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British women can also extend their lives if they adhere to the dietary patterns of their Asian counterparts, says The Times report. Above all, the diet of Japanese women is rich in food items that boost their health and stave off major diseases. Japanese men, on the other hand, lag behind as their average life expectancy is 79.9 years. Witness the "Transit of Mercury" at Illinois State University Planetarium on May 9 with their special solar telescope pointed towards Mercury.
The Curiosity rover has continued its journey inspite of hitches and has now crossed the Naukluft Plateau.
The American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association released a joint statement recommending that an inpatient rehabilitation facility is what's best those patients recovering from a stroke. British scientists have developed the world's tiniest engine that is a million times smaller than an ant.

Men who drink and smoke are more likely appealing to women as short-term relationship partners and this preference is responsible for the continued existence of these dangerous behaviors.
Cervical cancer may end up with their cervical screening test and vaccine, according to health experts. Recently, a team of researchers from the University of North Carolina gave an explanation for the cause of earthquakes in the unlikely area of Southeastern US. Climate change has a bigger impact on living creatures: more than just warming temperatures, it also lessens the levels of oxygen in the ocean. California coastal forests have been infected with a fungal pathogen, which has caused a phenomenon called “sudden oak death” or the Phytophthora ramorum since 1995.
A deepwater expedition led scientists to new tiny hydromedusa jellyfish that look like living lava lamps, 3,700 meters in the water.
Office for National Statistics reveals that Japanese women outlive their English counterparts.

On an average, Japanese women consume three servings of fish every week, in small quantities. This could be due to a working and drinking culture that is much similar to Britain's, say the study researchers. Compared to their counterparts in other parts of the world, they also eat a lot of squids and octopus, which are rich in taurine and help reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, Crag Wilcox, a leading gerontologist, told The Times.

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