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Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom is a top-down adventure game developed by the awesome people at WayForward with a Legend of Zelda feel to it, actually it pretty much feels like a Zelda game with an Adventure Time skin. There are different kinds of enemies with different behaviors, but to be honest, I found most of the enemies in the game to be incredibly annoying, even the first little worm-like enemies.
The game has dungeons that you have to go to save the princesses, but before you can enter, you’ll need to do some running around to find the needed item to go into the dungeon, like a plastic baggie for the first dungeon. While the game has its minor flaws, there is something that I really liked which was the voice acting. With that said, Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom is an enjoyable game with annoying enemies. The Nerdwork was built to be a centralized hub for all your nerd related interests, whether it be the latest trailer for a movie, our weekly comic book pulls, an update on the latest casting pick for that anticipated movie, or a video about cats that we found on the internet!
When I first laid eyes on this game it struck me as familiar, almost as if I had played this game before. However, borrowing the Zelda formula does pose a challenge in this Adventure Time top down quest. Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom sports a 16-bit style that caters to this obvious homage to the LoZ series.
Also be sure to check out our walkthrough of Adventure Time the Secret of the Nameless Kingdom that will be up on our Youtube channel later today! Sent on a mission to the Nameless Kingdom by Princess Bubblegum, best buds Finn and Jake are tasked with finding and saving the land’s three princesses from their respective temples, a plot immediately familiar to Zelda fans. That charm is most evident whenever you speak with one of the numerous Adventure Time characters strewn throughout the Nameless Kingdom (who all enjoy full voice acting), but it’s also alive and well in the numerous sidequests they provide.
That monotony often turns to frustration due to an utter lack of direction at crucial points of your journey.
You could argue that Wayforward was attempting to cater to a younger, less experienced sect of gamers with The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom, but that still doesn’t excuse its generic and generally boring design.
Adventure Time has become a global phenomenon over the past few years, reaching that point where it is loved by kids and adults alike and it matters not if you have seen the TV series, because you know of the existence of Jake the Dog and Finn the Human. Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom is at its core a passable Legend of Zelda clone, no more not less. You go through a story doing various missions, killing enemies along the way, as you find new items and powers to allow you to access other parts of a map that you haven’t previously.
So what we will do instead is help you decide if you should get Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom. About Since 1999, Gamestyle has provided critique on video games and the industry from a collection of independent writers. Our non-profit status allows us to provide impartial views on games and unbiased assessment in features.
WayForward has been toying with the Adventure Time property in games for a while now, and hasn’t quite managed to merge the show’s wacky personality with a compatible interactive experience up to this point. This release sees Finn the human and Jake the shape-shifting dog travel to a new area within the Land of Ooo for the coronation of three princesses.
The gameplay itself invokes a classic Zelda-esque top-down perspective, and although you’re free to move 360-degrees, sprites are two dimensional and only have animations for certain angles.
Still, the camera perspective isn’t the only thing borrowed from Zelda, as the entire game feels like a clone of Link’s first outing. The boss fights, for example, are terrifically designed puzzles rather than tests of combat skill, and the dungeons themselves are well conceived, varied, and abundant with little challenges.
Adventure Time: The Nameless Kingdom doesn’t always capture the vibe of its source material, but it comes pretty darn close. Even though I have two boys, we have two girls the same age as them next door so my boys are constantly introduced to girly items.
My grandkids are still big fans of SpongeBob but are starting to watch more as they are getting older. My boy’s favorite show right now is spongebob and he loves watching Curious George on Netflix.
My youngest daughter has just discovered Full House reruns on Nick at Nite, so that is her current fave.
My granddaughters when they come over go straight to Nick on the television and they love the Disney shows and they seem to watch a lot of SpongeBob. The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom has actually been my favorite Adventure Time game of all, but still has some things that could be fixed. You can press the attack button as fast as you can to have Finn attack with his grass sword, and Jake will be your shield. Inside the dungeons you’ll face different enemies, puzzles, and having to find chests.
Money, health items, and mixes is not the only thing you can find, you can also find Gumball machines that will help you for a quest, and something similar to Pieces of Heart, which after collecting three, you’ll get an extra heart container. Every dialogue in the game is fully voiced with their original voice actor bringing you a full Adventure Time experience with that.
With easy combat, fun puzzles, and awesome voice acting, it gets 7.5 Jakes out of 10 for me. AT has a top down action adventure style which is reminiscent of the Zelda series and, if you really think about it, that makes a lot of sense for an AT game. As everyone who has played a Zelda game knows, puzzles and tools go hand in hand throughout your adventure. The colors in this game are bright, aside from the south east region; dark swamp, but they are not overwhelming.
Slashes never got annoying to hear, which is good considering this is mainly a hack-and-slash adventure by nature.
