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A Dark Room is the foundation of a completely self-contained indoor garden, featuring a lightweight, durable, washable interior reflective lining.
Impressions during set up : I set up the tent the wrong way the first time but it was a good test for the tent's strength. Inspection: There is no access to two of the square free flow air vent on the sides of the tent if you put it tight in a corner (which is how I had it initially), since they open from the outside, that is a bummer for people with limited space.
Features: The double draw string vent cuffs (one on the inside and on on the outside) seem to be a superior feature.
The frame supports up to 65 pounds of lighting, ventilation or other equipment, and every unit has access ports that accommodate ducting or other equipment. This was the first tent I had ever set up, so you will notice the initial impression are different than those for other tents. I was initially worried about ripping damaging as I man handled tent in pulling it over the frame.
But it is more of a plus than a negative possibly, as internally opening vents are potentially non-accessible if you flood table fills the whole room, just depends if you have to have the tent flush against a wall or not. The DR150 has three primary 6" venting ports, two power cord ports, and two square air flow ports with light flaps and bug netting. You will need a chair to put inside and help pull the tent over the top if you do it how I did - instead try opening the bottom and sliding it on from the side if you can.

Access is only not given an A because the zippers are a stiff from being more light tight than the other tents. When I go in the other tents I immediatly see areas light is coming in and and start messing with them to get it darker.
It allows you to keep the seedlings in an ideal environment, where you have full control of light & humidity and separate from your main grow tent for full vegetative or flowering.
It can hold up to 20 kgs of equipment from top tubing and best of all, it only takes about 10 minutes to put together! Ce livre detente contient 90 illustrations a colorier : les dessins ont un niveau de details eleve, qui aide a la concentration et a mettre de cote les soucis du quotidien. CES CONTENUS SONT FOURNIS TEL QUELS ET SONT SUJETS A MODIFICATION OU SUPPRESSION A TOUT MOMENT.
DarkRooms can be assembled without tools, in minutes, by one person, and collapse just as quickly for storage. As the first tent I set up one thing I was wondering was where I will mount the air movement fans, thermometer, etc as there are no panels on the sides, just the bars of the frame. The tent once set up was bigger than I had imagined, you can do some real gardening in there. Play with tent a bit to learn what is what on what side for it, face it the right direction with top away and bottom towards you.

The zippers are black plastic, tight, and they have a cloth over stitching on the inside that sits tight from both sides when they zip. Pull the tent up on to the top of the frame and rest as much of it up there as you can, then pull the sides down over the frame corners. Standing in the Dark Room there is very little perspective of the floor and walls and you definitely cannot see yourself at all.
Position the cross support bars so top bar is going towards your filter outflow vent so you get the strength of two bar (unless you mount the filter horizontal and bend ducting). There are dots of light seen on seams at places and at a couple of places along a stretch of zipper which is why the DR150 does not get an A for light tightness coming in for the out of the box set up.
Overall it was very cool and fun to set up, it was a big kid's toy type deal, and I was happy with the quality, it felt like what I would like to see for the price.
In comparision to the Homebox, Hydrohut and Growlab the Dark Room does live up to its name. The watercatch for the floor does not secure to all four corners, it was a little too small, still worked but that was annoying.

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