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With over 400 recognised breeds, dogs can be found in more shapes, sizes and varieties than any other mammal on the planet. Using intimate macro photography, thermal images and slowmotion footage, Secret Life of Dogs examines how dogs see, smell and experience their world.
Dogs can hear noise from four times further away than humans and they owe their super-powered noses to the fact that the part of their brain that controls smell is 40 times larger than a human’s. Navy officer Allen Parton suffered a severe head injury while on active duty in the Gulf war. It is proven that people live longer if they have dogs and the documentary also explores the positive impact dogs have on our physical and mental health.
Dog owner Maureen Burns firmly believes her collie cross Max detected her breast cancer before the doctors did. Journey into the world of dogs like never before to uncover how our favorite animal sees, smells and experiences life.
Awesome show,it good to see an uplifting show about mans best friend,with all the violent and material shows out these days it’s great to see a show that plays homage to dogs and the true spirit of these awesome creatures. I saw the program but can’t remember how to tell if you have a right or left pawed dog, and what each one means.
At the back end of all those Atttenborough films they have a segment in which they explain how they got the miracle money shot of the chorus line of orcas, the war ballet of the giraffes, the Saharan ant colony.

For unlimited access to every article in its entirety, including our archive of more than 10,000 pieces, we're asking for ?2.95 per month or ?25 per year. During the last few years, scientists have delved deeper than ever before into the canine mind and body and the results are mind-blowing. Putting these abilities to good use is Max, one of the most successful search and rescue dogs in the country. It left him confined to a wheelchair, unable to talk and with half his memory gone - he didn’t recognise his wife or children.
Follow a puppy from birth to motherhood and discover how its relationship with humans is the most remarkable factor in its success. Max is a wilderness air-scenting dog, trained to pick up human scent so that he can find missing people.
This compelling and visually stunning film combines the best of natural history filmmaking with unique scientific insight, highlighting incredible stories of dogs that have saved lives, rebuilt marriages and even detected diseases. Max recently saved the life of 79-year-old Margaret Haverson from Exeter, after she became lost in overgrown woodland trying to find a short cut home after missing her stop on the bus. The pair became 24-hour companions, with Endal aiding Allen with day-to-day life and even reconnecting him with his family. Margaret lay under a tree in the woods for three days and two nights in freezing conditions. However, it was when Endal and Allen were shockingly hit by a car in the dead of night that Endal showed his true devotion, earning him the Victoria Cross for Animal Bravery.
Now, Nat Geo WILD takes an intimate look at our faithful friends with fresh eyes and renewed appreciation; from their super senses to their unquestioning loyalty.

Before that it did one on dogs, explaining through the wonders of science how human they are. The Secret Life of Dogs is not to be confused with Dogs: Their Secret Lives which went out last night on Channel 4. There are eight million dogs in the UK, and if the random sample tested here are any guide, around seven million of them show signs of panic, fear and frustration when their owners leave the house. We know this because a wall-mounted camera never lies.Everyone talked politely about toileting. Which is not a wordViewers were subjected to a series of horribly upsetting images – if you were the owner, that is – as dogs with prep-school names like Bruno and Oscar and Pip howled for hours on end until the boss got back. The neighbours had been telling them for years, but the power of television finally convinced them that yes, when out of sight their unimpeachable pooches really do go out of their minds and set off a fearful racket for hours upon end. The last time one read a zoology manual humans were not capable of giving birth to puppies, but you live and learn.A whole battalion of dog professors and dog communications scientists and dog shrinks, quite a few of them cuddly bottle blondes, were on hand. Pioneers in labs measured cortisol levels and assessed infrared images measuring ear temperature and everyone talked politely about toileting. Unless you train a dog to cope with solitude, someone sensibly said, you are condemning it to a lifetime of misery.

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