I say surprisingly because I’ve dabbled in top down action adventure games before, most following LoZ footsteps, but they have mostly failed by not giving me that fun factor in its puzzles and challenges. Maybe it was my inner LoZ fanboy enjoying the retro feel but I thoroughly enjoyed slashing enemies, even if I was just passing from one area to another. It brought together a story that could have easily become an episode, or movie rather, for the Adventure Time series.

Its unique off-the-wall humor and irrepressible charm combine with some deeply intriguing lore to create a consistently enjoyable program for viewers young and old. The next game in the series, Explore This Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW!!!, adopted a dungeon-crawler style not unlike Diablo. Equipped with his trusty grass sword, a wicked cool weapon that wraps itself around Finn’s wrist until called upon, the hero controls very similarly to Link, the iconic protagonist of the Zelda series. These whimsical  interpretations of familiar Zelda items are enjoyable at first, but it quickly becomes apparent that The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom doesn’t bring many of its own ideas to the table.
I spent far too long backtracking through every screen of the kingdom looking for something I had missed, and when I eventually figured out the solution it was far from intuitive.
The game feels unfinished, especially since it runs so short and contains a frustrating amount game-breaking bugs towards the end. Its inspirations are pure, and give birth to some solid if all-too-familiar mechanics, but it’s ultimately a disappointing adventure that squanders source material that remains begging for a true video game adaptation. There is the TV show, graphic novels, models, card games, a ton of merchandise and now also games. A competent clone of an existing best of genre game, that is covered in a skin aimed at fans of a series. As a fan of Zelda games and Adventure Time, there is nothing to stop you losing a few hours as you play this game to the end. If the concept of the genre is enough to make you sick, then don’t expect anything here to change your mind.
You hate Zelda (you monster) and you hate Adventure Time, so there is nothing for you here in the slightest. Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom finally gets the pairing right, and while it’s not without its flaws, it’s a lot better than most other TV to video game adaptations. However, the trio have mysteriously vanished, and it’s up to the aforementioned duo to rescue them by conquering dungeons and overcoming obstacles with new items and abilities. All of your favourite characters put in an appearance, all brought to life by their respective voice actors, and the same bright, hand-drawn aesthetic further complements the authenticity. As such, moving and swinging your sword diagonally is visually the same as doing it horizontally, which can make combat a little tricky to judge. Bushes are ripe with treasure and beg to be cut down with your sword, while multi-tier dungeons are full of puzzles and hidden goodies.
The show often parodies video games, so interpreting the cartoon’s silliness through the lens of an 8-bit Zelda title feels fitting. Meanwhile, the quests in the overworld often trade on the strangeness of the series, acting as self-aware nods to the show.
With only three main dungeons to complete to save the princesses, you can get through the adventure in a couple of hours.
The heavy Zelda influences, humorous quests, and visuals are all on the right track, with our chief complaints being the inconsistent dialogue, lack of guidance, and barebones content.
That game sucked and didn't capture the feel of the show at all, so I'm pleased this game gets closer to it. It’s graduation day at Alfea College for Fairies, but Bloom has something else on her mind. I don’t remember when I first heard about Winx Club but when I saw this moving was coming out I thought it looked cute.
There are different items in the game that you can use, like a banana boomerang, plastic baggies to store items, or even Flambo to light up things or burn down trees. Characters from the series will be around the Nameless Kingdom too, be sure too find all of them!
The similarities between Link and Finn are fairly close in terms of them both being heroes and saving their land, as well as their respective princesses. Well AT had no problem keeping me entertained and more importantly keeping my mind in a constant puzzle solving mode. The bosses in this game were entertaining and I love how there was a puzzle element to each boss.
With that being said, the game was a tad bit short and I wish it was a little longer in that regard.
While the series’ adventuring premise seems tailor made for video games, it has struggled to find its footing in interactive media. With The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom, Wayforward has returned to the Zelda series for inspiration, this time drawing from the legendary A Link to The Past. Many of the enemies you see around the kingdom are simply Zelda enemies with Adventure Time skins; chus are now worms, octoroks are crystal people, and knights are, well, knights. These moments extend the novelty of exploring an interactive Adventure Time world, but they can’t save the game from suffering fatally where it counts.
Wayforward walks a dangerous line between loving homage and shameless copycat here, but with all that said it’s also easily the best Adventure Time game yet, and lays the groundwork for a more realized and innovative vision down the line.
On the 3DS there are touch screen options to manage you inventory, select things and the like, but that is pretty much it. There are plenty of references to the lore of Adventure Time and it is quite humourous  if you understand the show and the fact this is a Zelda lite type game, means you should be able to jump in have some fun and move on. However, if you are a big fan of Adventure Time, the mechanics of the game are simple enough that you can enjoy the world and the characters that you know and love.
It is simply run of the mill, but that is fine depending on how much you like Zelda type games, or Adventure Time. Of course, they’ll be helped and hindered along the way by various friends and foes from the TV show.
Unfortunately, the dialogue’s not quite up to the standard of the programme’s quirky humour, and subsequently it doesn’t quite capture the same tone. It’s honestly a strange oversight given the generally decent production values elsewhere, and smacks of a small budget.
