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Like many Moonbeam films, The Secret Kingdom starts out with a fun premise and then drives it into the ground. Full Moon does falls into the trap of making the girl seem gullible and stupid by having her brother instantly reject the idea of modification, while his sister accepts it and asks to look prettier. Through all the fun, exciting B-Movie nonsense of The Secret Kingdom, it does overstay its welcome quite a bit. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Well, in this case they drive it under the sink, and I really shouldn’t be that harsh. Stuff like a 20-foot-tall knock-off Garfield, a giant head of Marvel’s The Thing adorned with blinking Christmas lights, or any number of wild Mardi Gras clowns decked out in purples, greens, and yellows.
There he finds a world torn in two by a tyrannical government built around body modification and plastic surgery to achieve absolute perfection. I know some eight-year-old kid is out there refreshing the Full Moon page on the RedBox website, hungrily awaiting their next remastered release.

The last half hour was just tortuous to me, with a lot of nonsensical battle between the government and the rebellion. Anyway, this leads to more toy staring, but the whole time a creepy old man has been following this kid around. Thankfully, he lands in the hands of the good guys (the rebellion) and it’s up to our rat-a-tat-tat hero to save the day.
He may only exist as a figment of my imagination, but I sleep better at night if I believe he’s real. Action scenes have never been Full Moon’s strong suit, and this is not the movie to change my mind on that. This is definitely a disturbing one for little kids, but at least your daughter’s takeaway message was a good one.
The film opens in New Orleans, and surprise, surprise — it’s actually New Orleans! When his siblings start to fight over his sister’s lost diary, does this cool kid give a care?

But oh no, now his sister has been pulled into the world by the villain, and he’s told her nothing but lies!
Some people turn to Jesus to quiet their soul, but I need the kid refreshing RedBox’s website. If she enjoyed this movie, she’d probably like the other Moonbeam films too, many of which are also available via Redbox. Later, the film transitions to the Romanian locales you expect from this era of Full Moon, but the series of events that opens the film would be fantastic no matter where they were shot.
Anyway, the lightning rod is out on display and the old guy is trying to sell it to the kid.
The Secret Kingdom is exactly the movie you’re looking for if your kid is obsessed with becoming the next Lizardman.

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