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Embargoed from press use and reproduction in the public domain until Tuesday 15 January 2013. With over 400 recognised breeds, dogs can be found in more shapes, sizes and varieties than any other mammal on the planet.
Using intimate macro photography, thermal images and slowmotion footage, Secret Life of Dogs examines how dogs see, smell and experience their world.
Dogs can hear noise from four times further away than humans and they owe their super-powered noses to the fact that the part of their brain that controls smell is 40 times larger than a human’s.
Navy officer Allen Parton suffered a severe head injury while on active duty in the Gulf war. It is proven that people live longer if they have dogs and the documentary also explores the positive impact dogs have on our physical and mental health.
Dog owner Maureen Burns firmly believes her collie cross Max detected her breast cancer before the doctors did. Journey into the world of dogs like never before to uncover how our favorite animal sees, smells and experiences life.
Awesome show,it good to see an uplifting show about mans best friend,with all the violent and material shows out these days it’s great to see a show that plays homage to dogs and the true spirit of these awesome creatures.
I saw the program but can’t remember how to tell if you have a right or left pawed dog, and what each one means. The thought of having to give back a cute guide dog puppy could possibly be one of the biggest deterrents for becoming a puppy walker.
Ingrid was initially apprehensive about making the decision to look after one of our guide dog mums, especially as she had never considered herself a ‘doggy’ person before: “I grew up with cats and have only had one experience with a dog, when my older brother had one for a while. Ingrid told us that she’s really taken to the new role - watching Jem give birth to her first litter of pups was a truly emotional experience: ”I was surprised at how emotional I got, I even cried.
She also shared the positive effect it has had on her family: “The best thing has been watching the kids playing with Jem. It seems that Jem has also won the hearts of neighbours in their local village: “When we first got Jem everyone in the village would stop us and comment on how beautiful she was.
Jem and family have also experienced nationwide fame when they featured on 'The Secret Life of Dogs' in February 2013: "The filming for 'The Secret Life of Dogs' has also made my floor very famous. Dogs have been invaluable to humans in so many ways, as herders, workers, hunters, protectors, guides and as loyal companions. Dogs come in an amazing number of shapes and size, with more varieties than any other mammal on the planet.
The Nat Geo Wild special is part natural history, part science and pure celebration of man’s best friend. The special also follows a cute puppy from birth to adulthood to pregnancy to motherhood, as she trains to become a guide dog for the blind.
Dogs are also highly intelligent, able to respond to “sit,” “lay,” and many of man’s commands. Everyday activities, such as shaking off water and drinking water are shown using slow motion.

Dogs have special taste buds just for water at the tip of their curved, cup-like, tongue that allows them to pull water into their mouth and snap it shut before all the water escapes, in a surprisingly intricate process. Dogs more likely to be calm, confident and self-assured when right-pawed, with the swirl of hair falling counterclockwise? Dogs communicate at least six different emotions through their barks, but most humans do not understand why dogs bark or what the various barks mean. The dog’s brain is one-tenth the size of humans, but the part that controls smell is 40 times larger. Christine NyholmCable TV & Celebrity ExaminerChristine enjoys the great variety of shows on cable TV, which can be informative and entertaining.
Facebook live seance hosted by 'The Darkness' on Friday the 13thLooking for a little something extra to do for the upcoming Friday the 13th? It's been a long week and, although the end's in sight, the weekend is not quite upon us yet. What's not to love about sleeping labrador puppies, a waggling bassett hound and - wait for it - a springer spaniel feeding an orphaned lamb a bottle of milk. Sign up to our newsletter to receive industry insights, news and listings as they are published. During the last few years, scientists have delved deeper than ever before into the canine mind and body and the results are mind-blowing. Putting these abilities to good use is Max, one of the most successful search and rescue dogs in the country. It left him confined to a wheelchair, unable to talk and with half his memory gone - he didn’t recognise his wife or children.
Follow a puppy from birth to motherhood and discover how its relationship with humans is the most remarkable factor in its success. We had many requests for her to breed with local dogs and we had to explain that she was a guide dog brood bitch! The delivery and insurance cost is for delivery within Australia no matter how many products you order.
If you are using our interest FREE payment terms, delivery and insurance will be charged in your first instalment. Products are dispatched from Innovations, 431 Warringah Road, Frenchs Forest, NSW, Australia. A free gift of a similar value may be substituted if stock of the current free gift is exhausted. Combining the latest scientific research with intimate macrophotography, revealing thermal images and slow-motion footage, find out how dogs see, smell and experience the world surrounding them. Learn how how dogs are born blind and with sealed ears before transforming into highly sophisticated animals with keen senses. They can “sniff out” certain illnesses, alerting owners to the early signs of a severe allergic reactions, epileptic fits or narcolepsy. The dog shakes off water by rotating its head 180 degrees, jump-starting a rotational momentum that corkscrews down their body, to quickly expel water from their fur so they don’t get cold.

But they are also adorable, loyal protectors, and the more we know about them, the easier it is to love them! So why not brighten up your Thursday afternoon with some preview pictures and footage of tonight's ITV documentary, The Secret Life of Dogs? If you were one of the 4 million viewers who tuned into Paul O'Grady's For The Love of Dogs, then tonight's documentary is one for you.
Max is a wilderness air-scenting dog, trained to pick up human scent so that he can find missing people. This compelling and visually stunning film combines the best of natural history filmmaking with unique scientific insight, highlighting incredible stories of dogs that have saved lives, rebuilt marriages and even detected diseases.
This fascinating collection uses cuttingedge cinematography to follow the incredible story of a newborn kitten and puppy as they transform and enter adulthood. If humans were as varied as our canine friends, we would range in weight from 20 pounds to one ton! It’s an essential trait that law enforcement agencies around the world rely on to locate missing persons and sniff out contraband. For Nat Geo WILD, senior vice president of production and development is Janet Han Vissering and general manager is Geoff Daniels. Max recently saved the life of 79-year-old Margaret Haverson from Exeter, after she became lost in overgrown woodland trying to find a short cut home after missing her stop on the bus. The pair became 24-hour companions, with Endal aiding Allen with day-to-day life and even reconnecting him with his family. All of our quality products come with a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.
We dispatch weekdays and delivery times will vary depending on your distance from our dispatch point in Sydney. You will receive an immediate credit or refund for the full purchase price (excluding delivery and insurance). One 79-year old woman tells the story of how she was lost in the woods for three days and was found by a dog, saving her life.
Margaret lay under a tree in the woods for three days and two nights in freezing conditions. However, it was when Endal and Allen were shockingly hit by a car in the dead of night that Endal showed his true devotion, earning him the Victoria Cross for Animal Bravery. Now, Nat Geo WILD takes an intimate look at our faithful friends with fresh eyes and renewed appreciation; from their super senses to their unquestioning loyalty. For couriered items, dispatch and delivery times may vary, please contact us for further information. Please allow four to six weeks for despatch from order date of hampers and products that can be personalised (whether they are personalised or not) due to the complex systems involved.

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