danny uses his powers to read the aura of the area. Hulk is wandering throughout the Canadian Wilderness when the Helicarrier materializes above him.
Wolverine rides his motorcycle on the road when he hears a voice in his head that sounds like Jean Grey. Ghost Rider, Deadpool, and Red Hulk are riding in a new jeep, still carrying the Elektra Skrull's body. The three of them are then brought to the Helicarrier where Phil Coulson informs them that the Thunderbolts are done.
On the space ship, War Machine blasts one of the Skrulls in the face and they all fall down. The other five heroes are running rapidly throughout the ship, being chased by several Skrulls.
The heroes arrive in the wing with all the escape pods but they find an army of Super Skrulls.
The Super Skrull punches Tony in the face and wraps his arms around his face so that he will suffocate.
Emma manages to get most of the Super Skrulls to believe they got caught in an explosion, but the ones left were barely enough to hurt them. Cap starts up the ship and begins floating he yells at them to hurry up and most of them get onto the ship, but Deadpool is still running for it when the ship begins to leave. The Skrull Spider-Man chases Vulture The Skrull Spider-Man is swinging through new York, chasing the Vulture. The heroes in the space ship are getting closer to the Asteroid Belt, when the ship they had escaped from arrived behind them. The heroes that were escaping from the Skrulls are recovering from the attack while their ship floats into orbit before shooting down to Earth. The Helicarrier begins floating downwards to the Lincoln Memorial, where several Super Skrulls, and Queen Veranke, are waiting.
The flaming ship comes shooting out of the clouds and crashes straight into the Helicarrier.

During the battle, Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman find each other and they reunite with a passionate kiss. La personnalite des personnages a ete conservee et c’est un plaisir de voir toute la bande se battre au milieu de leur vannes habituels, que ce soit spiderman, wolverine ou thor ( de retour !
Un deluxe a possede a cote de Civil War, une petite pepite pour les fans de l'univers Marvel, bourre de reference et de changement de l'univers. Alors si tu as pas lu un marvel depuis 15 ans, tu peux le lire mais je te conseille : House of M -> Civil War -> secret invasion pour pas etre trop perdu ! Vie de Geek est mis a disposition selon les termes de la licence Creative Commons Paternite - Partage des Conditions Initiales a l'Identique 3.0 Unported. It is the turning point in the Heroic Age where everything begins to change, but both the heroes and villains strive to make things the way they used to be. Queen Veranke, Emperor Dorrek, Top Scientist Criti Noll, and War General Kl'rt sit in the Wing of the Worthy. He says he's fine and once again offers her a spot on the Avengers, saying that he could use her on the team. They walk up to a man wearing a cowboy hat and his feet are on the table with twenty empty beer bottles on the table.
The darkness that surrounds him hides his grin, and his chin slightly reverting to the Skrull form. She passes Spider-Man, Phil Coulson, Elektra, Emma Frost, Professor X, Mister Fantastic, War Machine, Ghost Rider, Deadpool, Hulk, and Captain America.
Only Elektra, Phil Coulson, Spider-Man, Mister Fantastic, and Emma Frost end up following him. When Tony is knocked out, Mister Fantastic contacts the Coulson Skrull and says he got another one. He reaches and would have grabbed the stairs, but a Super Skrull grabbed his leg and yanked him down. During the battle, the Phil Coulson Skrull comes up behind Veranke and tells her that her time is up. En plus de l’infectation des supers, une armee entiere de skrull debarque sur terre avec des hordes de super skrull au pouvoir similaire a nos mutants ou super homme. The info in the page only contains what happens within the Secret Invasion stand-alone series. After he does again, Phil tries to touch the Skrull, but his eyes open and he grabs Coulson's wrist. She asks what happened and Captain America tells her they were talking about the recent problem of the Thunderbolts becoming even more popular when she fainted. Not far from the house, Nick Fury is wearing civilian clothes and sunglasses, with no eye patch. Iron Man is complaining that Invisible Woman continues to stay with an emotionless guy like Mister Fantastic.
Tony asks what he is doing back and Johnny retorts that he isn't allowed to visit his family, in a snappy way. Danny punches him in the face and when he gets up his hat falls off to reveal Deadpool's recently cured face. Bruce insists that he is trying and the Skrull threatens to replace him if he is incapable of creating the poison. He turns his fist into one similar to the Thing and he punches the hood of the car, sending them all flying. Tony says he doesn't care if Reed suddenly has fire powers, he saw them together and got pissed.

The Skrull refuses to help them but all the heroes aim their weapons at him and he gives them the directions. Elektra says they made their choice and they can find their own way back, so Coulson punches her in the face.
Ghost Rider yells for him, but Deadpool teleports onto the ship and Captain America says they're going home.
He shoots her in the back and claims victory, but the real Phil punches him out and kicks on his face. Ainsi les X-Men, les avengers et autre troubadour capee sont infectes de skrulls , avec les memes pouvoirs que nos gentils heros. It ties in with the other series that are currently being run, but what happens there is not included here, so that explains several characters's absences. She says it is time to fulfill the Skrull Prophecy of inhabiting their new planet, since their home was destroyed by the space god Galactus. He lashes out and yells at her, calling her inferior in every way from intellect to gender. Havok assures him that if he keeps trying he'll crack it, but a robot punches him in the back.
Spider-Man looks at his list and informs him that the only ones so far are the three of them.
He tells Emma to put the image in their minds that all the ships are blowing up and they are being encased by flames. Vulture becomes scared but Spider-Man knocks him unconscious and says the prophecy must be fulfilled.
He turns around to face Invisible Woman, Red Hulk, Wolverine, Cyclops, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Ant-Man, and Doctor Strange.
She attempts to argue back but before she can, he threatens to kick her off of the team and out of the Baxter Building. Phil holds out his hand and asks Hulk is he would like to rejoin the Avengers to help defeat an upcoming threat.
Cap says he will never sell out the Earth, no matter how much they torture him and Veranke says they will see about that. Captain America then grabs one of them through the cell bars and demands to know their plans. She tells him that she thinks it is time that she replaces someone, but he tells her it still isn't safe. They revert to their natural forms and Wolverine says to himself that he needs to find the rest of the X-Men. When Tony asks why she replies he has been acting weird, but she does want to talk to him about something.
Tony calls her delusional and he says that they drove the Skrulls away from Earth the last time they tried to invade. Before he changes, Bruce tells the Skrull he secretly made a serum that would revive the Hulk within his bloodstream. Coulson orders the agents to take them out but they attack the agents and trash the Helicarrier before Ross breaks a hole in the wall for them to jump out, but some agents knock out Deadpool and Ghost Rider, but Ross manages to escape. Tony calls her a fool, but then Mister Fantastic appears behind him and says she wasn't wrong.

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