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The Secret Life of Us traces the often tumultuous life of a group of friends in their mid-twenties who live in a St Kilda apartment building and are all looking for the same thing - love, sex, romance and success. Some artists and labels prefer certain tracks to be purchased as part of an entire release.
The Secret Life of Us, set in a sea-side apartment block in Melbourne offers the prime time Australian viewer a polished drama with high production values and accomplished actors who come with a range of credentials including TV, film and theatre. The Secret Life of Us provides an encouragingly fresh take on a genre that has been re-hashed numerous times.
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Brushing on a broader canvas than previous albums, the wide collection of sounds and grooves here are some The Sunnie's best to date.
The names, locations and languages might be different but the tension and laughs are the same. Does the act of watching these performers in the midst of awkward and torrid events save us from having to go through them ourselves? We have, so far, observed people on the toilet, smoking dope and discussing recreational drug use.
Exploring sympathetic themes and establishing a recognised trifecta of homelife, lovelife and worklife their experiences become a salient reminder that despite the struggle, juggle and balance of these things - friendship is what remains. The Secret Life of Us is Network Ten’s latest version of this formula, but its depiction of characters has a stronger base in reality than many of its predecessors. Are we observing how they cope in order to prepare ourselves for the difficulties life is waiting to hurl at us?
This suggests that the show’s creators wish to generate a little controversy, which, as we know, is good for publicity, and so, more viewers.
Kelly (Deborah Mailman) and Evan (Samuel Johnson) welcome wacky hairdresser Bree (Brooke Harman) into their life and Kelly finds a new friend in Corey (Aaron Pederson).

It’s not that I am advocating a total escape from the run of the mill lives that we lead in favour of one that is scripted and assisted by enthusiastic make-up artists. Christian (Michael Dorman) and Stu (Stephen Curry) come to blows over a painful secret and Nicki (Anna Torv) discovers Adam (Nicholas Coghlan) has an eight year-old son.
What a show like this can provide is an opportunity to come together around the office water cooler the next morning, where we can discuss what unfurled the previous night—the cringe we all felt when Alex narrowly avoided the goodnight kiss with the nerdy doctor, or the stabs of frustration with Will for not getting the $12,000 back from his unsympathetic ex-girlfriend. Featuring guest stars: Sullivan Stapleton, Angus Sampson, Diana Glenn, Ben Mendelsohn, Ryhs Muldoon and Nadine Garner. Yet it also begs comparison to that classic of British anti-establishment media, This Life, a benchmark of this genre of warts-and-all television. It has clearly learnt some valuable lessons from its predecessor, in particular, the importance of solid acting.

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