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Take back control of your life with this revolutionary new approach to self-understanding, self-healing and self-improvement.
In this book, Calvin Banyan, will reveal how thousands of hypnosis sessions have uncovered a secret language inside of each of us and how our lack of this understanding has caused every kind of addiction, compulsion and bad habit. This book announces, "All feelings are good!" Anger is good, sadness is good, loneliness is good, even frustration and depression are good, once you understand the message contained within each and every one. To find out more about my work, and about the beauty and power of the angels, download my free book, Spreading Your Wings, using the form below. Not everyone can yet channel messages from the angels directly (not everyone have yet taken our angel courses and workshops!). That is why the angels asked me to write this new ebook, The Secret Language of Angels, a downloadable ebook that shows you how to receive their loving help and guidance easily each day. By opening your mind to the secret language of angels, you expand your repertoire of the various ways in which the angels can provide you with answers and guidance a€“ not just one way, but many ways. I'm Darren Linton, Angel Channel, Teacher and Life Coach and I am the founder and creator of Lifeworks and Guided By Angels. The book reveals 25 different ways in which the angels can provide you with the answers and guidance you seek.
In this day and age, we rely on the post, emails, phone calls, texts, the internet, Facebook, and many ways of communicating with people. By showing you the 25 different ways in which the angels can provide guidance, you allow yourself to receive more and more angel messages and answers. The Secret Language of Angels teaches you how to recognise the many angel signs and answers that surround you in life, so you can receive even more angelic guidance, to help you improve and develop your life and feel increasingly guided and blessed. THIS IS NOT JUST ANOTHER BOOK ABOUT ANGELS, THIS IS A WHOLE NEW APPROACH TO WORKING WITH THE ANGELS, AND RECEIVING THEIR HELP AND ANSWERS. Free a€“ 13 x 30 minute radio show recordings in which I discuss various aspects of the book and other methods of developing your connection with the angels, and receiving angelic help and guidance.

Free a€“ One hour introductory workshop video featuring Darren, discussing many aspects of the angels. I hope that you will open up to greater angelic help, answers and guidance, to enhance your life, and help you to make an even bigger difference to others and the world.
Order your copy today and be amongst the first in the world to receive this new information from the angels. Please note that online payments are handled by Richard Haywood, Guided By Angels Programme Administrator. It will show you how--through the understanding of this hidden language, that you can begin to set yourself free right now and become more successful than you have ever imagined! Those messages are revealed in this book along with how to respond to the important information, giving you new direction in your life. Imagine if you could easily receive angelic guidance every day, leading you forwards, enhancing your life daily. Yet the angels want to help us all, to answer our questions and give us guidance in other ways, if we will let them.
By learning how to recognise and receive their help, you can open up to more and more angelic help with your life.
I have allowed myself to be guided, so that I now spend my life helping others connect with their angels, find and develop their true path in life, and receive daily guidance and wisdom for the benefit of themselves and the rest of the world. The angels told me they wanted me to teach people all over the world how to connect with them, so that people could receive angelic help with their own lives, and play their part in bringing about a better world for all. It provides over 90 examples and angel stories to illustrate these methods, inspire you, and show you how the angels can help people. Imagine if you ONLY received post (no phones or internet) a€“ that would seriously limit your communication a€“ it would be much slower and more difficult for people to get messages to you. If appropriate, the angels will respond, but are you recognising the signs and answers they are sending you?

It is so easy once you know how to recognise the signs, you will receive increased angel answers and guidance and your life will improve accordingly. The more methods you understand, the more answers to your prayers and guidance you will receive.
Because the angels want to give you more help and guidance, to help improve your life, and to help you to help others, and the world. Since then, I have helped thousands of people in over 40 countries around the world to connect and communicate with their angels. The book is simple, clear and easy to read a€“ suitable for beginners and more advanced angel workers alike, who would like to learn how to receive more angelic help and guidance. So too if you only use one method of receiving angel guidance, rather than the full repertoire. If you didna€™t know how to check your phone for texts and missed calls, you might think that people were not replying to you, when actually you have been sent loads of messages! The angels are here to HELP US ALL a€“ to lead us into a glorious new golden age and future for humankind and the world. I offer books, courses, readings and workshops to people around the world, helping to spread angel magic to all who are interested. If you are not aware of all of these methods, you are limiting the way in which the angels can help you, and may be missing their answers. When you know what to look for, you will start seeing angel signs more frequently, and soon you will see them everywhere, to help guide you life. The angels WANT to help us all, for the good of ourselves, and for the highest good of the whole planet.

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