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Goodreads: What was the greatest challenge for you, a Southern white woman, telling a story about slavery? GR: How much of the story is true about Sarah teaching Hetty to read—an illegal act for which they were both punished?
GR: Although it's been 150 years since the Civil War, stories from that time period still resonate. GR: Goodreads member Rochelle Kaplan writes, "Your previous novels were set in relatively contemporary times.
SMK: The novel that shook me and had more impact on me than any novel I ever read was Kate Chopin's The Awakening.
Thanks so much for this wonderful interview which gives us some real insight into the making of the story .
I just started reading The Invention of Wings today--was so excited to see a new novel by Sue Monk Kidd.

Sue Monk Kid seems to need to explore the issue of growing up black in America at different times in our history.
I could see something about women's lives that I maybe couldn't see by reading Betty Friedan. Horowitz is a writer living in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and a contributing editor at the Los Angeles Review of Books.
I once had the opportunity to speak with film director Atom Egoyan regarding his film Ararat and the responsibility he felt in representing different voices. She tells wonderful stories if the movie based on her book "Secret Life of Bees" There are so many emotional moments in that film that just rip your heart and then heals you by the ending.
I hear the same level of care in this interview and appreciate those who seek accurate portraits of time and place.
I enjoyed both of them in Traveling with Pomegranates and have been hoping to see more non-fiction or a novel from Ann someday as well!

I'm curious if Sue knows that the Grimke sisters had a black half brother who was born a slave.I look forward to reading Invention of Wings. My husband tore through The Orphan Master's Son and now I am even more motivated to read it as well.
It was a shocking portrayal of what the limitations of culture can do to women and how she tried to respond to that.

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