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Our free bi-weekly newsletter will keep you updated on our latest articles, Six Picks of the Week, as well as occasional ticket offers and subscriber specials. Film buffs have logged countless hours on the differences between classic American (Disney) animation and Japanese anime.
Secondly, animated films in this country have tended to have remarkable female heroines (from Snow White to Belle). Arrietty is the pluckiest, bravest heroine of all – not a princess and hardly taller than your thumb, but her wide-eyed stare of determination will crack the hardest heart.

We want to be transported to another world if we’re not watching a live-action film, so the question of why animation is integral to a particular story line is key. She befriends the human, something no Borrower has ever dared to do, because she knows in her heart that he is good. In Mononoke, the forest came to life, and the battles between good and evil in Spirited Away were eerily animated.
It represents the percentage of professional critic reviews that are positive for a given film or television show.

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