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EmailPrintBefore I chose nutrition as a career path, “eat more vegetables” was perhaps the only nutrition advice I felt was universally applicable. After choosing nutrition professionally and working with hundreds of clients, I have found this advice to be true – almost everyone could benefit from eating more veggies. And then I read Jo Robinson’s exceptional book Eating on the Wild Side and I learned a level of intricacy and detail of even the most common vegetable. 3 cloves of garlic have the anti-bacterial power of a dose of penicillin, but ONLY if you prepare it properly. You can decrease the glycemic load of the common potato by 25% if you cook it, let it cool, refrigerate it overnight, and then eat it the next day.
If you want to easily and affordably boost your family’s nutrient consumption, this book is a must read.
In Kenya’s Samburu National Reserve, one elephant family welcomes a new calf named Breeze into the world.
With the Wild Life series, the photographer Jeff Friesen decided to introduce his daughter to photography by creating some cute and funny scenes.

The truth is, most of us could and should eat more vegetables – even the vegetarians among us. You want to mince, press, or chop the garlic and then let it rest for 10 minutes before cooking it – this massively increases its health benefits. I realized how much I didn’t know about my beloved fruits and veggies, and how our choices at the grocery store and in how we prepare a food can affect our nutritional intake significantly.
Robinson has clearly done extensive research and put it in an easy to digest framework with loads of practical tips for you to apply immediately. But observing researchers are concerned, because the mother’s last calf died and Breeze is most vulnerable in her first few weeks. By imagining the secret life of dinosaurs in colorful compositions, the photographer invites his daughter to play with her camera and to experiment with new techniques for exploring this miniature safari. Sure, I’ll talk about eating lots of colors, not killing the produce by overcooking it, and how diversity rules, but other than that, I’ve pretty much left the topic alone.
Two years ago, we already talked about this excellent project of Jeff Friesen with Wild Life, the secret life of plastic animals.

Meanwhile, elephant researchers Iain and Saba Douglas-Hamilton have a challenge of their own: They need to fit a radio collar to a female elephant named Anastasia, and they’ll need to get through her protective family to do it.
The research team investigates when one of their best-known bull elephants is found dead and the circumstances are suspicious. His mother sticks with him, but he may not survive without the support of the rest of the family.
Another herd mourns the loss of their matriarch, gathering around her body in a unique display of elephants’ intelligence and emotion.

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