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AN enchanting new documentary series introduces us to the residents of one of Britain’s most popular zoos. PHProud mum Thi Hi Way with her one-week-old calf, NanditaDealing with gangly giraffes, mischievous meerkats and pregnant elephants is all part of daily life for the zookeepers at Chester Zoo.
Why did you become a keeper? I've always loved animals and grew up with pets in the house (cats, rabbits, dogs, rats). Wildlife Connections is a NEW project led by Chester Zoo to create safe spaces for our most precious local wildlife. This field MUST correspond to the Zap2It ID, include the leading "EP" followed by eight digits.

Giraffes, Okapi, Babirusa, Asian small clawed otter, Malayan tapirs, Congo buffalo, red river hogs, southern pudu, red forest duiker, Persian onagers, Bactrian camels, Philippine spotted deer.
Living 2 miles away from a local zoo and carrying out my work experience there gave me my first taste of a zoo keeper. This observational documentary series uses micro-rig camera technology to capture, in incredible detail, the remarkable behaviour of the animals there. I helped one of our conservation partners, the Giraffe Conservation Foundation  conduct their first ever census of the Rothschild giraffe in the park.
Along with meerkats, her current charges are aardvarks, sloths, giant anteaters and mongooses.

When people come to the zoo in daytime, they only see the aardvarks asleep and will sometimes make comments that they’re boring or lazy.

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