Similarly, your progress through the game will be dictated by the collection of new abilities and items, which will allow you to reach different areas of the title’s small map. Furthermore, while the Nintendo blueprints are clear to see, it’s not entirely devoid of its own ideas.

At one point you’ll need to capture a fart in a bag in order to make the character Cinnamon Bun – a sentient, er, cinnamon bun – laugh so hard that he’ll fall off a bridge. The act of actually learning the map means that your first run will take a little longer than that, but that’s because you’ll spend most of your time mindlessly wandering around trying to figure out what the game actually wants you to do next. Fans of the show will probably have a blast here, and even newcomers may find some value in its retro RPG structure – but don’t expect this adventure to last a very long time. I only ever played the last one because it was a well meaning gift from my Girlfriend who knew I love the show, I think the only reason I'll play this one is if the same happens again. Yikes.I would imagine a proper Adventure Time video game as a high-budget, open world, third-person action RPG. The movie is based off the television series and from what I read the animation is a little more vibrant in the movie than the traditional show. Well in case you all were wondering its WTFGO review time and the game I got to cover this time around was a special one for me. The answer after it was all said and done was yes, it all came together in a way that made sense in both the game format and the Adventure Time universe.
The animations are noteworthy and comical, for example using Jake’s hand slap ability to smack an enemies bottom was pure comedy for me.
Wayword Technologies really knew how to put Jake and Finn’s abilities to use in this game. It wasn’t just a hack and slash effort, you had to either use your abilities or solve a puzzle that would lead to damaging your opponent.
The story however, would really only make sense to Adventure Time fans as its nonsensical dialogue and side missions would throw you off otherwise. Set in an amazing and unpredictable world full full of beasts to battle and mysteries to explore, fans have been aching for a worthwhile Adventure Time title since the series’ debut. It seems like a fantastic fit on paper, but the problem with drawing from such rich and time-tested game design is that anyone familiar with the source material will not only know many of the tricks already, but they’ll also expect a certain level of quality. The sword and shield combination will be familiar to most players, but Wayforward also apes more Zelda staples.
But while some of these may appear slightly lazy in design, they all possess the Adventure Time charm fans adore, and are therefore successful. The only redeeming factor is that you can properly take in the surprisingly detailed visuals, which wonderfully capture the colorful style of the show while toting some awesome sprite work for the characters and enemies. Gamers looking for an adventure of the same quality as A Link to the Past, however, should save their money; nothing of the sort will be found here.
I watch the show all the time and the land of Ooo is just begging to be explored, with wacky characters to meet and so many evil monsters to fight. With the help of her best friends – The Winx Club – Bloom and the girls go on a fantastical journey and travel to the devastated land of Domino where they must battle evil witches and their greatest fears in order to survive! I think the movie has amazing colors and really makes the fairies “pop!” The movie is a decent length (just over an hour) and you also get a second disc with seven episodes.
Bosses in dungeons are interesting and challenging since you have to find their weaknesses. Although I do believe just about anyone can pick this game up, I really feel like AT:TSotNK speaks directly to Adventure Time fans, which explains why I enjoyed it thoroughly. But I have to say that a few bumps in the road had me question whether or not I was missing something or if there were pieces missing to the puzzle all together. The visuals and sound working in unison help bring this game together, giving you a retro feel with a new Adventure Time quest. Using Jake as a shield was brilliant and even using his stretching ability to get you across broken bridges was well done too. As a collective the game really worked well within each aspect and the devs did a great job making us feel like we were on a real quest with Finn and Jake.
If the developers intentions were to make a LoZ clone that respectfully follows LoZ’s footsteps in terms of game execution, then Wayword accomplished that goal.
The heroic duo of Finn the human boy and Jake the shapeshifting dog opens up an array of theoretical gameplay possibilities, but everything released thus far has been far from ambitious. Finding items on the game was what I found to be the hardest thing since you don’t get a lot of hints.
This game has our noble heroes searching for a treacherous villain that has kidnapped the 3 princesses of the nameless kingdom. As expected the map is also simplistic by LoZ standards as in it does not display your direct location but its still helpful nonetheless.
There wasn’t an alarming number of tools or abilities but the few available were put to use throughout the whole game. So, if you are a Adventure Time fan and love the Legend of Zelda series then I highly recommend Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom, it’s so MATH! My boys didn’t mind at all that it was a girly movie, there are some guys in the show and they were just amazed at the colors and characters. Of course, just as in the animated series, It is up to Finn the human and Jake the dog to restore order and save the day!
So if you gained an ability in the first temple be prepared to use that ability beyond just that temple. I do like though that this set includes an actual movie and episodes, whereas some sets say movie but really just include a bunch of episodes. So without further a doe lets jump into our review of Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom.
I loved the fact that my acquired abilities and tools never felt useless, which made the effort to get them that much more rewarding.

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