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Megan & Liz take a break from their promo tour to talk with Tommy2 about their new single and first headlining tour. This Tuesday, The Secret Life of the American Teenager: Volume Six, will be available to own for the first time.
Ken Baumann: Well, regardless at the very beginning before this event, it’s a pretty tricky situation, but I would say that it both kind of settles any disputes or conflicts they have just temporarily because everyone kind of bonds together in grief, paradoxically enough.
So, it gets even more convoluted, but temporarily, like I said, everybody comes together in this tragic event, which is very, very painful and bittersweet. Q: If you could both go back to 2008 when Secret Life first began, and give us that one piece of advice with what you know now, what would you tell your other self? It’s been a really kind of a wonderful journey, and I’d really gotten to know and bond with all my castmates, and everybody is great and I love them all, and you know, just kind of a large one big happy family.
Q: I was wondering if you think that Ben would go back to try to win Amy back seeing the fact that he loved her first?
Q: Do you have a soapy, sort of guilty pleasure television show that you like to watch on a regular basis?

Ken Baumann: You know, I watched the first two seasons of Jersey Shore and then I kind of got over it, but I’ve got to say, now, I am obsessed with Breaking Bad. Ken Baumann: Well, I am listening to right now Buddy Miles, and I’m listening to Tyler, the Creator’s new album, Goblin, and oh boy, I’m like any white boy who listens to a lot of rap and classical musical. Rick EllisTV ExaminerRick Ellis has more than a decade's experience in online local news and nearly twenty years experience as a journalist. Facebook live seance hosted by 'The Darkness' on Friday the 13thLooking for a little something extra to do for the upcoming Friday the 13th? 16 September 1987, Encino, California, USA -   Born and raised in Encino, California to a wholesale diamond dealer and a designer.
Tonight, Disney Channel debut’s their new show, So Random featuring a guest performance by Cody Simpson. Find out how much he knows about his tour mates Cody Simpson and Greyson Chance in addition to questions about and his music. He recently answered some questions about the show and revealed some details about a very surprising twist that will be revealed in the June 6th, 2011 episode of the show.

It’s a material that as actors we feel very lucky to take on because it is such a challenge, and represents an experience that you don’t often see on TV. I would say, as a human being, I would tell myself to tell Daren Kagasoff to stop buying sneakers because he has a problem, and then as an actor performing on Secret Life, I don’t know. So you feel lucky to be able to portray that, and give those people, who had the unfortunate experience, give them some representation, make them feel like they’re thought of, too. Like I said, however the course, it’s going to happen, but it certainly makes good television, I think. My heart wasn't into baseball anymore, and that's the reason I went up there, so it was the time to really find out what I wanted to do.
I kept going back and forth with myself, thinking, oh do you want to act, because I didn't know what my parents would think, and finally just called them and said listen, I want to go back home and start acting, and they were like "okay, do your thing" so I came back, jumped into a class for 8 months, and this project was like the 5th or 6th audition I've ever been out on, and it came my way.

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